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What is your favorite pokémon you have and why?


You smell that?
Probably my Darkrai. He looks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kewl


ican has cheezburger
Right now Yanmega is my favorite, she just looks really cool.
Plus while only on level 57, she was able to take out all of Aaron's pokemon, and almost all of Lucian's.(Stupid Bronzong)


Hoo boy...I have lots of favorites, but I'm going to go with Zelda, my faithful Gardevoir on Sapphire. She's usually the staller when a Pokemon I need falls in a tough battle. But she really came through for me when I recreated her for Emerald...I would've never gotten a Mind Badge for the first time without her help.

Coming in second is Amy, a lv. 94 Dewgong I owned on Silver years ago. She was the closest I came to a lv. 100; and I really hope I can recreate her someday.
Recreated, not traded over? You couldn't borrow a gameboy and put her in the next game? I understand with Amy the Dewgong, but Sapphire and emerald are fully compatible. I don't recreate. I don't trade much either, I just make original teams and don't dwell on the past if I can't get a poke from it's orginal game (speaking of doing so, Diamond's Migrate function is absolutely wonderful, without it my beloved Mew would be stuck in the 3rd gen forever)


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My favorite pokemon changed a lot, but right now it's Giratina. He's one of my toughest pokemon, and his shadow force is useful, since he has lower speed, and when going against a faster pokemon with a two-turn attack that they use when you use shadow force, they'll go first, and miss, allowing Giratina to strike them.


Glalie Luva
Mine would have to be my Camerupt. He helped me out through most of the game, and right now, he's my strongest, closely followed by Swellow.


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My favourite pokémon is Nidorino, because he was my strongest pokémon on Pokémon Yellow, i caught him as a Nidoran at Viridian City, and it was my first level 100 pokémon :)


~Dark Trainer~
My favourite pkmn is Staraptor becuz I like falcons & it looks like a falcon^^'

My second fav is Feraligatr folowed by Infernape


Bringer of Doom
My Absol, nicknamed Omen, because he's just so cool. Also my Luxray who is my strongest Pokemon in Pearl. I've won more battles with her than with any other Pokemon, even my Torterra, who's a darn WALL.
1.;257; awesome looks great moves
2.;250; I love birds Awesome moves Sacredfire is awesome colorful cool looks
3.;255; so cute and good moves
4 ;282; pretty+awesome pokemon+Great moves=Epic win
5.;393; cute and good moves
6.;256; cool and good moves

runner ups
and ;248;


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I had to say its Lugia. she helped me alot but mostly she"s usually the powerhouse of my team.


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Buizel, i saw it and fell in love with it, mostly cause i love otters and weasels. Then i got my pearl version when it finally came to the USA and i instantly caught the first one i saw named it Pimne which means weasel in Hopi and i started to like it even more cause i loved the way it did in battle.
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I can't name only one for me x3
For starters:

Ambipom - Although I traded for her, I'm happy having her in my team every minute! ^ ^ I sometimes sort of picture as the 'Mother' of the group xD Since she's lately been with the team alot :3 I also depend on her with her Pickup ability, and capable of getting rare candies x3

Weavile - Nicknamed Cobalt, he's one of the strongest pokemon I have on my main team :3 I have a current obsession over Weavile, so of course Cobalt just had me into them even more x3

Amorphous Form

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My Raticate, nickname = Master-Rat. :D Lvl.100.

I've had hid since I caught him outside of Pallet town in Yellow. He's never been outside of my team. Not even for a minute.
I have three ^.^

Salamence: Why, well... I just love it. It saved me in PBR from my own Giratina, so that really sparked my love for it.

Giratina: I love how it looks (both formes) and I use it as my main pokemon in Diamond.

Dialga: The moment I first saw it over 2 years ago I fell in love with it. He has saved me countless times in Diamond. Also, he was my first Sinnoh Pokemon at a level 100.