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What If Your Characters Read Your Story?


Call me Del
Bit of a random thread idea, but how do you think your characters would react if they read your story? Seeing their exploits unfold? Their failings and successes? Learning your opinion on them? And so on and so forth.

Go nuts!


Macro - See? I looked awesome when I threw myself off that building to escape that mob.
Anchor - You kidding me? You almost got yourself killed.
Macro - But I didn't.
Anchor - Only because I saved your ***.


Macro - wow, I really come across as an absolute tool at times... D=


DL - *covers face with embarrassment at her earlier chapters*


Matrix - *shrugs his shoulders and gets on with his game*


Widget - She's given me some awesome scenes in this story!


Annie - I don't get enough screen time!
Web - It's a novel, dear.
Annie - What's your point?
Waveform - *rolls his eyes*


A Dense Irritating Miniature Beast of Burden
Wow, so many good thread ideas are popping up lately. Alright then!

Deli's Delivery Service

Deli: Perry read this to me, and I kind of feel a little ashamed. There's too much mention about my body fat, I think. If I asked nicely, would the author be willing to cut that part out?
Perry: Just found this, Mom. Was someone spying on us or following Deli around? Can we get some hidden cameras so we can find out who this stalker is?
Perry's Mom: Don't be daft, Perry, of course not. The author just read a news article about it and based a story off of that. I'm grateful, although I'm very offended that they made me out to be such a nagging b***h. I'm not like that at all, you know!
Perry: Yeah, you keep telling yourself that.
Perry's Mom: What was that?!
Perry: Nothing!

Kutie Pie

"It is my destiny."
There's no need for me to write out a scenario, I'd already get my ass kicked six ways to Sunday for Handle with Care alone. This old image says it all, really.



Lost but Seeking
Haha, some unhappy characters in this thread. Not that that's surprising... people tend to fret over even photographs of themselves, thinking their expression is weird or their hair's a mess or whatever; seeing all your thoughts and actions laid out in detail would have to be worse.

Most of the characters would be pretty indifferent. Absol wouldn't care. Mewtwo is used to having stories told about him and enjoys his notoriety, so he wouldn't be more than a little amused. The minor characters might be a little troubled/creeped out to find that there was a fictionalized version of some portion of their lives floating around out there, but they generally wouldn't be too bothered by the actual content.

The protagonist would have mixed feelings. On the one hand, the story is clearly WRONG in that it doesn't portray the protagonist as being 100% right all of the time, which it clearly is, and sometimes it even makes them look like kind of a villain. That can't be right, because obviously they're the hero.

On the other hand, some heroes have kind of villainous tendencies or even started out as villains, and a lot of times those are the cooler ones, so it's not necessarily such a bad thing. And the story does have plenty of action and moments where it gets to be awesome and do cool stuff. And it's a whole story! About the protagonist! So while there are parts that are clearly WRONG or that just shouldn't have been in there, there are good parts, too. In the end it would probably settle on being cool with it but also protesting LOUDLY about the bad bits if anybody brought it up.

Nate would mostly just be mad that his pain and suffering were made into entertainment for other people. It's one thing to be convinced that God has it in for you and quite another to find out that actually there is someone out there orchestrating your shitty life, and they're a literal corporeal person and therefore very punchable. It would be a good time for me to make a change of address.

Blackjack Gabbiani

Clearly we're great!
Jirarudan would probably show no reaction but declare that something was wrong. He wouldn't tell me what, and only smirk when I would ask.

Cyrus would just hate the idea about being written about at all because it indicates some degree of emotional attachment and would lecture me for about seven hours straight on it.


Alex: "This probably makes me sound cooler than I actually am."
I’m gonna go with one of my pieces in the Shipping section (if that’s allowed uhh), aka some poetry I wrote about Ukyo x Heroine from Amnesia. Yes, I just wrote that. Poetry about a fictional pairing. Umm

Ukyo: ahah, was I really that emo the whole time? It doesn’t really matter, I was just thinking over everything again... say, this piece is written better than what I would’ve done, I’m not that good at poetry at all... I’m so glad that that time of my life is over...


Well-Known Member
This sounded so fun I almost immediately started to write it down... and then I realized it might not end so well.
I honestly think my characters would kill me for what I put them through.


Recorder of Tales
My characters would think they're idiots for not seeing things coming...then realize that I'm the one who created said events...yeah, I'm a bit cruel with my cast, but it's all for their own good!

EDIT: I won't be writing for this given the number of plot points in my story that would ruin any surprises in store for the readers. Keep that in the reviews, please!