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What is the most painful experience you've ever had?


Shiny Hunter
Broke my wrist during snowboarding.
That was not the painful part though. It was putting back the bone without sedation that was the most painful.
Both parts where on top of eachother. So 1 person pulled on my arm, 2 persons pushed me on my back, and 1 tried to push down the bone to its exact location.


Breeding Addict
Most painful...?
Last year, I found out that I had kidney problems and guess what? For one week I could barely walk and I was throwing up with pain on BOTH kidneys -.-''
The pain it's like someone is stabbing you countless times >.>


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Well when I was in second grade, I was playing outside with my friends, and i tripped and fell, I got a medium cut on my knee. Well next week I took off the band aide since I thought it was healed. Fell on the exact same knee the day I took off my bandage. It hurt so bad, I have a small scar on my knee to this day.

Playful Latios

@Soul Dew
I'll try and do these in order of occurence.

Grade 9 My appendix bursted in two places. I literally had hours left before I would've died had I not gone to the hospital.
After I graduated HS I had my wisdom teeth removed.
The year after I graduated HS I badly injured one of my thumbs from winding a clock the wrong way. -.-
Had a shelf whack me at work. I had to fill out an incident report for that one.
I've slipped on ice this past winter a couple times and fallen.
A couple months ago I hurt my back while I was team lifting a bed at work. I had to fill out an incident report for that as well.
Shortly after I recovered from that I had put too much weight on one of my feet while being unbalanced. That made it extremely painful to walk for almost a week.

Gamer Fluttershy

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Forgetting Personal Experiences, I would have to say it's a tie between playing Super Thunder Blade, Phantasy Star 3 and The Statue Escort Mission in Resonance of Fate, all three are equally painful and have caused me to nearly break my ****ing game controller


Confused and Dazed
So i'm not the only one that's broken a bone of the accursed monkey bars? Well now I feel better about my life. Everyones made fun of me for it because "who the hell breaks something on the monkey bars".

I have also done this thing. It had just started raining, and evidently some chucklehead decided it was a good idea to clear the sand out from under the bars, so I landed on one arm on that very hard dirt.

My most painful thing, though, was when I got a spinal tap. They drugged me up good, but I swear it felt like I had molten metal splashed down my leg, which was spasming wildly.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
My worst injury was probably when my chin got gashed open and there was like a small hole in it...I was bleeding like crazy and I had to go to the ER to get stitches. It really sucked. I was running outside and it was raining out..I slipped and landed face first on the pavement. I've never broke any bones in my life though. Even playing sports for so long I haven't had any severe injuries. Hopefully I just didn't jinx myself.
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Funny I see this thread now because just earlier today I saw people talking about painful experiences and I shared some:

[22:54:30] <%Fenix> also you all can go home I have about 20 stitches on me
[22:54:56] <+jeremy> from what
[22:55:11] <%Fenix> 8 on the pinkie of my left hand which I got when I was 10 and it is still a little deformed
[22:55:18] <%Fenix> i broke my head 2 times when I was a kid
[22:55:25] <&Kirby> eeeeee
[22:55:25] <%Fenix> and my pinkie finger almost fell off
[22:55:29] <~Serebii> broke your head?
[22:55:29] <~Serebii> christ
[22:55:39] <%Fenix> like, it was hanging by a single thread of tissue
[22:55:46] <~Serebii> jesus christ
[22:55:52] <&Kirby> wtffffff
[22:55:55] <~Serebii> we have a winner
[22:56:01] <+jeremy> what happened
[22:56:02] <%Fenix> a kid dropped a massive brick
[22:56:06] <&Kirby> AAAAAA
[22:56:07] <%Fenix> on my hand while I was
[22:56:12] <&Kirby> NO THAT IS HORRIBLE
[22:56:15] <%Nightmare-kid> Oh God.
[22:56:16] <%Fenix> on the school courtyard
[22:56:16] <+jeremy> why?
[22:56:17] <+jeremy> ??
[22:56:32] <%Fenix> never found out lol i ran to the bathroom leaving a trace of blood behind me
[22:56:37] <+jeremy> ****
[22:56:38] * Serebii sets mode: +b *!*@PurpleSurge-8083363C.lnse1.cha.bigpond.net.au
[22:56:40] <+jeremy> gnarly
[22:56:40] <%Fenix> teachers called an ambulance
[22:56:43] <~Serebii> jesus christ
[22:56:58] <%Fenix> yeah man I turned the school bathroom into a bloodbath
[22:57:03] <%Fenix> i also got famous at the school
[22:58:11] <&Kirby> that story is terrifying
[22:58:29] <%Fenix> also the times when I broke my head were funny, the first time me and my friend were jumping on my parents bed and at some point I hit the wrong angle or something and just went head first into the radiator
[22:58:36] <%Fenix> i was 5 i think
[22:59:13] <%Fenix> the other time we were just returning home and while getting out of the car I tripped on the seatbelt and banged my head on the little elevation of the walkway
[22:59:24] <&Kirby> noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
[22:59:32] <~Serebii> yeesh
[23:00:02] <%Fenix> yeha i am surprised i made it out of childhood alive considering I was like a magnet for calamities
[23:00:08] <+jeremy> lmao
[23:00:12] <+jeremy> ****in hell dude

funny thing is, none of those are even close to being the most painful. Just 2 years ago I went a massive 15 months long dental procedure (tl;dr = I was born with a rare genetic condition where my teeth had no enamel and were just dentine. In addition to a massive open bite not fixable with braces so I needed to do something pretty drastic about it). It involved 24 permanent crowns, 7 extractions (3 wisdom teeth), 4 implants, 2 surgeries (gums reduction, jaw bone graft) and about one gallon of anesthetic. There was a 2 week timeframe where I spent 13 hours at the dentist, no kidding.

