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What is a "shiny file"?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation III Discussion' started by Whitepawprint, Feb 5, 2009.

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  1. Whitepawprint

    Whitepawprint Member

    I've been SRing to get a shiny Rayquaza for a few days now (with no luck so far) and on searching the internet for help I've heard alot of talk about "shiny files". I get the impression this has something to do with IVs and RGNs, but I'm not sure what and how to get one.

    Any one know anything about it?
  2. wichu

    wichu Project Amethyst

    Basically, Emerald's RNG (random number generator), which generates Pokémon's stats, isn't actually random. Unlike R/S/FR/LG's, it's exactly the same every time you play the game.
    The RNG generates a new number 60 times a second (once each frame). This means that if you catch two Pokémon at the same number of frames after turning on or resetting your game, they will have the same IVs and personality ID (determines nature and shininess).
    However, shininess also depends on your trainer ID and secret ID. This means different people will have to wait different amounts of time for the game to generate a shiny. Since the RNG is always the same, unless you restart, that time is also the same.
    A 'shiny file' is a file where a shiny Pokémon is generated at a similar time to the time that it takes to soft-reset; this drastically increases the chances of seeing one. In fact, even if your file isn't a 'shiny file', this makes shiny hunting a game of skill, not only luck (as you have to have pretty accurate timing). Though my own file is not a 'shiny file', I have still caught 8 shinies, including three legendaries, within the past few days through careful timing.
    The problem with this is that if you don't have a 'shiny file', it's literally impossible to SR a shiny. You'll either have to restart, or calculate exactly how long to wait with each SR (as I did).

    EDIT: Just to clarify, this only affects Emerald. If you're SRing on R/S/FR/LG, you can keep going normally.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2009
  3. Whitepawprint

    Whitepawprint Member

    Thanks ^^

    So how do you calculate how long you have to time?
  4. joIteon

    joIteon Member

    i saw a shiny aerodactyl on battle frontier
    does it mean i have a shiny file??
  5. bobandbill

    bobandbill Winning Smile Staff Member Super Mod

    There's an official 3rd gen shiny thread here. (Yes; you can post questions there as well).

    Since there is a thread there... closing this one.

    joIteon... maybe, but I doubt it. =/ Given that you saw it in the Battle Frontier... no, I'd say not. (Unlucky btw in finding it there and not a shiny in the wild >_<).
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