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What if the Evil Teams acheived their goals?

if they managed to accomplish what they were aiming for, I think the world would not be the way we know. But the games would be much mUCH MUCH more fun to play.


I see dead people
If team plasma won:

In game: MUCH more exciting to play, all pokemon are illegalised so we go to the underground in sinnoh and set up a whole new, bootleg pokemon battling society!
REAL LIFE:everyone would go crazy, cradling pokemon teddies in corners, everyone having "invisible" pokemon battles and the whole world becomes one big psychiatric hospital =J


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It would be a hell of alot more interresting, it's getting a bit repetitive... -_-

The games would be great.
Beginning of game, 3 years ago -was 3 years ago in gsc compared to bryg-, the evil team X succeeded in their plans to take over the world, pokemon trainers were forced underground and only a few freedom fighters remain.
Story : Rid the region of the team, defeating 8 team executives ( instead of gym leaders ), giving you badges after defeating them ( after you got all 8, each they work as a sort of key to unlock a door to the teams hq, defeat the 4 chief executives, then the team leader (instead of the league), then regaining control of the region.
As for legendaries, releasing the previously captured legends, that gave them the power they needed.
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Primal Crusader V

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Well then, that means there will be more to destroy and a longer adventure to go through.
what if

If the Evil teams achieved their goals the main characters (who ever your using)will have a harder time to face the evil than before so I think I'd be better if some one were to go against the evil teams they better be ready and know what their apponent's are capable of doing.


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hey, if Team Plasma(?) achieve their goal, does it mean Wally would die without his Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir?


I see dead people
hey, if Team Plasma(?) achieve their goal, does it mean Wally would die without his Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir?

Omigosh! You right! Surely they'd have pokemon in hospitals! Like how you can bring a dog around with you if you blind or impaired in any way, you should be able to bring around healing pokemon around with you if you need them, it would be awful if wally died!

Kurloz Makara

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If any of the teams got their way, we'd be screwed. BIG TIME. Mass riots, Pokemon and humans probably dying, etc...

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I think it would make the game more interesting,but it would probably mean bad s*** for the main character.