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Many seem to think the sprites are bad but are there some good things about them? Like some of them do have a more organic feel as opposed to the cartoonish designs that have become standard. Not that I dislike the cartoony style but the sprites of Red and Blue (as well as Japanese Red and Green) do give a unique feel to the games. Anyone else think so? What is your opinion on the gen 1 sprites (I think Yellow's sprites are closer to the cartoonish style that has been standard since).


Rose of Fire
Having played with "Hoenn" before "Kanto", I found myself a bit bewildered concerning the Generation I's sprites back in the day. Therefore even though hilarious, I did and do however appreciate them for their... roughness, I'd say.

A few unforgettable ones:

Pidgeot and Nidoran♀ look like two torpedoes.
What's wrong with Wigglytuff's eyes?
Golbat? No explanation needed.
Rather than a bird who possesses the powers of ice, Articuno looks more like a frozen statue.

Captain Jigglypuff

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Some are just down right weird. There’s Golbat with that weird tongue, Koffing is upside down for no explanation, Pidgey looked like an ordinary bird, and Growlithe looked like a regular dog.

Captain Jigglypuff

Leader of Jigglypuff Army
I forgot about how awful Moltres looked! It looks like it’s sick and about to fall over dead. And Golem looks like one of those stress balls in nets that change colors when squeezed with a head and limbs glued on.


Luthor said:
Kabuto has quite a drastic change from it's gen 1 red and blue sprite. But I do prefer the updated version.

You mean its front claws? They seem bigger and more like Kabutop's claws in Red and Blue, although that might simply be because of the position of the sprite: its claws look normal in Red and Green.


For the life of me I can never see Graveler having four arms in the Gen I sprites. Also, speaking of topsy-turvy positioning, Cloyster was originally shown to open top-bottom instead of its now sideways configuration.

That said, the coolest Mewtwo sprite is definitely the OG Red-Blue one. They streamlined his design a little bit too much afterwards.


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They're hilarious to look at and I sometimes wonder what Gamefreak's staff were thinking when they made the sprites like Golbat's with the long tongue or the Wigglytuff sprite from Green with one of its eyes being way bigger than the other. My favorite old sprite is this one;


Someone once said that it looks like a Togekiss staring at a Doduo and now I can't unsee it. XD


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They were weird at first, since I was comparing them with the anime, but I’ve grown to love them over the years.