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What is the noobiest thing someone has done to you in a wifi - battle?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by jssnike4eva, Dec 25, 2007.

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  1. L33tGir

    L33tGir Member

  2. Graceful Shinigami

    Graceful Shinigami Lemonade+Ramen

    Umbreon! Use Toxic on Heatran!
    Hmm, it didn't work...
    Maybe we should try again just to make sure!
  3. torchicflame

    torchicflame Big charmander fan!

    wasn't a wifi battle but a noob battle. It was a 3 on 3.
    I was battling my brother on pbr and he used empleon lv82, deoxys defense lv 50, darkrai lv50
    (my pokemon I was still trying to level up so this battle was for fun) I use starapter lv56 ? i think i can't remeber, giratina lv 82, rampardos lv50

    I use fly and shadow force so i don't get killed by his empleon.
    His empleon use surf kills his deoxys.
    Sent out darkrai.
    Fly and shadow force hit empleon. Yellow health now.
    I use fly and shadow force again to bother him...hehe.
    Empleon uses surf kills darkrai.
    My fly and shadow force kills empleon.

    His empleon only knew surf, waterfall, bubblebeam, brine.
    His other pokemon were trus darkrai and gamestop deoxsys -haven't even been leveled up.
  4. Kiyo860x

    Kiyo860x Member

    I remember battling a hacker on wifi who had three Mewtwos, a Giratina, a Shiny Rayquaza (looked hot though :) ), and a Shiny Kyogre. No match for an actual battle team though
    Just another noob trying to look cool on wifi.
  5. deltapiplupx

    deltapiplupx Banned

    I 4got to change my team 3 bedoofs vrs. all three sinnoh starters final evos. all lv 100
  6. this dude agreed to a standard rules battle,used mewtwo latios etc,and i destroyed him flawlessely,twice
  7. Darth Xeinive

    Darth Xeinive Master Fire Trainer

    On pbr wi fi it was my salamence, charizard, gyarados, tyhplosion vs his zapdos, moltres, mew, ho-oh I killed all except his moltres with typhlosion and salamence and when his moltres is about to die he gives up. Then I get him again and he instantly gives up.
  8. Let us see....


    Somebody used 6 hacked (legal hacks though) Pokemon, 3 of which is Ubers, 3 of which is OU, against my UU Team when I clearly told him NO UBERS!!!.

    At least I still won because he can't deal with most Pokemon.

    Oh yea and on PBR some random guy decided to use an all-Walrein team. I got his friend pass and checked it: No Guard, Sheer Cold, No Guard, Sheer Cold etc....
  9. I had a funny match against a Tauros and an Exploud. The Tauros started using Thrash, and the Exploud used Swagger on the Tauros, which raised its Attack stat and confused it. The Tauros got healed from its confusion using a berry. Meanwhile, I used Yawn on Exploud. Next turn, the Exploud uses Rest, heals itself, falls asleep, and wakes up due to the berry. At the end of the turn, Tauros got confused due to fatigue and Exploud fell asleep from drowziness. I found that quite amusing...
  10. Mega Typhlosion

    Mega Typhlosion Well-Known Member

    Yesterday, I was battling someone in the chat that said to me "sleep is for n00bs" because I used Sleep Powder on his Garchomp. A few turns after he sent a Snorlax and kept using...Metronome. At least sleep works for something... xD
  11. Saint Richard

    Saint Richard Epic Fail in Person.

    I've seen someone try to Selfdestruct against a Ghost Type before. That was pretty funny.
  12. Darkrai's Nightmare

    Darkrai's Nightmare Well-Known Member

    Hmmm...I think it might have been when a dude used all Ubers(Diamond & Pearl),and wiped me out.I am NOT a weakling,I just forget to switch to my OWNing team.If I had them,I would have destroyed him...Oh,to the topic starter,that just MIGHT have been me.I sometimes do that.
  13. insertname

    insertname Loser... For now

    This happened on a PBR random wi-fi battle. My opponent used Garchomp, Glalie, and Machamp. All I needed was my Starly. His Garchomp used dragon claw on Starly, and it survived thanks to focush sash. I used endeavor and I finished it off with quick attack. Next, when my opponent used Glalie, I used endeavor to bring its HP down to 1. Glalie then tried to use sheer cold and missed (why not a more accurate move?). I used quick attack, and Glalie fainted. When my opponent sent out Machamp, I used brave bird. Both Machamp and Starly fainted.
    Me: "Yay! I won!"
    Opponent: "How embarrasing. I lost to a Starly."

    Also, it annoys me when people with ubers give up because my jumpluff used sleep powder, or when my Shedinja is in battle.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2008
  14. SerenadeSP

    SerenadeSP My Loyal Feraligatr

    One time for fun I used an all normal team on PBR. I got put up against a guy who had 4 ghost types on Wifi. We start and he keeps using Shadow Ball and other ghost attacks on me. I got a look at his friend pass,they only knew ghost attacks(some move spots were even emtpy) <_<
  15. pokedon

    pokedon Water raging sprite

    Im Going to repeat use all ubers
  16. Togekiss•Torchic

    Togekiss•Torchic Aaaaaaah~♫

    this must be the top onje talked to a kid on a different fourm he said this is his first wi fi (never been to battle tower) its 6-2 he says wtf i cant use items ur cheating i said no he said yes i did then ran
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2008
  17. Caios

    Caios Brazilian trainer

    Well, a noob used flametrhower againist my Palkia during rain. OUCH!
  18. Chagen46

    Chagen46 Hell Crasher

    Oh god, what did that do, 1 Hp of damage?
  19. (s.i.e)

    (s.i.e) ★skydragon★

    some people still need to learn things, i don't think he can be blamed for it^^

    i had a battle for 2 week ago against someone who used awfully many HM moves that didn't counter the types of poke's i used.

    better luck next time i guess.
  20. DemonicPhaze

    DemonicPhaze Shiny Umbreon

    Using Lv 100 Hacked Rayquaza and Groudon together

    Groudon use solarbeam it charged
    He Was like WTH
    I switched to Skarmory
    Skarmory took 50 Damage
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