But nothing was as bad as getting jaw impressions for the implants, in which I had anesthetic injected in my jaws 4 times before starting and 5 more times during the procedure because I couldn't bear the pain anymore. My dentist was going through my gums with a thick needle and metallic wire back to forth and then in the reverse direction for every tooth, starting from one molar and then slowly working his way towards the other end. I was not crying but I had torrents of tears flowing through my face out of pain and my whole body was just out of control shaking like jelly. I couldn't even walk when it was over and had to call a cab to drive me back home lol.

Oh, and I went through that twice.
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I didn't really experience that much pain in my lifetime.
I have cut my middle finger with a knife one time though....and it was kinda painful and bloody.

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
I burnt myself a few times, and I cut my thumb when eating crab.

I was going to plug the microwave, but I forgot the rice was still cooking, so the steam got my arm. Note: the steam was HOT AS F*CK!!!! I've got the burn mark to prove it. I didn't get it treated. I just kept popping the bubble skin a few times, and it just stopped. It's been several months, and it looks like the burn mark is going to disappear soon. A few months later, I was cooking Portuguese sausage, and accidently touched the skillet. Got the finger left of my pinky. Once again, I just poked it, it popped, and it stopped being a pain.

The crab was unexpected. I was just eating, and I didn't even feel the cut. It wasn't until I looked at my thumb that I saw blood slowly coming out. All I did to fix it was wash it under the sink for like 30 seconds, wrap a bandage around it, and voila! Two weeks later, the cut was no more!! That cut skin reattached to it each other.


Elebug disaproves
weeelll,at my virthday party)at a roller rink),i fell once,no problem,got back up,but another times,my arm fell under my chest,and then someone tripped over me and my arm broke.Some birthday...

other than that,i cut myself once so badly that i had to get stiches on my thumb.
again,i was just hugging my dog,and all of a sudden,he bites me,had to get stiches on my lip...yeah


La Melancolie Noir
My most painful experience oddly involves anesthesia. It was when I had a wisdom tooth removed a year or so ago. The tooth was growing at an angle beneath the gum, so the extraction process was quite difficult (not to mention it's in a hard-to-reach corner of my mouth), and it involved the dentist having to break the tooth apart and then remove all the pieces. They treated the area with a local anesthetic first, but it took several shots of it before I actually didn't feel anything in that area. And even then, the process was still extremely painful. I can't even begin to imagine what it would have been like without any anesthetic at all... then again, perhaps this was a case where the anesthetic didn't work as well as any of us thought it did. In fact, my stepdad gave me one of his prescription pain pills for consolation afterward.


Protect The Smiles!
Where do I start? Dx
I'll try to do this in order, the best I can.

1. Rolled down a flight of stairs and smacked hard on the asphalt below, my glasses were way beyond repair. (Pain scale 9.5/10)
2. Burned myself on a cooking pot. (Pain scale 8/10)
3. Bashed on numerous occasions because the bullies thought it was fun, funnily enough, most of them don't even attend a school anymore. (10/10)
4. Pushed onto concrete, I have scaring from that. (9/10)
5. Pushed up against a wall and received a death threat. (4/10 for pain, 9.5/10 for emotional scaring.)
6. Cut myself with a cook's knife. (8.5/10)
7. Toothache which lead to finding out that the tooth was hollow. (10.5/10)
7. Had a filling on a hollow tooth. (After-pain) (9.5/10)
8. Second filling on said tooth. (After-pain) (9.5/10)


Spheal Lord
My big toe was stepped on, trimmed too short, AND was stubbed. The toenail is broken and has slowly been falling off for about year or more, while another toenail has been growing underneath it. @_@


About a year ago I got crushed under some heavy machinery. Some background: in theatre, sometimes you can't reach everything with ladders safely so you use a mechanical lift to get high up in the air, these lifts can be dangerous, are quite heavy (about 1,250 lbs), notoriously a bit top heavy and balanced poorly, and they're difficult to move around. ANYWAY.

We had one of these lifts on stage before a show since we were doing work notes. The set had a platform about 2.5' or 3' off the ground, so the carpenters built a ramp to allow the lift to be wheeled up onto the platform. I was instructed to get our gear (including the lift) off the stage to get ready for rehearsal, so I stupidly start wheeling the lift off the stage by myself. So I'm going backwards down the ramp and pulling the lift as I go. As soon as I hit that ramp I lost control and the lift flipped right on top of me.

Over a thousand pounds of machinery were on top of me. Luckily, I landed in a pretty safe way and sustained minimal damage compared to what could have happened. But I ended up breaking my nose, a few ribs, had some bruising, and broke my back. I was on bed rest for most of the month and it still gives me a lot of problems. I swallowed a lot of blood from my broken nose and got very ill later that night. Let me tell you, there's nothing quite like throwing up when your ribs and back are broken.


Having pneumonia was pretty painful. I lost five pounds and could hardly breathe, felt like I was about to die the whole time.


New Member
1 Year ago... My lungs collapsed from by a accident crazy person ram me with a car on impact at work... the most painfully internal way to get, plus my lungs was leakin oxygen, I had a hard time breathing and the lungs we're crushing my heart, I could of died. but I'm glad I survived after the doctors help me. You can see my big scars on my chest after I was healed.

and my second worst pain is embarrassing, is I woke up walk to go brush my teeth and I slip on my dogs urine and made me accidentally kick the wall with my pinky toe with the hardest kick in my life and the wall won... it broke my pinky toe :(
it was too painful....