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What is/will be your team?

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I’m Back...
I`m planning on this team for white version when the hit the US.


Nickname - Luigi
Why I chose - Ash`s Mijumaru from the anime has won me over for the first run.


Nickname - Clueless
Why I chose - I would`ve get it at the dream lot anyway because Mijumaru is my starter.


Jelly Cell
Why I chose - Just love the design this Pokemon.


Why I chose - I like new dragon pokemon.It`s also much easier to get to than The Hydra Pokemon.


Why I chose - It reminds me of a Crobat that I worked for to get back in Pearl.


Why I chose - It has played a major role in deciding which gameto playthrough first.Also,I like the design of this Pokemon.
This isn't necessarily going to be my team, but these are the Pokemon I'm going to try to use ASAP.

Daikenki (Adamant / Jolly / Torrent)
Aqua Tail
Night Slash
Swords Dance

Sazandora (Modest / Levitate)
Dragon Pulse
Dark Pulse
Focus Blast

Shandera (Timid / Modest / Flame Body)
Evil Eye
Pain Split

Urugamosu (Bold / Flame Body)
Bug Buzz
Heat Wave
Butterfly Dance

Zekrom (Adamant / Jolly / Tera Voltage)
Lightning Strike
Dragon Claw
Zen Headbutt
Light Screen


Uses of Psychics
Okay. Aianto. Iron Ant Pokemon. Good Attack, Defense, and Speed. Moveset: Iron Head, X-Scissor, Dig, Crunch. Swarm.

ITo be perfectly honest I don't really like its deisign, and its also weak to Fire. I do have a Water type, though, and it learns Dig.
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I think I've got my primary teams sorted, in any case. I chose names based off of the zodiac and constellations, both wellknown and ambiguous. I enjoy themes.

Primary team (main big post can be seen here):
Ophiucus- Jaroda (the snake)
Lyra- Kokoromori (Hmm. I just thought that it fitted. Either this or 'Musca' for 'Fly'.)
Cygnus- Swanna (The swan.)
Sagittari@- Shandelar (well, dependant on gender the last letter will either be an 'a' or an 'o'. The archer associated with fire, and archers use longrange attacks/arrows, just as Shandelar is specifically Sp. Atk based at heart.)
Cancer- Ranculus (Sadly, I did not think of the crab here, but cancer in its basest form is cells multiplying and multiplying until the body cannot cope. Ranculus is a cell. Therefore, I guess I just thought of it here.)
Scorpio- Denchura (Well, at the end of the day, both are eight-legged and can be referred to in general by the less worldly as 'bugs', so it is the most fitting in a way.)

Team Two:

Capricorn- Daikenki (the horn like the seagoat. Pretty much the only one aside from Pisces, but I kept that for someone else)
Virgo- Erufuun (the most ladylike of this team, and although I could have used it for Doredia, that would be too obvious for my zany tastes)
Aries- Urgamoth (it looks rather like a ram, especially the head with the horns, doesn't it, and the fluffy body that looks somewhat like the grub. Once again, the sheeplike Erufuun would have been too obvious and it is a fire sign)
Leo -Desukan (the hardest one of the bunch, in my mind. I eventually chose Leo based on the story of Heracles and the Nemean lion, which terrorized the countryside for years and weapons were useless. Ghosts would easily avoid weaponry, and with that face I could easily imagine it terrorizing the defenseless travellers.)
Libra- Shinbora (representative of balance, this Nazca lines-based bird seemed to be a protector of some ancient civilisation according to the Dex.)
Gemini- Gigigear (speaks for itself)

I may choose even lesser known constellations for my final team, although I do know that Burungel will definitely be Pisces as that team's water type. Enbuoo can be Taurus.
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So I decided to re-post this, as I have move sets for my Post National Dex team.

Pre National Dex, this will be my team.

I always choose the grass starter, and Jaroda just looks so... Epic for some reason XD

Choroneko reminds me of the Cheshire cat. That was my deciding factor for this Pokemon ^^ lol

An archelon?! Yes! I like turtles, and he's the only 5th Gen water type I really like xD

O3O Adorableness in the form of a flying squirrel. XD *glompuddles*

I don't know why, I just really like this Pokemon for some reason o.o

MY ONONOKUSU MUST BE SHINY O_O I will sacrifice all of my time to hunt one down O_O

And now, for my Post National Dex team! X3



*Bursting Flame / Fire Blast
*Air Slash / Free Fall
*Claw Sharpen / Swords Dance


*Dragon Dance
*Outrage / Draco Meteor
*Ice Beam


*Double Chop / Dragon Claw / Dragon Tail
*Level Ground / ???
*Swords Dance / Dragon Dance


*Shadow Ball
*Charge Beam


*Leaf Storm
*Energy Ball
*Focus Blast
*Dragon Claw / Dragonbreath

For the 6th Pokemon, I can't decide between these two.


