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What is the most annoying thing in D/P

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Mamoswine Power, Apr 30, 2007.

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  1. DarkSlayer1331

    DarkSlayer1331 New Member

    Agh! The only selection problem I have is fire... and that's because Ponyta is the ONLY wild fire pokemon you can find. I mean, yeah Rapidash is pretty good. But come on... that's all they could do? As for the water, I would much rather have a Lumineon. Grass, yeah, I also ended up with a Roserade. Luxray and Staraptor were in there too. I started a new game though (I know, gasp!) and am just going to use water pokemon. I'm gonna trade with a friend to accomplish that. Other pet peeves:

    Surf speed: WHAT THE HELL?! Do they think we'll enjoy a slow ride? Get a move on Lapras! lol.

    Biking: Um... why can't you bike through the route entrances? It's a pain to get on foot and then back onto the bike.

    Leveling: Okay... so some of it's pretty good... ya know... level up 5 levels or somethin like that, you can take on the gym. But others you need to go WAY up. And then, between two gyms... the levels don't change. That totally messed me up. Then you have the last gym. You can do with level 50 to take him out... then you get to the Elite 4... you better be level 65 if you want a chance at making it throughout the whole thing. WHAT?! Come on!! Distribute the leveling better man.

    So I guess I have more than one major annoyance.
  2. Sulphyr

    Sulphyr New Member

    No way, this makes Cyrus a lot more awesome. Although he lacks a guitar and a flamethrower too.

    Don't know if anyone has said this before, but there are so many Fighting pokemon. So many that its painful when there is only a few decent flying pokemon out there.

    Another thing, is it just me or does the move Confusion work in a particular way for different pokemon? For example, my Luxray will 'hurt itself in confusion' the first move, hit the second and third, and snap out of it by the fourth, while my stupid Crandios refuses to hit whatsoever until it snaps out of it.
  3. Diamondeer

    Diamondeer This is how we do it

    i dont like the surfing speed, u cant migrate pokemon with hm which means i gotta go 2 get surf off of kyogre then i go 2 migrate ...o damn raquazas got fly go again ...oh damn forgot 2 take surf off latias and finally trades...
    i never noticed that ponyta was the only fire wild type becoz i got chimchar
  4. CCarlos

    CCarlos fear the Claw!

    yea the surfing was slow and add the current pokemon poping out when u dont want to urgh....i didnt notice the the lack of types u can catch since i w8ted b4 my 1st badge to get all the starters from my friends i had turtwig chimchar prinplup alakazam and gyrados then i got garchomp...........the catching rate for legendaries cept for dialga and palkia were kinda brutal for e and i didnt use a masterball for em -_-cept creselia
  5. Sigh!

    Sigh! Bad Taste Everywhere

    the most annoying thing i had found is the girl who wants a medicham for a haunter then you trade it in hopes for a gengar then it turns out it has an everstone
  6. Midnight Pulse

    Midnight Pulse Well-Known Member

    it seems like the encounter rate of wild pokemon has increased,so it takes me like 20 mins to get through a patch of grass...

    and the surf speed is half as fast as FR/LG,even if your Floatzel has over 300 speed :p
  7. Dr.Paynegwynn

    Dr.Paynegwynn Build more burrows


    read the bottom section.
  8. Mareena

    Mareena Member

    *Critical Hit!*
    *It's not very effective...*
  9. Dead6

    Dead6 ~Nightmare~

    When u go shinny hunting with the radar and u get a chain of 40 and then a pokemon breaks it.
  10. Super Gullwing

    Super Gullwing Team Skull Mom

    Surfing is too slow...
  11. Samantha Omputer

    Samantha Omputer Through a vector

    Not being able to chose how many of certain things you buy (honey, moo moo milk) really bugs me.
  12. Euphoria

    Euphoria Soul Salsa

    Hitting an opponent with a super effective move, leaving it with ONE HP. It seems to happen way, way more often in D/P than in ANY other game.

    That after beating the game and getting the National Dex, I can't start over with the exact Pokemon I want, and it even excludes using some D/P pokemon like Frosslass and Gallade until I get the national dex... again.
  13. Gryphie

    Gryphie Well-Known Member

    Surfing is as slow as a Slugma.
    Candice's Gym was frustrating trying to solve the problem.
    Mesprit keeps resisting my Ultra Balls and Dusk Balls.
  14. pikachu2

    pikachu2 Well-Known Member

    When using the pokeradar all I can find are bidoofs and other common pokemon.

    Surf speed

    The fact that you always get caught in the muck in the safari zone and have to waste steps getting out.
  15. Valdoom

    Valdoom Team Armageddon

    just stand still and tap directions so you just turn instead of walking in one direction till you get out, makes it easier and even easier to find pokemon.

    i hate the lack of Fire Pokemon in the D/P dex if they do a next generation there should be more fire pokemon
  16. Chimecho3000

    Chimecho3000 Well-Known Member

    Don't forget coins. I hate having to buy 500 coins at a time. I also hate how Psychic, Ice Beam, etc. cost 10000 coins now.
  17. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    Not many fire pokemon, the hugely expensive TMs at the casino.
  18. Rue Aerith

    Rue Aerith CoeurDeMirage

    The Pokemon swarming...always has the Pokemon I caught already. I haven't had a Beldum swarm yet. -_-
  19. Gold10

    Gold10 Enigmatic Unknown

    I would say fighting every Pokemon Trainer in Sinnoh to see every Pokemon available.
  20. Blue_Mew

    Blue_Mew Magnezone pwns!!!

    The lack of challenge that the Elite Four presented. Normally I used to have loads of trouble with the Elite Four but this time I just tore through them like a paper bag
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