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What is your favorite game for PS2


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mine are canis canem edit (a.k.a bully if you're in the USA) and shadow of the colossus


Zangoose Rox yer Sox
Mine is Definitely Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus.
This is REALLY hard.

Between RE 4, FF X/XII, KH/2 and DMC 3 SE, this is a tough decision. But in the end, I find it hard not to say Kingdom Hearts.


<-- La Foam
24: The Game

I have to admit it could've been better. Looks like they decided to cut it down somewhat before releasing so it wasn't quite was I was expecting. But it wasn't sloppy so I like it.

Prime Wolf

I got a Wii!
GTA San Andreas

The Godfather and scarface are great, and DMC is also high up on my list.


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Wild ARMs Alter Code F
Disgaea Hour of Darkness
Final Fantasy XII, and basically anything that has to do with Square or any other RPGs


Hoenn Champion
Well, from what I have plated, it is deffinatly the first Kingdom Hearts game.

But, I have not played the Final Fantasys for it, and I have heard good things about Shadow of the Colossus.


Who can say?
Either Kingdom Hearts as it was my first ever PS2 game, or Final Fantasy X, as it was my first Final Fantasy...

I'd say FF X, then KH, then FF X-2 then anything else by Square Enix :)
As it was my first game in the series FFX is tops, not because i think it is the best, but first = special. X-2 becuase it is the sequal.


Queen of Ice
I will always love the FF games but my lil bro got me hooked on the GTA game now. Its always nice to pretend that any ho on the street is ur co-worker or anyone that buggs and u can just smack them around lol

Paladin Elric

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My favorite PS2 games are Over Here Al! Coming*, One More Drop of Sweat In Training Is One Less Drop of Blood In Battle. Yeah, But Push-Ups*, Dragon Quest 8 and Tales of the Abyss.

*The former two choices are sometimes how I refer to Fullmetal Alchemist 2 and Tales of Legendia.