*Swords Dancce
*Night Slash
*Ice Shard
*Ankle Sweep / Brick Break


*Ice Beam
*Shadow Ball
*Thunder Wave / Confuse Ray / Destiny Bond

Charizard, Jolteon, Weavile, Kingdra and Sceptile are all in my SoulSilver team. Ononokusu will be replacing my Dragonite. Froslass is in my Platinum team, and I'm considering replacing my Weavile with her for my White team.

Assistance would be wonderful! <3


Just beat the main storyline, and my team(& reasons for picking each poke) is as follows:
Emboar: Starter. Yeah. I choose it because I could think of a five letter nickname for it(seriously).
Yanakki: Free monkey? Sure, why not.
Zebraika: Shimama was adorable. Zebraika's cool, and it's ridiculously useful in several places. Too bad its movepool sucks.
Warubiaru: I liked Meguroko. Then it kept getting more and more awesome as it evolved. Now it's a badass red crocodile with a cry like a guitar riff that's speedy and has a high enough ATK to murder lots of things quickly. Hell yeah.
Washibon: America! FUCK YEAH!
Buffafro Baffuron: Afro buffalo is too cool for its own good. Also it learns surf, which was handy in Victory Road.

Minezumi: Caught it for early team/hm slave purposes, kept it because I'm resistant to changing my team & confuse ray comes in handy.
Kenhorou: I like Mamepato, and it turned out that I liked its evos too. Also it's female, which means it looks kinda boring, but I don't care!
Chandela: Hitomoshi was so cuuuuute. Chandela has insane SATK, which makes it a worthy team member(although I haven't used it that much since I got it so late)

Yeah, I've taken to rotating members in and out since I CAN'T PICK SIX. 8( Also way too many cool things don't show up until way late in the game.


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i was looking through the "origins" of the BW pokemon and laughed
anyweres he is a for lulz team on pokemon that look like they are based off godzilla monsters(not based on size)

Jaroba - remotely similar to Manda(the chinese dragon with the very long body)
Sazando- Reminds me of King Ghidorah (3 heads and can Leviate o_O)
Urugamosu - Design reminds me of Mothra
Ononokusu- design bares some resembles Destoryah
Denchura - Because of Kumonga the giant spider monster
Hihidaruma - because of King Kong vs Godzilla XD

and after E4:
i shall replace one of the above with Tyranitar because is really close to godzilla

Which i shall name them as the monster they resemble or as best as i can with the letter limit <.<.
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If we could have some other region Pokemon during the plot, I'd have this team:


Since we can't:

This is the team I used to beat the main storyline with (levels and moves are what they know now):


Jaroda - M - Lv. 68
-Aerial Ace
-Giga Drain
-Leaf Blade
My starter, I choose him because I liked Tsutarja the most out of the Isshu starters :/


Pendoraa - F - Lv. 69
-Poison Jab
I FREAKIN' LOVE HOW PENDORAA LOOKS. My new favorite bug type, and one of my favorite Isshu Pokemon. I had to have it on my team. She helped me in the Elite Four, so I love her for it <3


Warubairu - F - Lv. 66
-Aerial Ace
-Brick Break
When I saw it, it instantly gained a spot on my team. She completely destroyed N in the final battle with him (owned all his Pokemon, including Zekrom after it beat my Reshiram >.>)


Abagoora - M - Lv. 65
-Aqua Jet
-Rock Slide
Honestly, I wouldn't have won without this guy. Owned two gyms by himself, and helped me a lot in the end with N and Geechisu. Especially Geechisu. Sazando used Focus Blast, Abagoora barely survived and used Rock Slide. Sazando barely survived and would've killed me, but I used Aqua Jet next c:


Sazando - M - Lv. 66
Personally, I don't really like Sazando now. It was hard to level up (and I had to wait after the storyline was over before I got him, which completely destroyed his usefulness for me), and his stats aren't as high as I thought they'd be. So, I don't use Sazando much besides for Surf :/


Reshiram - Lv. 70
-Dragon Pulse
-Cross Flame
The whole reason why I chose Black over White. Personally, my Reshiram isn't that strong for some reason (as in, gets KOed really easily >.>), but that doesn't stop me from using him. Mainly because I love staring at his back sprite, and Cross Flame's animation X3 ...Plus he's my Flyer ^^;

But I switch in my Lv. 93 Absol (for Thunderwave/False Swipe for catching Pokemon), Lv. 100 Salamence, Lv. 100 Giratina, Lv. 100 Dialga (for speed-run battling the E4 for money/evolving Pokemon for the Pokedex), and my shiny Magcargo (when hatching eggs) when I'm not working on leveling up these guys. I'm thinking of using Kyuremu, Emboar (SHINY, when I hatch it >.>), Birijion and Ononokusu just for the heck of it. I'd also trying to get ahold of a Zekrom off the GTS, so I'd be using that one too when I get it ^^

My English Black team will be the same as my Jap. team, but I'll probably switch Sazando for Ononokusu or Salamence (I'll get it on my team somehow) or I'll trade Monozu over to Jap. Black, level up/evolve to Sazando, and trade back by the E4 so it'd be SOMEWHAT helpful >.>

My English White team will probably be: Emboar, Aakeosu, Wargle, Shandera/Zoroark (maybe, if I have access to Zorua/Zoroark in Jap/Eng. Black by the time I start White), Ononokusu/Baffuron, and Zekrom.


