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What is your favorite mega evolution of XY?

Is there any mega evolution you like? Is so then why do you like them?

My favorite is Charizard X because it looks incredible and is Fire/Dragon with tough claws.

Runner up is Mewtwo X because it looks amazing and is a Psychic/Fighting combo.

Mega Altaria

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My favourite would be Mega Mewtwo Y because it's the most powerful Mega of XY.
Charizard (X) - Fire/Dragon is better than the same Fire/Flying upon Mega Evolution
Absol - I actually like it's Mega better than it's normal form.
Lucario - Well, duh. It would be crime not to like one of my favorite Pokemon's Mega Evolution.


Call of Fate
I have several X/Y Megas I really like,so here's my list:
Charizard(both forms)-one for its good typing,another one for Drought.
Blastoise-it learns a variety of moves that are boosted by Mega Launcher.
Lucario-one of few Megas that don't look overdesigned.
Gengar-I know it's overpowered,but I like its grin.
I like both Charizard megas, X for its typing and boost to Charizard's physical stats, and Y for its ability and focus on Charizard's special stats.
I also like Lucario's mega. I've been a fan of Lucario for a long time, so I was pleased to find out its mega counts as an Uber due to its ability.
The same for Mega Blaziken. Speed Boost just makes him insanely amazing, plus with the stat boosts it gets... glorious! Too bad regular HA Blaziken holding Life Orb is actually better.
I also liked Mawile's mega, believe it or not. It's strong, somewhat adorable, slightly creepy, and has great typing. Call me pervy if you will, but I think it has really alluring eyes.

Archangel Azazel

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I liked a lot of them, but..

My definite favorites are:

Mega Gyarados: Gyarados has been a favorite gen 1 Pokemon of mine. Its intimidating and I actually trained the one given by the Fish dude near Mt. Moon. I love its design. Reminds me of an angry shrimp <.> Haven't used it, but its just so cool *^*

Mega Mewtwo Y: I love the sleek design of Mewtwo Y. It looks more powerful than its X version in my eyes.

Mega Gardevoir: Dress! :D I love its design. At first it seemed fat to me, but I realized it looked like an elegant dress.

Mega Absol: I loved its design as well as pretty much the wings. Would have been really nice if it had gained the flying type when Mega Evolved or something closed to it.


I don't use Megas in X/Y much honestly, but I do like Mega Charizard X and Mega Lucario somewhat. Both have cool designs at the very least. Mega Ampharos looks interesting as well with all that fur.


Shiny Huntress
Mega Doom
Mega Absol
Mega Blaziken

Only because those were some of my first Kalos Megas. I have more in the ORAS games I like.


To Each Future
Mega Charizard X and shiny Mega Gardevoir are my favorite X/Y Mega Evos. Mega Charizard X has an awesome color scheme and design, while Fire/Dragon is a great typing both aesthetically and competitively. Shiny Mega Gardevoir also looks gorgeous with the black dress.


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The same for Mega Blaziken. Speed Boost just makes him insanely amazing, plus with the stat boosts it gets... glorious! Too bad regular HA Blaziken holding Life Orb is actually better.
The last statement was a very common view at the start of XY but as it turns out it actually isn't true that LO Blaziken is strictly better. The only time regular Blaziken is strictly better than Mega is in Doubles where Blaziken isn't a strong enough contender for the Mega slot. In Ubers you basically only see the Mega (if at all these days) and Mega Blaziken is one of the big three Megas in Battle Spot even now with Kangaskhan and Gengar. The thing about Mega Blaziken is that it can afford to run Adamant, whereas regular is too slow to give up the Speed so it needs Jolly or Naive, which in turn makes it slightly weaker than Mega Blaziken on top of having more recoil and a lower Speed tier.

So yeah I guess relative to the topic question that answers what my favorite XY Mega was. Scizor is cool too and I'm a fan of Aggron's design but neither of them matches up to Blaziken. I mean the fact that Blaziken was one of the first revealed Megas pretty much sold me on the idea of Mega Evolution so I can't choose someone else over it.


Never Say Forever
I have several favorites, my top ones are the following:

Mega Kangaskhan. The concept is great, the child can finally fight alongside the mother. Design-wise, it isn't too different from regular Kangaskhan aside from the child being able to fight on its own, but it doesn't matter. This thing has one of the coolest abilities ever and it helped me in several of the lines at the Battle Maison. It is so powerful that it is almost ridiculous, but not in a bad way.

Mega Mewtwo Y. I think it looks a lot better than regular Mewtwo, the way its tail sticks out if its head is so cool. It also levitates which suits a Psychic-type. That high Special Attack is nothing to laugh at either.

