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What is the noobiest thing someone has done to you in a wifi - battle?

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mine was one pbr wifi though against a complete stranger and i sent out my Empoleon and deoxys and they quit sraight away and i kept randomly getting them to battle every time


Gengar Enthusiast
Well someone I battle seemed so stuck on type advantages that every time I sent out a pokemon he keeps shifting them, for example I sent out a arcanine he sent out a blaziken and switched it to a empeloen, I used thunderfang, he switches it again to a ground,etc,etc we spent most of the battle with him serial shifting and nearly all of his team was easliy ko'ed becuase he didn't take a chance to land a hit most of the time. he even used earthquake on my Gengar and Dragonite and only succeeded in koing his own pokemon.


Infernal Informality
A guy with 5 level 100 Clefairy only knowing tackle against my level 70 Arcanine/Ninetales combo.

'Ninestales used Will o' Wisp.'
'It doesn't affect ArcAnine.'
'Arcanine's flash fire raised it's fire type moves.'
'Arcanine used Heat wave'
'The foe's Clefairy fainted.'
'the foe's CLefairy used Tackle.'

The text might be wrong, quite some time ago.


Charizard pwns it!
I used a Swellow(UU battle)
He started with Glalie.
Expecting to get Koed,I used Facade(Status/guts/Facade Swellow).
He switched to a... Infernape.
Facade hurt.
Next turn,Facade again.
He kept his Infernape in.
And every other poke,(3 OU and a WOBBUFET,in UU, and Glalie) got OHKO'ed by facade.
Even his Skarmory.
What a noob.Probably had 0 Ev's and a 0 IV on his Skar.Admittedly,Facade landed a critical hit,but even then.....


don't pee in my lake
I did some noobie things when first adjusting to wifi ( and using a touch screen). I kept accidentally touching the wrong attack and saying "oops" with the mike on.

Another time during trade I made the stereotypical canadian mistake of ending a sentence with "eh?"


A dream of sorrow.
This noob just used Aerial Ace to his Tropius. And it fainted. He said he had been meaning to do that so he could switch to his next uber Pokemon without getting said Pokemon hurt. He sent out...a Jigglypuff. I faced him with my Weavile, who had Brick Break. Pwned. :[


Piplup Master
My friend used Earthquake to my Dragonite, i guess he doesnt know Dragonite doesnt get hit by Ground moves...

Bobby Emerald

The Poke-expert
I have yet to battle using wifi, sadly.

the lol factor7

Its on Shoddy, at least 2 people I battled tried the extreme baton pass chain thing on me(5 Bpers and 1 poke that revieved all the stat ups). If you should kill one of the Bpers/break the uberliciously original chain they quit.
Also all DCs when getting owned really annoy me.


on 3 occasitions ive fought 3 diffren trainers all with a shiny lucario called bandit i cheacked and it was a hack


Pkmn researcher
a noob is somebody that uses psy pokemon/attack against dark pokemon :S


Resident Techy
Not quite on topic, but I don't have much wifi experience, so this may count. I'm going through the battle tower, and my little cousins (aged 2 and 5, can't really read, and no little to nothing about pkmn) want to "help". I figure it can't hurt, so I tell them which buttons to push to use the right attacks. I figure the trainers should start getting kind of hard (I'd beaten the Tower Tycoon for the first time a little while earlier), but to my surprise a trainer sends out three Fire-type pokemon, one after another. I'm a little surprised, since not only am I trying to play using a 5 year old girl for a controller, but my lead is a Choice-specs Starmie, which makes battling a little cumbersome. I OHKO all three with Surf fairly easily. The funny part was the next trainer was using three Grass types, so we were able to Ice beam the same way.


pheer me doods
Well, when I battle my sister, she usually switches out her Pokemon when they have low health. (Which misleads her thinking she's winning even though she has 5 Pokemon with all low HP). But the other day my sister switched out her Mesprit and I "just so happened" to have my Darkrai use Pursuit, and...pwned! (If you didn't know, Pursuit will hit a Pokemon switching out before it gets switched out) I hope she learns her lesson about why you shouldn't switch Pokemon at low health. :p


Psychic luvr
w00t first post...

anyway heres the scene me:empoleon and tyranitar them: rayquaza and lugia
empoleon uses blizzard and knocks rayquaza down to 1/2 remaining hp, he quits.


Smell ya later!
some noob trying to use e-quake on my salamence 3 times.
I got up three dragon dances then all one hit kos
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