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What is your favorite starter of D/P

What is your favourite starter of D/P

  • Chimchar (Hikozaru) ;390;

    Votes: 19 20.4%
  • Turtwig (Naetoru) ;387;

    Votes: 41 44.1%
  • Pochama (Pochama) ;393;

    Votes: 33 35.5%

  • Total voters
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Silver Glacia

Great as always
why do alot of people prefer turtwig is not original!

people say that they copied from bulbasaur..while pochama is new
Some people say Turtwig is a pokemon with Bulbasaur's body and Chikorita's leaf. I see it as maybe not pretty but cute. Turtwig is ....ugly but its evolutions... mmm.... yummy! Not only look is important because Dosaitos has great stats and cool movepool. It can be a good physical sweeper if you like (I don't see it as special sweeper because its specAttack is lower than attack, that why I'm gonna teach it physical moves). I'm gonna pick Turtwig as my starter.
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Turtwig, I like his design the best, I love the type-come of his last evolution and he has great stats and a great movepool overall. I loved Neatoru from the very start. Chances are big however I'm going to trade with my friend so I can have all three starters.

To the turtwig haters out there: Maybe turtwig is the 'new bulbasaur' but I don't mind because bulbasaur was great aswell, besides Chimcar can pretty easy be considerd as the new charmander/torchic and piplup could be the new squirtle/delibird/torchic.. My point is you can't call a pokemon a clone just because the looks or the type.


Turtwig is super kawaii though...heck i love all the starters XD


christian 4ever
i couldnt stop laughfing at your explanations..torchick is a chicken...pochama is a pinguin...pochama only looks like on while naetoru looks like bullbasaur,squirtle,chikorita,.....ok i have to admit terwig beats pochame in stats but in cuteness no way!


Tokes and Pokes
Personally i think pochama goes


pochama iz Z best by far and no-one's going to take that away from him!!!! *Pulls out Shot Gun*"Hostages!!!!!!"


Well-Known Member
I like Piplup but don't like it's evos. I don't like Turtwig but love it's evos. I decided to pick Turtwig, though.


I want my badge! '-'
I prefer turtwig, but I believe that in a starter's duel, Enperuto would be the winner :(


why don't people like Chimchar

Chimchar rocks out loud, great evolutions and great move set for both special attack and attack.
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