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What is your favorite movie and why?

My favorite movie has to be I'robot because of the characters and it had a good story line.
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
It is really awsome, The crew of the enterprise goes back in time to 1986.
This movie is really good, I love the story and Leonard Nimoy is my favorite actor.
Spock mind melds with a humpback whale :D


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Shaun of The Dead is my favorite. <3 I love zombies and it's pretty funny so it's a no brainer for me.


Cold Inside
I have three.

The Lion King
I've loved it since it first came out and cats are my favourite animal.

The Nightmare Before Christmas
Just pure awesome. Jack is love. <3

How to Train Your Dragon.
Love it. The story is touching and Dragons just rock.


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The Third Man
edit: forgot to put why, also possible *spoilers*

Interesting characters, and Orson Welles steals the show though he doesn't appear until around the second half of the movie and he's only in a few scenes. The music is fun and it raises some good questions wrt morality.
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Aliens (1986)

This probably has a lot to do with the fact that I saw this movie when I was young, but I can watch it all the time and never get bored. I love the expansion on the concept of the alien creatures from the original movie, the added character development to Ripley, and the introduction to Newt and the Colonial Marines. Hudson and Vasquez in particular were a lot of fun to watch. One of James Cameron's best movies.


Letters from Okinawa. If there are any WWII buffs out there, they'll dig this movie.
It's a really unique view coming from the japanese side and gives insight into the whole "Divine Wind" kinda thing.

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Sylveon, tho.
I have only one: Spirited Away.

This movie is the best movie in the history of animation. An amazing storyline packed in with mythical spirits, witches and romance.
I neever knew animated movies could have such realistic romance until I saw this movie. Ten stars and a reccomendation note from me. Go and search on Google and watch as soon as possible.

Metagross Guy

ᴸ м f ᴬ σ.
There is one out there, i dont find this one rather great but damn its the first one to pop in my mind, Paul :/ haha it just pops in my mind but it wasnt sooo fantabular.
Zombieland is pretty high up there. It's just a really great film, funny and awesome. Harry Potter 3 is also pretty high up there, but that's a really you-love-it or you-hate-it.


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Lord of the rings trilogy, even if you've read the books and think that they couldve done more. When Rohan arrives to aid gondor in return of the king is just EPIC. Also the hobbit is being filmed and I can't wait till it's release next year.


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I Love You Man. I dunno why, but there's something about Bro-ing out that makes it Awesome. Also I can really relate to it as my Bro and I are like Sydney and Peter.


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1st - Tron Legacy
Probably Tron Legacy, it had an amazing soundtrack and breathtaking visuals that I think surpass Avatar by a bit. Good storyline also coupled with good acting, I would say one of the best Disney movies.

2nd - Inception
If I were to go into details about what takes second place in my book, thats a tough one. Probably Inception due to my fascination with the dreaming concept. A good storyline paired with action and good acting makes this film take my second place mark.

3rd - Shutter Island
Third? Well I would have to say Shutter Island (Yeah I know, Leo again.) But this movie was also up to par with Inception including the major twist towards the end that left multiple endings possible, was a very interesting thing to think about. The entire concept and storyline kept me fascinated the entire time not knowing what would happen next.

**EDIT** I know its just my FAVORITE movie but I felt like having three since they all come in so close! ;P
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my favorite movie is SCARFACE. what can i say its just awesome. rush rush
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