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What is your goal/lifelong dream?

Pigeon Mitch

Eraser Rain
Anything in the music industry would be great. I play around with Logic Pro X a lot, making remixes since 2009, so I'd like to take what I've learned and put it to some use. On the other hand, I would like to work on YouTube. Thanks to Bungie, I got my time in the spotlight for a bit. I need to sort some things out and get better programs (sorry iMovie, you've seen your usefulness), and then I'll get better videos up.


Well-Known Member
Getting something in form of video editing, but before doing that I have to see how it truly is by applying for an internship and get a bit of working experience by finishing my incoming apprenticeship.


something or other
To work as a video game developer, preferably with Game Freak, Bethesda or Rockstar.


Well-Known Member
Honestly, I'm completely torn.

Recently, I've been watching Steven Universe, and it inspired me to maybe want my own cartoon someday. I love drawing, and it's my one talent. Part of me wants to pursue something that might make me happy, but...

The other part of me wants something stable. I've been thinking about going to medical or dental school, mostly for the money. I want to be able to provide for my family as best I can, and I also want to adopt at some point. Giving someone an opportunity to have a better life is something I don't want to pass up on. Also, I want to put my good grades towards something "better"? I can't find the right word.

Maybe I can do both, though? If I have a lot of money from being a dentist/doctor, I could help jump-start a cartoon? That's probably not the way it works, though. Maybe when I retire.

All I know is that I'm just grateful to live in a place where, no matter what I choose, I can be happy.


Splendid Collector
I'm going for a media arts and animation degree, and at the start of every class I get asked this question. But I'm interested in becoming a storyboard artist, or making web comics in my spare time. My artwork is never polished per say but I love to draw. I also really love is organizing things and making them better. Which storyboarding essentially is since it allows you to tweak and improve animations. So it's ideally my dream job since it combines my love of art and organization.

But right now my current goals are finishing college and moving out.


Well-Known Member
Would love to be good at GO. Big dreams I don't have I tend to enjoy the small things in life, surround myself in positivity and enjoy my time with friends and family. Being happy is a dream on it's own and a luxury we should respect.


Chaos Theory
Currently, I haven't put to much thought in to this so far, but I'm currently heading into my 2nd year of college. At the moment my first goal should be graduate Bachelors of Science in Computer Science with Minor in Accounting and Finance. Actually once I think about it a little I guess my dream is one day to work in cooperate America, but the only issue is I'm not really sure if I'll be capable of it lol.



To Hoenn!
I would love to be an author later in life. Reading has always been one of my favorite pastimes, and while this does not always translate to having a knack for writing, I do indeed enjoy writing as well. In high school my literature teachers always praised me for the high quality of my essays and were able to effectively coach me so I could continuously improve. In my sophomore year during high school I took part in a Creative Writing class. I was able to witness first-hand how writing from the heart can bring a group of completely different students together. Ever since that wonderful class, my love for reading and writing has only continued to grow. Whether I decide to write fiction, non-fiction, or even both, I think I will be very happy in life if I can one day focus on writing books. :)
I would like to be proficient at speaking/reading Russian so I can visit Russia someday when the money's right
My lifelong dream would be to help my country regain its former glories. But that's probably too grand, and I'm ok with just living and prospering as well.


Active Member
My Lifelong effort will, and will always be, to make my own birthday a National Holiday, one way or another.


To be the very best
Like noone ever was

That's the best response! :)

Haha, for me (no particular order):
-Publish a novel. Or twenty. Maybe a screenplay too.
-Have my art in a gallery.
-Find love.
-Get a graduate degree.
-Move to a warm climate.
-Do well in my job and get promoted!
-Become conversational/fluent in Hebrew and Spanish.


Sneak Thief
My dreams are to live in New York City or New Jersey. I also want to get a job.
One day I could change my location from ''The Caribbean'' to ''New York City'' (or ''New Jersey''), when I do, I'll be living there.
But I can be ok with not living in New York City or New Jersey. There's a Wal-Mart here...


Lover of underrated characters
Become a video game developer. I've always wanted to make my own games......
That or become a comic writer for Marvel/DC

And find a girl of course.