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What is your Poketch's color?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by noobers, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. J-W

    J-W Well-Known Member

    Mine's also blue - like a lot of people.
    I have also used Yellow a lot when I first received it, becasue I like Yellow.
  2. MidnightTheMightyena

    MidnightTheMightyena Money for nothing

    Blue =D ;262;
  3. Rokroad

    Rokroad Hot Drops


    What are all the colors ?
  4. Crasher

    Crasher Well-Known Member

    Currently, Blue.
  5. phantom1113

    phantom1113 Not a random nub

    normal im to lazy to get the app to change it lol
  6. FlyingTotodile

    FlyingTotodile Many totodiles can't

    Any colour I happen to flick onto and like
  7. Huskii-chan

    Huskii-chan ·»t w i s t e d.«·

    Yeah, Blue.
    Quite a popular colour, need I say. ;3
  8. the_showstopper

    the_showstopper lover of Glaceons

    Light Blue, though sometimes when I have nothing to do I just fool around with it and change colors randomly.
  9. Vistress

    Vistress Shiny Hunter

    Red, but that's because I haven't bothered to get the color changer.
    Been red forever.
  10. mudkip master

    mudkip master Surf's up Mudkip

    mine is always blue 24 7
  11. PokemonTrainerAsh

    PokemonTrainerAsh Pokemon Master

    I choose cyan or purple but its not accurate. I mess up with it every day.
  12. spawngod316

    spawngod316 I'm just a thinker

    Mine is Blue too! If this was a poll, I'd say blue would have 3/4 of the votes thus far.
  13. Crasher

    Crasher Well-Known Member

    Now it's red...
  14. absoluteSoul

    absoluteSoul Yeah, 421 combos!

    ...I change it everyday. Yellow Sunday, Orange Monday, Red Tuesday, Purple Wednesday, Blue Thursday, Cyan Friday and Gray Saturday.

    ...Yeah, I'm a loser.
  15. Knight_Ram

    Knight_Ram Well-Known Member

    It's okay, we can get through this together...

    I have mine on Blue. And I am writing in Red!! :)
  16. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    mines purple, if anyone wants to know how to change the poketch colour you have to pal park a kecleon and talk to the lady on the left when you enter the building (don't forget to catch the kecleon first before you talk to her otherwise she won't give you the application
  17. Twilit Dragoon

    Twilit Dragoon *omnious thunderstorm*

    Mine is usually Blue.
  18. markomega

    markomega TERRORIZE!

    Mine is purple<3
  19. lightdash

    lightdash Dawn and May fan

    It's still Pink for me. Fine with me though.
  20. ~Flareon~

    ~Flareon~ Coal Trainer

    My Poketch's colour is Blue.
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