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What is your favorite 2014 3DS Game?

Favorite 2014 3DS Game

  • Mario Golf: World Tour

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  • Yoshi's New Island

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  • Yoshi's New Island

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Though 2014 wasn't as good as 2013 for the 3DS, there was still some great games released on the system!

For me, my favorite is Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire. Such a great remake and probably my favorite 3DS game overall!
For me that's super smash bros! It's so handy! I can just smash whenever I want to. With Super smash bros brawl I had to be home (because Wii), and I had to get up to switch the game into my Wii console and all that. Right now it's just one click on the A button and I can start smashing whenever and wherever! Thanks nintendo :)

Monster Guy

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It's between Tomodachi Life, Super Smash Bros, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Persona Q, or Kirby. I can't really vote for just one of them. All four have their pros and cons.
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Easily ORAS for me. They're my first Hoenn games, and I'm loving them. Out of all the games that came out this year, I'm going to continue playing ORAS the most by far.


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Omega Ruby hands down. I think that extra level of polish they can achieve with 6th Gen visuals lends so well to the idea of a living breathing world. There's things the devs can do now that they could never with sprites and that was used to great effect. DexNav revolutionises how to catch pokemon, as for the first time we can see what is waiting in the grass. imo it makes the game flow much better, as I no longer have to go through 10 encounters to find that one Chimecho. I can simply run until a DexNav encounter turns up and decide from there. Makes me feel like I'm actively hunting pokemon, and this is the first time in forever I've been truly inspired to complete a pokedex.
Add that in with all the other brilliant things with the PokéNav like PlayNav as well as some of the virtues of the older region design, like the way routes fit together in a more random, creative pattern than, say, Unova. Despite all my worries, GF married old and new in a very good way.

Ultimately, the Gen VI (and BW2) games have such an impact that they're the only pokemon games I'd nominate for a GOTY award. Innovations and conveniences introduced in these games are quickly making every game before them obselete because of how much better the games a getting.

Honourable Mention goes to Bravely Default. I'd consider nominating it, but it was technically a 2013 game for Europeans. Fantastic even though that second half drags on.


The Uncultured One
For me, going to say Triple Deluxe, as it's quite simply freaking badass. ORAS and sm4sh get mentions for being my first Hoenn game and, well, smash, but none of it comes anywhere near to Kirby.


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I have to give my vote to ORAS.

I played the heck out of Smash 3DS, but it had such glaring flaws (coughsingleplayercough) that I just have to choose out Pokemon.
Water isn't that annoying if you just bring some repel. And I really missed the long routes that Hoen had. Getting from place to place in XY just felt way to short, and the caves were boring.

Captain Jigglypuff

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ORAS. Tomodachi Life is a close second. I have one character who I don't allow to be happy and force feed garbage. And she LOVES it! She has no choice. *evil grin*
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Shovel Knight because Shovel Knight.


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For me, it is a tie between Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros for 3DS. Giving my vote to Pokemon however as the environment is more varied than XY and I enjoyed making a Secret Base again after the feature was eliminated in Gen 5.


Super Smash Bros. obviously! However, Persona Q is pretty close behind, but that could just be because of my love for dungeon crawlers.


Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire for me. Unlike most other 3DS games that I've played this year, those games totally met my expectations. Honorable mention to Yoshi's New Island for also being enjoyable.


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I only played three (Smash, Pokemon AS, and Layton vs Wright), but I'm gonna hand it off to Layton vs Wright for subverting my expectations. plus dat ost

I wouldn't say it's the best of the three; but it's certainly the game I found most engaging this year. Mostly because Smash and Pokemon both confer a certain degree of familiarity, so I know what to expect and got what I expected.


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Kind of an unfair bias since this is a Pokemon forum but I'd obviously have to say ORAS. If we remove that bias from the equation then I'm going with Smash, a handheld Smash is an awesome convenience even if there's no C stick equivalent and it definitely lives up to its expectations as a game. Bravely Default kind of got an unfair year for me with two other fantastic games to compete since otherwise that would have won it for me. Then again I didn't really buy anything else in 2014 except Pokemon Battle Trozei (which was admittedly fun).


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Super Smash Bros 3DS for being the first ever smash portable game to take it anywhere!

ORAS is 2nd and Triple Deluxe is 3rd.

Excitable Boy

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Probably Smash Bros.; 2014 didn't bring too much in the 3DS department, particularly compared to the bumper year that was 2013.

Shovel Knight is honorable mention for basically everything it's valid for, though.

Mr. Reloaded

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Bravely Default is one of the best games I've played on the 3DS by far so I gotta vote for it.

Smash bros and ORAS are close contenders.

But to be fair, Pokemon AND Smash should have been excluded from this list. Pokemon for the bias, and Smash because it would have been the next best thing (as seen on the poll).
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Bravely Default. But the poll is obviously going to have a bias towards Pokemon. It probably should have been "besides Pokemon, what is your favorite 2014 3DS game"