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What is your current goal in pokemon?

Discussion in 'General Pokémon Discussion' started by Lulu_used_SunnyDay, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. Lulu_used_SunnyDay

    Lulu_used_SunnyDay Petal Blizzard

    Well, obviously, after beating the elite 4 and finishing the game.
    Do you shiny hunt? Try to win all pokemon's "beauty" contests? Complete the national dex? Plan to beat all Frontier brains? Or simply ev train your pkmn and try to build the perfect team? Or else? Or ALL OF THEM?

    Tell us (me jk) here!
  2. Pucca_ness

    Pucca_ness ^__^

    Get a good jolly Scyther for competitive battling.

    Get Shiny Suicune - SR in SS = over 8000 SRs YES i know about the event i've been doing this for ages though so not giving up.

    Shiny hunting = Dratini - SR in FR/LG or MM in SS after i get Suicune.

    Scout the GTS for shinies and events. This has been successful with legit looking shinies of Gible and Dialga with considerable ease. I only look for shinies that i want but not enough to hunt for long periods of time. I am trying to collect Dragon type shinies and since i cannot hunt Dialga, Palkia or Giratina i GTS them. And Gible... well its evolutions are so bad in terms of shinyness i didn't want to waste loads of time on it.

    I don't keep hacks.

    Yeah my goals are not particularly exciting. I like EV training and chaining when i'm bored of my goals so just doing these things keeps me busy until Black and White.
  3. silver wing 22

    silver wing 22 Storm king

    after beating the elite and getting all the legendaries my goals are simple conqure the battle froniter on wifi and create keep growing my pokemon army
  4. Overdose_On_Life

    Overdose_On_Life n(zero)12

    My current goal in Pokemon is to wait to transfer all my Pokemon to Black after its release.
  5. ToeyJoey

    ToeyJoey Forward...

    Adding to my 493 Pokemon in Black and White to complete the National Dex again and to KO more shinies.
  6. Antesomn

    Antesomn Picky Trainer

    - Get an amazing absol (perfect nature, ivs and evs)
    - Have a powerful team to battle with (own with) :)
    - Collect shinies (especially the ones I admire most)
    - Get a perfect Blissey (same as absol)
    - Trade for the fun of it :) and to help people out getting the dex or so.
    - Continue to have fun ^-^
  7. Will-powered Spriter

    Will-powered Spriter Pokédex Complete!

    Get all my affairs in order for Black and White, including:

    Obtain all Pokemon unavailable on the two games.
    Catch all the legends.
    Obtain the upcoming events.
    EV and Level up all my shinies and event pokemon.

    So I am fully prepared in order to fill that dex with all 649 of the things.
  8. snivy101

    snivy101 MA PANTS!

    Get shinies and ev train.
  9. UltimatePokemonExpert

    UltimatePokemonExpert Experienced Trainer

    Finish catching the 493 pokemon before Unova. I only have 404.
  10. Jaggy101

    Jaggy101 I'm Jaggy and proud

    I TRY to beat the Battle Frontier, i do fail a lot though =/
  11. centipede2000

    centipede2000 Well-Known Member

    My current goal is to complete mah johto dex. I have like 6 missing, excluding the event legendaries. I'll try to complete the national dex after, but it'll be hard as I cannot trade between my pearl and heart gold (only have 1 ds)
  12. Generic Pokemon Trainer

    Generic Pokemon Trainer Bible Thumper

    To have fun, thats what the game is for, and if it involves hacks fair game. (NOTE: I dont play WiFi so no flaming)
  13. John13wb

    John13wb Earthbound Hero

    Teaching Raikou a Water-type move.
  14. 7 tyranitars

    7 tyranitars Well-Known Member

    -restore my platinum in their former glory (other platinum game card died :( )
    -get my second shiny ever!
    -and have fun when my black or white arrives :)
  15. TysplosionJ

    TysplosionJ New Member

    Catch all Unova pokemon (May have to hack events) to have a complete national dex...AGAIN!!

    Get gold frontier prints on HG
  16. shadi1

    shadi1 Well-Known Member

    To catch a Gabite
    So hard to find!
  17. Myowu

    Myowu It's said "Meow-woo"

    Lets see after elite four:
    1. migrate my army from previous games onto one game
    2. go for trainer card stars
    3. continue hand raising favs.
    4. hunt legendaries
    5. (personally) keep hoping that one day I'll have wifi
    6. get ready for Black & White
    and 7. consider catching em all, but decide against it because I did it on pkmn ylw and lost the file >.<;

    lol =^.^=
  18. SmartD

    SmartD Well-Known Member

    Finish the Pokedex in Heartgold
    Start on the Unova Pokedex.

    The second statement is going to be challenging since I'm not going to use the Pokeshifter to get most of the Pokemon not in Black and White.
  19. M4zz

    M4zz Banned

    For me, the Heartgold Frontier is my biggest goal. The 649 is another.
  20. Profesco

    Profesco gone gently

    Collect all Gold Symbols/Color Prints in both Emerald and Platinum Battle Frontiers. The best I've gotten on Emerald was four Gold, and the best on Platinum three Color.

    I like the battles, it's just so dispiriting to get a haxxy loss and have to start again from the very bottom. After experiencing that sequence of events, say, five times or so, I have to put the game down and raise my spirits with something more in my control.

    It'd be awfully handy if they put a checkpoint, of sorts, in the Frontier facilities, so you didn't have to always fight fourteen battles against Pichus and Pidgeys after losing in high rounds. I don't know; just some way to make the facilities less frusttrating. I don't buy into the "frustration is necessary to make it challenging" mantra they seem to have.

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