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What is your Poketch's color?

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Red of course


Aren't I adorable?
I change mine from time to time.
But right now it is dark purple.


I went with black, and since then I can't go back.


Chi, Chi, Chi!!!
Because I'm a girl,
I pick pink and die.


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In my last game, it was switched between Blue/Purple/Red.

This time around, I totally forgot about that function. Maybe I'll go do it right now....


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wow, I didn't know that you had the ability to change the colour of your Pokétch! if I were at the stage where I possibly could, I would change mine to a green, or just keep it blue... like it is now.


Back I guess??
When this function was revealed I immediately thought I'd use blue, because it's my favorite colour.

But after beating the entire game having green in the bottom screen, I got used to it and the default color isn't that bad. So green is my Pokétch color even if I can change it.
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