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What is your favorite Kalos starter?

Favorite Kalos starter

  • Chespin

    Votes: 39 22.5%
  • Fennekin

    Votes: 63 36.4%
  • Froakie

    Votes: 71 41.0%

  • Total voters
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Froakie for me since it had a nice design (I like frogs and ninjas lol) and good evolved forms. The other options can't compare. :cool:


Petal Blizzard
Fennekin. I just love Delphox so much. Favourite starter of all time.
The wait for X and Y would've been sooooo much harder to bear if I knew we were getting a badass fox wizard for a starter <3


Beyond Evolution
I was initially for #TeamFennekin, but immediately bandwagon-ed to #TeamFroakie after seeing Greninja. I chose Chespin as my starter on my first playthrough of the game, though. Froakie would have to be my favorite starter in this saga, and my second favorite starter in the entire series.


Well-Known Member
It would have to be Froakie. I usually like the Water starters, except for Sinnoh/Johto, where I like Torterra/Infernape and Typhlosion. I really liked Froakie's design and I even have a Froakie plush that I really like. The second place would be Fennekin, as it is cute but I like Froakie more. I didn't really like Chesnaught at all, it just feels different than the other Grass type starters.


My friend who bought me the game choose Fennekin for me but i would have anyways. Its super cute and its a fire type! me and my friend think alike! great choice.


I like both Fennekin and Froakie lines. Particularly Delphox and Greninja. I liked the theme they went for with Kalos starters. And I like their movesets and designs.


Shiny Hunter
Froakie. Ive always liked it since the first time it was announced. So glad that its final evo is so badass, especially the shiny version.
I do like the Fennekin line too. Hate the chespin line, especially chesnaught. It looks awkward.
Can't stand any of them. They have to be the most unappealing starter bunch in the entire series. One is a frog that throws bubbles, another one evolves into a really messed up looking bipedal fox, and I can't even tell what the third one is supposed to be. If I had to choose, I'd say the bubble frog.
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Either Chespin or Froakie...
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