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Haha, finally decided the team I am going to use.
Jaroda-Mostly I am using him because it allows me to not have excessive dual typing, for if I chose emboar or daikenki, it would overlap with other fire and water pokemon which are just kind...better.
Abagora-This is going to be my water poke, he outclasses daikenki a million times over as far as I am concerned. Solid rock is one of my favorite abilities, and it was really good on Rhyperior, but now, there is better typing to take advantage of it. So honestly, it should only have a 2x weakness to grass, and with those defenses+movepool, its just awesome. Looks cool too, I like turtles XD.
Shandela- While I am not going for a fire-water-grass core for my team, I just liked the fire and water members a great deal for the fifth gen XD. Shandela is a freaking beast, decent defense and speed, great moves, and absurdly high special attack that rivals the ubers, it kind of speaks for itself.
Rohbshin-The thing is a beast, he will be one of my main physical tanks, as I decided not to add hihidaruma to the team. Can dish out damage like pro with encourage and at late levels, he will obliterate everything. I honestly like this guy a lot more than that ferret fighting type. He lacks some speed, but I cant understand why so few people add him to their teams ^.^ (Based on what I have seen)
Ononox- Dragon type...good movepool...easier to get than sazandra, and can dish out more damage...yeah.
Warubiaru-I picked him for his looks, as much as for his utility :D It looks freaking awesome, and with overconfidence....wow. Great movepool, above average speed, attack, and hp, and decent defenses, what is not to like?
Cant wait for the game to be released in America, I dont feel like translating every word online from the Japanese game :p
I don't know yet.

I'll have to wait until the games either get here or until I know what exactly a majority of the Pokemon are going to look like first.

But, I think I know what Pokemon I'm going to start with, though. I'll probably start with whatever the fire starter's name is.


Salingerian Phony
Rohbshin-The thing is a beast, he will be one of my main physical tanks, as I decided not to add hihidaruma to the team. Can dish out damage like pro with encourage and at late levels, he will obliterate everything. I honestly like this guy a lot more than that ferret fighting type. He lacks some speed, but I cant understand why so few people add him to their teams ^.^ (Based on what I have seen)

My guess is that most others find his appearance unappealing or confusing. This is one of the few Pokémon lines where the Pokémon seems to always be holding an object, but those concrete columns seem awfully unwieldy.

I'm seeing Kojondo and Zuruzukin a lot more, most likely because those two look slick whereas Roobshin looks rather bulky.

Don't get me wrong though; I like the guy. But he really doesn't stand out that much compared to the other Fighting-types.


Well-Known Member since the DP Series.
Current Team: Futachimaru, Washibon, Chaobu, Janoby, Denchura. Not sure of a 6th member.

Future Team(Competitive Play): Swampert, Denchura, Sceptile, Wargle, Infernape, and Dragonite.>:]


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I decided that my team will consist of the following pokemon:
Jaroda- the grass starter
Ononokusu- the mantis dragon
Wargle- the eagle
Shandera, the chandelier ghost type
Sazandra, the three headed dragon
and Rankurusu, the pokemon whithin that green gel-like substance.


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Yeah I get what you are saying ^^ he does look pretty...gross. But I would rather have him pre-nat dex, for the fact that he does not evolve at level 50, and can take a hit :p, because seriously, kojondos defenses suck, and while zulzkin has interesting typing, its offense sucks like crazy. I will probably replace rohbshin with kojondo post nat-dex.


Crits Everywhere
Rohbshin-The thing is a beast, he will be one of my main physical tanks, as I decided not to add hihidaruma to the team. Can dish out damage like pro with encourage and at late levels, he will obliterate everything. I honestly like this guy a lot more than that ferret fighting type. He lacks some speed, but I cant understand why so few people add him to their teams ^.^ (Based on what I have seen)

Probably because he's a butt-ugly troll clown.

Derald Snyder

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I'm not too sure yet, but it'll be something like this:

Water starter (Dakenki?)
Fire monkey
Mamepato's final form

Again, this is nowhere near finalized. Wait until April and then we'll see what happens. ;)


Pedobear knows all..
I've been thinking about my team for a while. It's probably gonna end up looking something like...

Swords Dance
Aqua Tail

Aerial Ace

Claw Sharpen
Stone Edge
Crunch/U-turn/Dragon Claw

Bug Buzz

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball

Butterfly Dance
Bug Buzz
Heat Wave

Serious water weakness, I may end up switching Shanderaa with Desukan.


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does anyone know how ican get the little pictures for when i say my team ? i tried photo bucket but they dont have all the pokemon and im a newbie please help
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