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What is your favorite hobby?

Here is the start of things, my favorite hobby is reading and some days it could be acting like a doofess. I know that you all don't exactly want to share your hobbies with the world, but tell me; what is your favorite hobby?


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My favorite hobby? Besides Gaming?


Drawing perhaps... or it used to be. I'd say, if it were anything, it would have to be a equal mix of building stuff (cardboard or otherwise), and maybe a dash of drawing to go.

I had this other hobby, but I hardly do that anymore.



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... Damn.

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Hobbies are gaming, anime, starting things and never going anywhere with them, loling at the Pokemon fanbase, listening to music, making games, composing music, spriting, and that one that posts in the WAYLT thread.

All tied since I cbf to pick one.
Uh... singing Prince songs in the shower while playing chess with my pet moose.

Also listening to music and playing video games. And playing Magic: The Gathering, since I am a sad person.


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Gaming, drawing, listening to music, and being a dork.

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Listening to the radio, waiting to go to the toilet, falling asleep, walking on my fingers, scribbling, recapping, thinking of reasons why I'm not doing something else, wishing, reading webcomics, laughing to myself, crying to myself, staring at the mirror, looking for Penguins Classics books, browsing Wikipedia as if it was TVTropes, playing a piano, looking for originality, not falling asleep, overfilling myself with food and chocolate, waiting for the rains, scheming against household pests, staring at architecture, etc.


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C+P'd from my Facebook interests section:
Fangirling, Horror, Geekdom, Musicals, Kids, Procrastinating, Riding Horses, Video Games, Being a *** Hag, Reading, Acting, Stephen King, Baking, Liberal Blogs, Theorizing, Shenanigans, Making Obscure References, Cold Weather, Unusual People, Indulging in Social Drama, Dressing Up, Bright Colors, Feminism, Dying My Hair, Aimlessly Browsing Wikipedia, Napping, History


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