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What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the Physical/Special split?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by foxyman1167, Feb 14, 2009.

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  1. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    What is your favorite/least favorite thing about the new Physical/Special split introduced in the 4th Generation?

    Basically here you post reasons why or why not you like the new Physical/Special split. Things like "Gengar can now use a proper Shadow Ball" are acceptable, but things like "OMG I HATE TEH PHYSICAL/SPECIAL SPLIT WITH A PASSION!" are not acceptable. If you do post something not in favor of the Physical/Special split, please provide a valid reason as to why, or else you are spamming, and I will let a mod/admin know.

    Here is my reason, concerning Dragonite, one of my favorite pokemon.

    I love that Dragonite can use Dragon Dance now, and actually use a Dragon move boosted by Dragon Dance.

    This may be considered a poll, so if so, please move it to the right place.

    Now, please post away.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2009
  2. [Ampharos]

    [Ampharos] They best be trollin

    Having a perfect sweeper in RSE, then importing them and seeing that they're useless now because their attacks all got switched.
  3. Sapphiredragon929

    Sapphiredragon929 A r t i f i c e.

    What I really liked was that it made Dark all physical with the exception of a couple of moves. Also, now Ghosts get a better chance in battling.

  4. LightingKimba

    LightingKimba Listenin' t'Dragons!

    Hitmonchan isn't absolute crap anymore, and Blissey's not as fat and bulky as it were before.
  5. Cappuccino

    Cappuccino Active Member

    The split balanced things out, I think. You no longer have pokemon that can't use STAB moves effectively due to their low attack/special attack and their type being of that side. I remember when trying to make a team in the 3rd gen and having to put aside otherwise good pokemon cause they couldn't support their own type's moves. It's not limited in that sense anymore.

    Plus, I like that it actually makes sense now. Beat Up or the elemental punches being special? Or Shadow Ball/Hyper Beam being physical? That didn't really fit.
  6. foxyman1167

    foxyman1167 From Zero To Hero

    That's what I hate the most, but now I train Pokemon so they can be used in either R/S/E or D/P/Pt
    Last edited: Feb 21, 2009
  7. Birds of Paradise

    Birds of Paradise FireStorm

    I like the split since now I choose moves according to a pokemon's stats. But what I dont like is situations like flareon where its attack is higher than its special attack, so flamethrower is not as effective and fire blitz hurts the user.
  8. Cappuccino

    Cappuccino Active Member

    ^ The second part is true, but that's doesn't really have to do with the split itself. (I mean Flareon's, and some other Pokemon's, situation)
  9. Well, someone already mentioned it, but, Hitmonchan is finally useful; the elemental punches were crud til this generation on it.
  10. Surfer pikachu

    Surfer pikachu Toorchiic!

    Fav: That some pokemons are more useful
    Least:That another pokemons lose some attacks like sceptile's Leaf blade
  11. Anima87

    Anima87 Old School Trainer

    Favorite thing about the split: I can now use Hitmonchan! YAY!

    Least favorite thing about the split: Hitmonlee still isn't as good as I would like, but he has his moments...
  12. Auraninja

    Auraninja I'm ready to Smash

    Favorite thing: It lead to the invention of cool moves like Power Gem and Luster Cannon.

    Least Favorite thing: Some Pokemon (especially Sceptile) lost their signature moves to other Pokemon. Man, Leaf Blade was so cool on Sceptile.
  13. Kikas123

    Kikas123 What 'bout My Star?

    Favourite Thing: I believe it rounded things out, and now more things make more sense.

    Least Favourite: One of my favourites, Alakzam lost a lot of his lustre.
  14. Sonic Boom

    Sonic Boom @JohanSSB4 Twitter

    I'm failing to see how the physical/special split has anything to do with this. To me, all this really is about move creation and distribution.

    ....Unless you mean the elemental fangs and Giga Impact. If that's the case, I understand that. But as for Power Gem, I don't see that.

    Pros: Hitmonchan finally has a purpose in battling concerning type coverage, Gyarados has even more firepower, complete with a STAB bonus, Blissey has somewhat more efficiency in battle.

    Cons: ....none I can think of really.

    There is one thing though that irks me though, so that may be a con: Earthquake remains as a physical move. I've always seen the attack as a special move, for some reason; maybe because the Pokemon makes no physical contact to the opponent, letting the earth do the job. Then again, many physical powerhouses can use EQ, so maybe Gamefreak was paying attention to the battling aspect a little more than usual, and saw this.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2009
  15. Disaster_Lord

    Disaster_Lord Sad Bayleef is Sad.

    Now you can create brutal physical sweepers easilly...(Gyarados, hitmonchan,arcanine, Swampert and sharpedo)
    And hidden power got justice, it is now a key move in many sets.
    Things i do not like...Well dark is mostly physical oriented...and is somewhat hard to breed for dark pulse coz you only get one in game...
  16. ChuklaeAquos

    ChuklaeAquos Glalie fan!

    i think its good because they havenow made moves seem more like the type they shuld be (physical/special) so for example: dark attribute isnt just special but it matteers on if the pokemon make physical contact with the enemy poke!
  17. Yonowaru in Chaos

    Yonowaru in Chaos gaspard de la nuit

    Eh I'm kinda disappointed Alakazam and Gardevoir lost their bag punchers, but I guess it sort of "decentralises" them a bit.

    After all, I'd hate it even more if people overused them if they kept them (somehow).
  18. Abidon

    Abidon Well-Known Member

    My favorite thing is that now the attacks make a bit more sense-though for some reason I think more should be done, such as the fact that there needs to be a mixture of types in both moves and abilities. The elemental fangs seams like they could be both a special attack and a physical attack, and muddy water probably could fit in both Water and Ground typing.

    It's sorta nice seeing pokemon types that have different rolls two-most flying types that weren't legendery pokemon where always physical sweepers, but now that there are some special flying type moves it's sorta adds a bit more depth. Of course, some of these birds like Chatot don't do well competitively, but it just makes the overall world feel like it has a bit more depth to it.
  19. detochomorocho

    detochomorocho New Member

    favorite thing: The change for all the punchs to physical was great and adding electivire in my case was awesome, also teh diversity in the type moves is very great.
    Least favorite thing: Shedinja lose almost all his attacks, i had mine with shadow ball and other 3 attacks and they where physical, but now are special attack and in that stat he isn't great, that was the only dislike i have.
  20. Dmatt

    Dmatt New Member

    I couldn't be happier about the split, it always haunted me that some pokemon were lackluster because their inability to use their righteous STAB , say Absol, Gyarados, Swampert (its water side) or Gengar .
    The only little downside was some pokemon I liked losing some moves , like Charizard's Outrage, since it was best when backed by its special , or Aerodactyl's Ancientpower , just because the cool stat boost ;)
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