Mega Mawile. I was already a fan of regular Mawile and this, plus the Fairy-type it gained in Gen 6, made it stick out even more. This is one case where two heads are clearly better than one, and where two fangs hits twice as hard. Huge Power is awesome too.

Mega Medicham. Regular Medicham is one Pokemon I have previously had a hard time caring for. It had a quirk back in the ancient days of Gen 3 where it had a higher Attack stat than Slaking, but I didn't really care for it apart from that. That didn't really change during generations 4-5 either despite Medicham becoming better with powerful High Jump Kicks and stuff. But then I decided to use Mega Medicham on my post-game team in X during this generation and I started to love it. The Attack and Speed boosts it gains upon Mega Evolving are great, it keeps Pure Power and it had a vast movepool to start with, so how come I never realized its awesomeness before? I guess the Mega is what really sold me on it. I also think its Mega design is fantastic, it adds a bit more mystery to this fighter.

Mega Manectric. I was unsure about this at first. Intimidate is cool, but at the cost of losing Lightningrod? I later learned that it wasn't that much of a loss since it can simply absorb Electric moves first and then Mega Evolve for some extreme power boosts. It also has a cool design and it helped me get my longest streak ever at the Battle Maison. Plus I was already a big fan of regular Manectric to start with and this did not change that for the worse, only for the better.

Honorable mentions: Alakazam, Gyarados, Ampharos, Tyranitar and Lucario. I should mention that there are several Megas that I have never used in battle so I don't really have a real opinion on all of them when it comes to my own experience of using them, this list might have looked different if I had tried all of them properly but now I haven't.


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I really like both Mega Kangaskhan and Mega Mawile.

With Mega Kangaskhan, I love Parental Bond. That Ability's saved me so many times in the Battle Maison that Kangaskhan's definitely my preferred Mega to use there. Also, it was nice to see the baby out of the pouch during battle.

I used Mega Mawile on my Y team. I'd always wanted to use a Mawile on a team before, but just never found a reason to use it over other Pokemon. So, its Mega Evolution, along with the Fairy typing it gained, gave me an excuse to finally use one. I'm really glad I made Mawile my Mega on Y, it was really fun to use. Love Huge Power.

Emperor Empoleon

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Mega Lucario. The level of strength combined with its highly diverse skillset is a-lot of fun to play with, and I really like how they advanced the design too. Especially after seeing it in action on Pokken Tournament...The way that its aura kinda seeps out of its black body markings is a really cool illustration of how its power has been maximized by Mega Evolving. On top of all that, I've had a number of great memories raising my own Lucario during X. Separate from the freebie, I caught him as Riolu outside of Santalune City, and he was a mainstay throughout the entire game...

Mega Charizard X is a very close second. I simply love the amount of edge in its appearance and that Fire/Dragon typing.
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Pokèmon Master
From X and Y. My favorite is Mega Kanghaskan. It definitely shows how a parental bond can affect your strength and show how strong you really are. Kanghaskan went from NU in competitive battling to Uber. Even ended up being in the winning team. I also think it's absolutely adorable.
Others I like are Charizard X. He kind of reminded me of Blue Eye White dragon of Yu-Gi-Oh. So, now every time I see it, that's what I think.
Absol looks almost goddess like and very majestic. It's beauty is astonishing from a Pokémon sort of way.
Pinsir. Misty hates bugs. This one makes me think. What if Misty saw that?

The Megas are cool. I was skeptical at first, but seeing how they elevate the Pokémon has really changed my mind. Worst designs. I know it's not asked, but I feel like someone needs to say it.
Does Mega Alakazam really need 5 spoons and the old man thing going on? I mean, I like Alakazam, but come on. That guys life gets more and more miserable as it continues to evolve. Stay an Abra.


Crimson Dragon
most used mega of mine is Ttar or Gardevoir. Lucario, blastoise and charizard are ones i use less. venusaur and aggron are possibilities but other than that dont use any other megastones, though i avoid garchompite all together.


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Easily Mega Charizard X, who is apart of my Y team. It has helped me get through many tough battles and Charizard X has an awesome design. Having no 4x weaknesses is also nice, even though it does gain some other weaknesses it wouldn't have as regular Charizard or Charizard Y. Tough Claws does make it more powerful though!

I actually like a lot of the XY Megas (which could be because they picked a lot of popular Pokémon to get Megas, like Lucario & Blaziken).


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Mega Charizard X. His design is just so awesome and it gains the Dragon typing(Favorite type). He is the sole reason I picked X as my main and use Y for replays

Lucario, he's one of my top favorite Pokemon so naturally I like it.

Absol, so majestic