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What if 4Kids never got Sonic X?

So, I have a question for you all.
Let's say that in an alternate universe, 4Kids tried getting Sonic X but failed to do so. Who would have picked it up then?


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My first thought would be Saban, since they had a similar target audience. But the series was created in 2003; Saban sold to Disney in 2002, & if I remember right Disney was mostly interested in Power Rangers.

ADV Films was still around; maybe they'd pick it up, if the Sonic OVA sold well-enough for them. They also distributed Monster Rancher, so they had some experience with kids' anime.


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I'm not sure who would have gotten it if 4kids didn't. Maybe Disney or Jetix would have, or Cartoon Network. It's really hard to say, honestly.


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I’m not sure it would have had much of an impact. I mean it’s not like there was any ‘inappropriate’ content in there.


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No idea, but we wouldn't have gotten Gotta Go Fast, and that's a tragedy

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I’m not sure it would have had much of an impact. I mean it’s not like there was any ‘inappropriate’ content in there.
Lol you underestimate the soccer moms.
Sonic X was pretty tame, more so than Digimon and a video game IP. It still would have reached the states, think the quality would have been about the same with some corny changes laced in. It was a not very Japanese show anyway and took place in America or at least the west.


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Tbh I'm still baffled that they replaced Live and Learn when it played, a song that's fully in english


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I don't imagine it had anything to do with the language of the song (that's silly) and everything to do with 4Kids not having access to any of the original's audio and/or music. Why that was the case (or why they couldn't get the same access from Sega that the original did) is its own matter entirely, but again, it had nothing to do with what language the song was in.


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Not “American” enough.
Which is kinda weird since Crush 40 is Japanese-American and Live and Learn is pretty much the song used whenever Modern Sonic is in anything (I mean even his Smash reveal had it!).