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What is the strongest Pokémon in Journeys? (Forget the fact that lucario appears twice)

Ash's stongest pokemón (Journeys, No Pikachu)

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Gengar :
Vs Raichu ✓
Vs Electrode X
Vs Lucario (Korrina) X

Lucario :
As Riolu
vs Farfetch ✓
Vs Grapploct X
Vs Octillery X
Vs Tentacruel X
Vs Flygon X
Vs Grapploct --
As Lucario
Vs Ferrothorn X

Sirfertch'd :
As Farfetch
Vs Riolu X
Vs Hawlucha X
Vs Gurdurr ✓
Vs Gallade X
(train with wikstrom)
As Sirfertch'd
Vs Gallade ✓

Vs Mienshao ✓
Vs Lucario (M) ✓
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Lucario and Kairyu are practically tied from my perspective, but I went with Kairyu because it hasn't been trained extensively yet. So I'm more impressed with its strength given that Satoshi hasn't had much time to work with it: I can only imagine how much stronger it'll become once Satoshi decides to give it special attention.

Red and Blue

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As of now probably Dragonite. It only battled officially twice but when it did it proved to be a powerhouse. Beating both of Korrina's Pokemon by itself(one of which being a mega) was a huge feat


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Dragonite but Lucario is getting closer. Just a couple more wins against strong trainers and I'll consider him Ash's new main powerhouse. :D


Humans are tools
Dragonite all the way, lovable personality and is good in the battle, hope it stays that way.


Deluded Dreamer
Thankfully this series looks like it's going the SM route with no one ace but all the mons being strong af and pulling their weight
Dragonite has shown to be insanely strong
Gengar ABSOLUTELY destroyed raichu and even if it lost against korrina it still is strong, even in its debut it destroyed two dusclops. Plus I have a feeling it will be used against Gary and can prove itself there
Lucario we already know why
Sirfetchd got his whole arc and defeated gallade and battled against wikstrom Aegislash
Dracovish will get its focus considering it's a new galar Mon and insanely strong in the games


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This one's actually really debatable. All the pokemon can actually hold their own. However not counting peakachu I'd say dragonite has the most impressive win rate. The girl just won't stop she's amazing.


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However Lucario has had the most focus which kinda sucks. If journeys was 20 percent less episodic and showed more feats Ash's pokemon I'd probably say lucario would be the strongest because Sinnoh remake lucario focus.


Pikachu Fan
Dragonite for now, I hope he didn’t became the goodra