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What is something you would do to fix your least favorite character?


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If Iris wasn’t a traveling companion but just a Gym Leader in Unova arc that eventually became Champion by Journey, would the complaint be less?


Agreed, especially with the latter.
It's so sad. I thought that was the most bad a*** thing when the capture happened, so young and naive. Only for Uselessnite to flop.


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If Iris wasn’t a traveling companion but just a Gym Leader in Unova arc that eventually became Champion by Journey, would the complaint be less?
That would certainly make more sense since she never showed any interest in participating in the pokemon league, so she becoming champion would feel less abrupt, but it’s the writers fault for not doing the proper setup in the anime.


here's what I don't get, there are some people (don't want to name them specifically to make them angry in fear of hating and not talking to me) who feel that Iris becoming champion gave her vindication
I just realized this was about me. I'm not that sure when I said the vindication line but dude I'm not gonna ignore you because of that. I was probably joking but I do like when people get mad about trivial things. And it seems like people are still triggered. And people hating that character and that imaginary character somehow making them even more madder, makes me happy
If anyone wants to say it's not fair because we didn't see her off-screen talents, well that can apply to ALOT of things in JN's since stuff happened off-screen quite abit like Ash's training of the JN's team. If anything it's "not fair" to force her to become a champion just because they made her one in the games, because from what we saw it only hurt her more in the anime than help her
Not sure about what most of this is saying but yea our girl lost but she still is the 7th (8th?) strongest person in the world and got to become pretty strong in her own region. Not to mention it was really cool having Ash become Alola Champion and then his friend become a Champion as well. This series is going through a drought of having competent female battlers (although Lillie was doing her thing) so it's nice knowing one of them was actually becoming more competent with battling as time went on lowkey.

So yea has people mad + battling pokegirls + character I grew up with + nice seeing Ash celebrate being Champ with his friend.

or given her that Dragonite.
This is true though, Dragonite is a flop and has costed her every important battle
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But wait back on topic too, I would've had Serena keep her original outfit and maybe a bit of that snark she had early on in the series

Wait off topic again: I would like to say, it is a free universe, feel happy to be upset all you want but I will still geek at the thought of you being upset since like 2013 about a catchphrase

okay done
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Chloe and Goh won to much to easily. First let's fix Koharu.

Chloe right off the bat needs a better personality. Someone stated that the one thing pokemon anime characters are known for is their gags right? Give her something that isn't the straight man trope. Her being less apathetic towards pokemon felt good but it lacked screen time alongside her generic personality.

Second have there be actual build up to her wanting to study evolution. Not to mention she was moderately decent at everything she tried.

Some might say Lana was also good at everything, but in Lana's case its treated like a gag.

Next up Goh. Now I won't lie I use to be a Goh defender back in the day.

But in retrospective you can easily see that Goh didn't work for Jack of what he got. Even when he loses he still somehow wins(Articuno situation)Goh's suppose to represent pokemon go right.

As someone who's played his fair share of pokemon Go I can tell you that project mew could've been so much more.

Goh should've been apart of it from the start. Goh's noncoperative behavior barely bites him in. There could've been so much more but all we got was the Raboot thing and thar was the only great thing about Goh to me.

Secondly have his jump in power be believable. My man out here beating power leveling that grind.

Now with those two out of the way.

Serena only knew ash for that one scene in that one summer camp. What should've been done instead is actually have her know as much longer. Like actually make her a childhood friend because that girl running after him after that long looks creepy in every kind of context.

Third: give some of Lana's gags to other sm characters like Sophocles and Mallow as well. I swear Lana, Kiawe, Ash, and Lillie carried hard with either gags are great character moments in SM.

Misty should've been more competent in Kanto. That way it doesn't come off as Misty looking like a hypocrite when she scolds Ash.

Iris should've been a main rival in Journeys with a arc with Ash exploring what it means to be champion.

Mallow definitely needed more character moments atleast Sophocles got cool tech stuff to be interested in and awesome bonding moments with Ash and kiawe. With SV out and tons of folks loving Arven should should've gotten something like that with food. Make her a cook master she never really had a goal like the others in SM.

Every champion should've made an appearance and gotten to interact with Ash in journeys alongside Alain.

That's all I got for now.


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May had no real iconic Pokémon to focus on. Her Pokémon were never used much and you didn’t have that iconic connection like Misty/Psyduck, Dawn/Pipup, Serena/Braixen or Lillie/Vulpix. So her Pokémon were just kinda there without any major connection. Her team does feel a bit too lackluster for Contests. They didn't even include Torchic in one of her Contests until it became a Combusken, most of her Pokemon aren't from Hoenn despite representing the third generation and I think making her team even smaller for the Battle Frontier arc was a poor choice. Leaving Beautifly and Skitty behind made sense considering she used them the most out of her team, but leaving her Bulbasaur behind at Professor Oak's was forced and she ended up with only four Pokemon on her team by the time she left the cast. I wish that Bulbasaur stayed around myself. I didn't think it got enough screentime considering she only used it more frequently near the end of her Hoenn Contest arc. Plus, it would have made the random Venusaur cameo during the Wallace Cup much more meaningful.

Most of her Pokemon had a good amount of moves to make her appeals and battles visually interesting at least, but they didn't stand out much personality wise and not having a strong recognizable connection with one of her Pokemon didn't help matters either. I also don’t think any of May’s Pokémon ever got a spotlight episode outside the eps she capture them. For Combusken her main starter even after it evolved I don’t recall May and it ever bonding at all outside a Contest. The rest of her Pokémon were treated similarly, I also wish beautifly stayed on her team the whole series. Even though May has 7 Pokémon her team feels generally forgettable to a lot of the other girls Pokémon. Serena only had 3 Pokémon but all 3 were well characterized for example.

Moreover, it takes May over 50 episodes into AG just to win her first ribbon. Since she loses to Drew in her first contest she doesn’t win one till the second Hoenn season. That means for the whole first year of Hoenn May’s arc barely got started. By comparison Dawn won her first ribbon around 26 eps into DP. We also then had extremely rushed Grand Festivals where May had entire matches skipped or the Solidad battle which was less than 15 seconds long. This is definitely a huge mistreatment for May's storyline. While she had some good moments prior to getting her first ribbon, it took far too long for her to get that first ribbon when she still needed five. That might have been too bad if they didn't try to squeeze in two Contest arcs in one series and it probably did contribute to the rush pacing of her Hoenn Contest arc.


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Have Lillie replaced with Acerola as Ash's classmate, and let her being a minor character who doesn't play any bigger role outside game-based storylines in the anime


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I couldn't stand Trip, he was basically Paul-light with a dash of hero worship and a hate of "the boonies". They should have given him a much more distinctive personality. At least Gary and Paul were very distinctive from each other.


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Ash: to actually age throughout the series


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Trip needs a rework to his character altogether, as he just seems like a watered-down version of Paul. Otherwise...Ash and Trip really needed more battles or interactions with one another.


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Yeah idk what they were thinking during whatever meeting resulted in them coming up with Trip
"I know, give him long hair and make him really rude and grumpy. The audience will love him"

I think their second battle should have been the turning point where Ash wins pretty easily, Trip becomes more open minded and stops thinking he already knows everything and maybe later somehow ends up with a non-Unovan pokemon on his team so he can learn about them and accept them being in Unova or something idfk

i ain't no writer and shouldn't be, but give the poor little weirdo something
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