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What is your favourite character in Pokemon?


Well-Known Member
- A.J.
- Sir Aaron
- Galen, Captain Phantom's right-hand man
- Chopper and...Tyra, I think it was, from "The Bridge Bike Gang"
- The male grunt who pals around with Saturn. I could go on about that for a while.
Honorable mentions to:
- Conway/Kouhei
- Paul
- Cheryl
- Gardenia
- Hunter J

Inapplicable, since I haven't read it, but I have read Coronis' summaries, and Cyrus keeps making me laugh, particularly due to this:
"Down below, Dia, Beh and Roo lay battered on the floor next to the boulders with painful looks on their faces as they pant to catch their breaths, and struggle to regain themselves from the dramatic plunge a moment ago. Cyrus thinks to himself that it is a fair consequence of disturbing a sacred place like Mt. Coronet, then turns to leave with Magnezone and Probopass without a word."
It's probably just me, though.

- Most of Team Galactic, especially the grunts and Saturn. The grunts because they're freaken epic awesome funny moron dorks, Saturn because...he's cool. And all "I RECOGNIZE YOUR FACE!" And you're like "dude, I've never seen you before..."
...And Cyrus because he's all "I have abandoned all emotions as useless sentimentality." and at Spear Pillar he is reacquainted with the exclamation point in a fit of emotional spasm that is both hilarious and OMGWTF! D:
- Random nobodies from the games.
- Fantina.

...Wow. I went on for a while. Sorry.


Fire Trainer
Flannery, easily. I wish she were in more than 2 episodes!

James and Brock are good too, but Ash gets on my nerves sometimes.


I adore James from Team Rocket ^^ Jessie's awesome as well.
Brock is just hilarious!
Sir Aaron, Tracy and Gary were pretty cool too.
Butch had quite a strange voice... was just thinking about that. Wasn't too keen on the Butch & Cassidy double act as opposed to Jessie & James.


The Plot Thickens
Wallace and the red-dressed guy from XD (Eldes?)