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What is your favorite 2014 Wii U Game?

Favorite 2014 Wii U Game

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Pokegyms Owner
Smash Bros. I bought Bayonetta 2 (with Bayonetta 1 included) but I didn't really like it. Nothing wrong with the game of course, it just didn't resonate with me. SO I traded it in and got Smash instead xD

Excitable Boy

is a metaphor
did you just start running out of games toward the end of that poll or what


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did you just start running out of games toward the end of that poll or what
Yes and I wanted to have 9 games + Other. Won't have to worry about that this year (for Wii U at least).


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I say Mario Kart 8! SSBU is really fun too, but most of the people I'm friends with prefer Mario Kart and don't know how to play smash, and since they're both multiplayer games I get more usage and therefore fun out of MK8. Tying into that, MK8's online mode is way better than SSBU's... in my experience, as SSBU is suuuper laggy for me and MK8 is rarely if ever laggy and you can get into games pretty much immediately. I prefer mario kart's single player mode too. Both are great games, but MK8 gets way more usage. ^^ If I had lots of friends who played smash it would be a much closer call.


Shiny Huntress
Well the one I like is not on the list, it's an eStore purchase called Art of Balance by a studio called Shi'En. I like it because it's about as close to finding a Tetris game that I'll get for the Wii U console and it makes you think logically about where to put the shapes so they don't fall.


I’m Back...
With so many great games in 2014, it was really hard to decide on just one game.

But since I have to pick one, I'm giving the nod to Hyrule Warriors because it gave a fresh palette to the Zelda series that reminded me of how Pokemon Conquest was like. The hack and slash nature of it feels at home in the Zelda series especially with it just button mashing instead of actual sword swing the Wii Mote - no offense to Skyward Sword since it's a great game. The DLC characters, maps, and costumes were great and a nice edition. The only prblem that I had with was the amount of characters DLC wise. Yeah, Twili Midna and Young Link were great DLC character choices; but, I would have liked to had a second TP character (Hero's Shade?) and someone like Happy Mask Salesman instead of YL.


"Tis an honor to be recognized."
I'd say MK8. It demands more people to play if possible and its online is so stable that it's amazing.

Ha ha, Sonic Boom.


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I'm going with Mario Kart 8. Great racing game for Wii U, even if it has its own flaws. Hyrule Warriors and Super Smash Bros. for Wii U are close, too.

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Lillie Fan
Even though I still don't have a Wii U, I will vote for Hyrule Warriors 'cause of that sexy and really beautiful Zelda design and its gameplay. I would vote for Smash if Sakurai hadn't ignored at its most Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, put in the game a Zelda trophy of how she appears in Skyward Sword, and making a HD Unova stage with Plasma remixes.


Smash, Bayonetta and Hyrule Warriors are all games that I really loved, but I voted for Smash because it's the one I play the most.


Has to be like this:
Top 5:
1. Smash bros
3.SM 3D World
5.Madden ;)