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What is your favorite Console and Handheld?


Favorite Console:Gamecube

I normally don't like consoles much but the Gamecube wins for me. I've had lots of memories with it. I thought it's design looked very modern when I was a kid and the graphics really impressed me. I thought the controller was excellent and a huge leap from the N64 controller. I think Colosseum and XD: Gale of Darkness were the best Pokémon related games realeased on consoles. I liked Mario Party 7, I like Mario 64 more but I also like Sunshine. I enjoyed Kirby Air Ride too. Super Smash Bros. Melee was my favorite Smash Bros. game until Smash 3DS came out. I usually don't care for third party games but there were several I enjoyed as well like Crazy Taxi.

Favorite Handheld:Nintendo DS
The DS is my favorite because I loved duel screens and touch screen as a kid. It's hard for me to imagine a time without the DS. The DS had my favorite Pokémon games both main series and spin off. The DS had a huge variety of interesting games to choose from and even lots of peripherals. The DS and DS lite can even play GBA games while the DSi can play Dsiware games and had a camera. I also like how the original DS resembled the Gamecube and GBA more while the DS Lite resembled the Wii more. I think that's an interesting transition.

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Console: PC, if that counts, because of Zoo Tycoon 2, Spore, Smite, and Impossible Creatures

Handheld: 3DS, for Star Fox 64 3D, KH Dream Drop Distance, and Pokemon.


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Favorite console is snes because it has the most games that I like out of all of them, favorite handheld is probably 3ds because it gave me animal crossing new leaf ^^ my all time favorite game.

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Favourite Handheld: Nintendo DS, I probably played it the most out of all my systems. It was the only system I successfully managed to play local multiplayer frequently with, it had a GBA port which I put to good use, and most of the games were good on it. My favourites were Super Mario 64 DS, Pokémon Dungeon Explorers of Sky, Mario Party DS, and Pokémon SoulSilver. It is also the only system I managed to damage but still works fine.

Favourite Console: Original Xbox, I'm not really into consoles the only ones I have are the Original Xbox and Gamecube. I have over 30 games for the Xbox and only a few for the Gamecube (Probably would like the Gamecube more if I had more games)

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Favorite Handheld: 3DS. Despite some of my favorite games on the system being remakes, this was also the system where I first played those remakes. Plus, it had some great non-remakes like SMTIV, ACNL, VLR, Pokémon and probably some others I'm not remembering.
Favorite Console: PC counts right?


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Favorite Handheld: 3DS, considering the only handheld systems I own are Nintendo(I don't even own a cellphone that can play games, I have a basic call/text one by choice). And it can play DS games as well and some older games via Nintendo store.

Favorite console: Xbox One. Earliest and faster I ever bought a new console. Lots of good games AND it can play over 100 games from the 360..... still waiting on Saints Row 1-3, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Fallout New Vegas, and Skyrim(Though if a remaster is happening, then this probably won't happen until awhile after it's out cause why would people go get it if the new console can play the regular Skyrim?) to go BC.
Gamecube takes second place. Xbox 360 is third.
Handhelds are FIFA, Pokemon, Call of Duty and GTA on my Xbox. There are so many advantages of having and Xbox. You can get to Xbox live account where there are innumerable games and movies. Just recently I received an Xbox One with useful content. It is much advanced from previous version of the Xbox console.


Fav Console is the whole Playstation line. I just both love old and new games. I just can't choose. I don't play Handhelds anymore. Sorry. ^^;


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Handheld; The DS Lite is really good, especially now that I own one in my favorite color (aka, pink) :3
Console: I'm a game cube fan :3 Though, my playstation 2 is fun, too. I have many cutesy puzzle games for it xD


Favorite console: PS2. It was my first console, and had so many great games. PS4 is the close second.

Favorite handheld: 3DS. Initially didn't really care about it and feared it would be a wasted purchase (early on it had barely any games I was interested in), but in the end it got so many great games and ended up becoming my favorite. I'm really glad Nintendo is still supporting it.


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Favorite Console: PS2, Wii and Wii U -- I love the selection of games for these systems and they're pretty sturdy; PS3 -- I like it so far

Favorite Handheld: Gameboy SP, DS, 3DS, Vita -- I love the games for these systems