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What is your favorite rival of the 5th Gen?

Cheren vs. Bianca vs. N vs. Hugh

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On a side note, is N technically a rival? I know he's a reoccurring opponent, but he doesn't challenge the gyms or anything so you're not exactly competing against him in any way.

That is true.

Still, I like N better than the other three, whether he's counted as a rival or not.


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On a side note, is N technically a rival? I know he's a reoccurring opponent, but he doesn't challenge the gyms or anything so you're not exactly competing against him in any way.

This was already explained in the OP. At the end of the main story you're competing with him to see who will be the hero. I was doubting whether to put him in the poll myself but I figured if I didn't, people would ask me why I didn't so yeah


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I hate N.

Hugh's my favorite, he wanted to get Purrloin back the whole game and it was nice to have a rival who despises the villain team again.


N 100% because he changed his team after every battle in Black/White and wasn't as annoying as Cheren and Bianca. :cool:


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I'd say Hugh, but just because N doesn't really count as a rival imo.


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Hugh all the way. He has a legit reason to hate Team Plasma and if these games were not "E for everyone", i would say Hugh would be breaking limbs and torturing to find Purrloin. Hugh also has some type of character development with his obsession.

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N even though he doesn't seem to be. I just didn't like Cheren or Bianca that much. Hugh irritated me for some reason as well.


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For me it's a toss up between Bianca and Hugh.

I liked Bianca because of her development. She started relatively clueless about a journey (not knowing what a Pokedex was!) and defying her fathers orders to coming to terms with her strengths and weaknesses and deciding on what direction to take her future in. There was no smokescreen as being "deceivingly powerful" nor was there any delusion of grandeur on what the outcome of the journey should be. She was just about finding her identity.

I liked Hugh for his dimension. Hugh looked like a real rival (and probably one of the best designs) but aside from that I liked how he became subject to his emotions. There was no pretence of being perfect, he set off on a journey solely to help reclaim his sisters missing Pokemon and often this lead to his emotions boiling over.

I didn't really like Cheren. He was somewhat of an incessant know-it-all. He had a response for everything and yet no direction on how to get there. He wanted to be the strongest but had no idea what it meant to be strong. Even in B2W2 he was still just as irritating.

I feel mixed with N. His innocence and purity makes him likeable. Yet at the same time, it makes him excessively naive and this is what makes him marginally dislikable. He's fuelled by making the world a better place, that he willingly wakes up a pokemon that has destroyed the region and then wishes to set them in battle to test his convictions, knowing to well what is capable of happening.


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Obviously N. I don't even consider the other ones as Rivals, more like friends who battle each other ;P


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Gotta admit N. Let's face it, he's one of the most interesting characters in pokemon. His purpose, his ideals, his backstory, his beliefs, they made him so three dimensional I'm surprised he doesn't have a 3d model. Jokes aside, the reason I consider him a rival is because from you first battle with him, I sure he could tell that you were the second hero he'd have to fight. So in order to show who's ideal's stronger, he constantly trains his pokemon to point where you reach the climax where he'll see who's strongest.

I would've gone for Hugh, but to me he sort of had a one track mind and was always angry, for an understandable reason, but never exactly treated you like a rival or friend till the near end. So he didn't have that "I need to be stronger than you" vibe.


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Going with N - first trainer to have a legendary in his team that is not the main character or battle frontier brain. N had a pretty decent team for the final match in BW. Pretty strong rematch teams in B2W2.

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I don't even consider the other ones as Rivals, more like friends who battle each other ;P

Hee hee that's kind of true given how none of them acted that threatening, although if it wasn't for Cheren's angst, he would come close to seeming menacing. ^^;


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The only reason why I do not like N as a rival is because he had no consistent Pokemon with him that he raised along his "journey". Besides he went up to The Pokemon league WOTHOUT having to collect badges.... "cheater"!!! Lol
None of them are my favorite. They're terrible. One's a gym leader, the other a prince, a girl that's flighty but works hard, and a spiky haired kid who always defeats your Pokemon if you don't choose Oshawott. It's unfair really. I can't stand any of them. Okay. Bye.

John Trainer

John Trainer
I like N because I like his whole story and the mysterious nature around him. I also liked Hugh but now that you mention it I guess we didn't see a lot of his sister.
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