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What is your favorite animal


I stay noided
I like bears

I also like cows


Still Dirrty
I like birds and dogs. My favorite breed of dogs are Labradors, specifically chocolate labs. I've always wanted one, I've only ever had black labs.

Edit: bears are cool too


Behold The Aura!
Red Foxes, they look cool and cute , I wish I could have one since many people are having it as pets.
Mustelids all the time!! They are my favorites of animals.

My first choice in animals are sea-otters, they are so cute and playful animals.

I also like all the other animals that also are the same "family members" that otters are.... so
I also love weasels, ferrets, martens, minks, ermine, wolverines, and badgers.

Rayze Darr

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I've always liked emus. I love animals that stand out from the norm, such as large, flightless birds, and emus not only do this, but do so while bearing some strikingly beautiful feather colors.


lions and wolves. hey you didn't say pets. don't judge me.


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Red Foxes, they look cool and cute , I wish I could have one since many people are having it as pets.

And I thought I was the only one with the unusual favorite.
I like red foxes as well, and I think my love for them stems from The Fox and The Hound. Also, my wish to have one (even though it's illegal to own one in Cali). Even though it isn't a red one, I get my satisfaction of seeing foxes from the gray vixen that lives around my neighborhood. She's been a mirage lately, but every time I do get to see her, I'm always glad to know she's alright.
As far as domestic animals go, I've always been a dog person. Back then as a little kid, my favorite was the Chihuahua since I've always grown up around one. My favorite breed now since I knew about Nintendogs is the Shiba Inu. I like them when they have red coats, since that's as close as I can get to a red fox :p Other than that, I like them for how charming and independent they are.
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Monkeys! Especially the smaller species like Capuchins, certain Macaques, and Squirrel monkeys. There's just something about how acrobatic they are that I like. That, and their tails are so cool!

I also really like hedgehogs (my neighbor has one for a pet and she's the most adorable thing.. er, the hedgehog, not the neighbor), and lynxes, and bears, and bats, and foxes, and weasels~
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