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What is wrong with Whirlpool ability



I own Gyarados in Silver. All its moves are HM:s and I've thought nicknaming it "Swiss knife".

It knows both Surf and Whirlpool. But it won't pass whirlpools, it just spins around and goes where I came.

I need pass whirlpools, because I've defeated Lance and he is loser.

;038; yakuzakyuu the Ninetales


ASB Overlord
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From what I remember, you have to press A infront of the whirlpool for it to go away. Don't quote me, I haven't played these games in a LONG time.


You remembered right. It worked, because it asked about it. Oh no, I don't want whirlpool go away... ;)

Thanks a lot.

;038; yakuzakyuu the Ninetales

king krab kingler

You need to press (A) infront of it DUHHHH!
Like every HM. you can't just walk up to a boulder and it will move,you have to press (A),you can't just walk into the sea and your pokemon will automatically come out,you have to press (A),you can't just walk into a dark tunnel such as rock tunnel and it will be as bright as the sun,you have to press(A),Get Me?!!??!



say, is that gyarados the shiny one?

cos my shiny gyrados is an hm wh0re aswell o_o;



Naw, its normal... I'm also having hm wh0re Furret with Cut, Strength and such.

And to other poster: You don't need to be angry. I just thought that whirlpools just would go away themselves when I go over them, since ability is known and they are part of that sea that my Gyarados is surfing.

Ahem. Off-topic goes this... Really polite please. Could you basswer please edit your signature? I'm epileptic person and I guess that signature increases my seizure-risk more than infamous Porygon-episode. I would like to visit on this forum and read this topic on future.
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;003;Hey my Gyrados is a HM slave also. It knows Waterfall, Surf, Strenght and Whirlpool.;003;