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What is something you would do to fix your least favorite character?


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Actually have mallow use shaymin instead of it being some glorified arm Candy

Have steene have an interesting personality outside of "lmao sweet scent/kick rowlet"

Have mallow not be relegated to a background character and not have her dead mom come right out of nowhere


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
The disturbing teacher from sm: put clothes on in public


site of lies
I would say think about the children on here but once I seen somebody said they would subscribe to Cynthia's OF when the Masters Eight was airing, I knew something wasn't right with y'all and the elevator wasn't stopping on every floor.
true, garchomp is the only one for cynthia anyway


Horizons is THAT show.
I always wanted to be a land shark
Sorry to be that person and c-block your epic Edward and Bella romance but Mega Garchomp's dex states

Its arms and wings melted into something like scythes. Mad with rage, it rampages on and on.

It's vaunted wings become scythes, sending it mad with rage. It swings its scythes wildly and slices the ground to pieces.