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What is your favorite Pokemon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by weavileluver1, Jan 4, 2010.

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  1. weavileluver1

    weavileluver1 I've got the powah!

    Hey. I just wanted to know what your favorite Pokemon that you caught was. Mine: probably Gallade or Weavile.
  2. DaAuraWolf

    DaAuraWolf I'm Back...

    My shiny Bidoof.the first shiny I caught.
  3. yee

    yee Well-Known Member

    thats a tough one.. pinsir, banette, cloyster, blastoise, gardevoir, salamence, blaziken, altaria, ampharos, jolteon, lanturn, manectric etc. the first ones are probably my top favorites but theres plenty of cool pokemon out there its hard to actually have a favorite out of the 493.
  4. Onyx Umeki

    Onyx Umeki Mrph...how impudent.

    Sunflora OR Jumpluff
  5. Cazzah

    Cazzah Why Is The Rum Gone?

    Scyther, Scizor, Aipom off the top of my head.
    Theres lots of others I love, Like Celebi :')
  6. Giblie

    Giblie Dragon Pokemon Fan

    I have many favorites. Mainly Dragon types like Garchomp and Salamence. I like many Fire types like Ninetales, Arcanine, and Rapidash. A few Grass types like Sceptile as my main Grass favorite with Tropius in second. A few Water types. A few Electric.

    I like MANY POKEMON almost all of them!
  7. Virtuos

    Virtuos Female Wobbuffet???

    fossil pokes + misdreavus&shuppet.

    shiny cranidos FTW
  8. Lord Scalgon

    Lord Scalgon What title?

    Favorite Pokemon that I caught?

    RNG'd shiny timid Gastly, I guess...
  9. weavileluver1

    weavileluver1 I've got the powah!

    Wait; just earlier my Diamond Shelgon evolved. BOOM!! New favorite!
  10. Tiomasta

    Tiomasta Not amused

    Hm, people can't choose only one as their favorite? x)

    Mine is Scizor. Even though I've never used one. No one to trade, no good wi-fi.
  11. A7X_Slayer

    A7X_Slayer PSN Yuri-Onee-Chan

    My fav has to be Weavile
    or Luxray
    or a Electivire
  12. A7X_Slayer

    A7X_Slayer PSN Yuri-Onee-Chan

    My fav has to be Weavile
    or Luxray
    or a Electivire
  13. dpdude

    dpdude teehee

    hmm, ill make a list in order of favorites, my top 7:
    1. tyranitar
    2. salamence
    3. gengar
    4. flygon
    5. charizard
    6. electivire
    7. torterra
  14. yeminied

    yeminied Well-Known Member

    /\ Looks at avatar /\

    I like others too like Aipom, Chimchar, Buizel, Gligar, Bagon, Minun, Mismagius.

    I like a lot of Pokemon but Sudowoodo holds a special place in my heart.
  15. 4gamefreak4

    4gamefreak4 ledyba4life

    it's a LEDYBA!!! because it's cute and you know it
  16. ashvsmay00

    ashvsmay00 Member

    i like Suicune. It is a Water-type legendary Pokémon.
  17. ssilva872

    ssilva872 Well-Known Member

    Espeon is my favorite but Leafeon and Altaria are 2nd and 3rd.

    I want them to make a dragon eevee and a flying evolution because that would be tight!
  18. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    Salamence, Rhydon and Gengar.

    But the best is Bulbasaur. my favorite.
  19. dragor31

    dragor31 Member

    Gallade. It's just AWESOME. I really want a shiny one.
  20. Lucas666

    Lucas666 Dragon Trainer

    My shiny shinx, the only random shiny I own
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