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What is the LOWEST chain you had encountering a shiny?

Chain number for shiny?

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(Delete/lock if this is too similar a topic to the Pokeradar thread.)

Well, title says all. What is the lowest chain you've had while encountering a shiny Pokemon using the Pokeradar?

Me personally, I had an encounter with a Shiny Staravia in the Trophy Garden during a chain of only 9.

I'm not sure if a 0 chain (no Pokemon) is possible. I assume it is, but it'd be the same chance of finding a random shiny in the wild.
1 ^_^ it was a shiny bidoof >.> i immediately killed it

Ditto B1tch

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3 shinies so far:

-Rhyhorn at Safari Zone in FireRed; ;111;

-Voltorb at Power Plant at FireRed; ;100;

-Tentacool at Route 119 in Sapphire. ;072;
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Umm, I should clarify this maybe: this is what number on your chain you had when you got a shiny, and what was the lowest number on your chain you had when you encountered a shiny using the Pokeradar at any given time.
Also, this only applies to D/P/P.


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I got my first shiny Snorunt on a chain of just 2. I think i read somewhere that you cannot get a shiny on chain 0 by pokeradar. However if you do then it is by the normal 1/8192 chance and not the pokeradar. It said there was something in the pokeradar programming that makes it so chain 0 cannot get a shiny patch so the lowest from the pokeradar is chain 1. I hope i made sense with trying to explain this...

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Yeah, that makes sense. I didn't know if that was possible or not though.


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I've chained many times, so I've encountered a shiny from non-sparkled patch to higher numbers.


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patch 3 or 4, don't quite remember, I got a shiny phanpy :3


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It took me encountering over 10 Starly to find a shiny one


I think it was 5 or 6. But I was just looking for a Tyrogue on Route 208 when I saw the sparkly grass and I encountered the wild Shiny Meditite. It was well worth it though.


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I haven't done a ton of chaining, but I found a shiny Roselia once at number 4, in the trophy garden. Other then that I've not found any shinies while chaining.