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What is your Poketch's color?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by noobers, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Raccario

    Raccario Well-Known Member

    cyan blue...
  2. Pimplup784

    Pimplup784 Back in Blue?

    The original color, green because the others aren't very appealing colors.
  3. Kalosian

    Kalosian Never Say Forever

    I use light blue, since it's my favorite color out of those that are available.
  4. Mine is blue .
  5. Larry

    Larry Well-Known Member

    mine is red.
  6. JohtoPro

    JohtoPro Sleeepy!

    Gray/White color
  7. SharpedoX

    SharpedoX Treinador Áureo

    Blue, but sometimes I change it to green.
  8. MudkipMagix

    MudkipMagix Mud!Kip!

  9. Shiny qwilfish of doom

    Shiny qwilfish of doom Back in White

    light blue.just like the color.
  10. Pokerealm

    Pokerealm Newest Shiny~

    I used to have the normal green/grey, but now it's Dark Blue.
    Last edited: Jan 20, 2008
  11. Matty_G33

    Matty_G33 Wi-fi Trader

    I keep changing mine.
  12. Cosmar

    Cosmar < Aww.

    Mine is blue.
  13. Jhonny

    Jhonny Officially The Worst

    It's blue...oooh ooh oooohhh
  14. aerisLana

    aerisLana i cannot believe

    Violet. I find it cool as my Poketch background color. =P
  15. Shellos

    Shellos From the East Sea!

    I keep switching between orange and gray.
  16. palkia1

    palkia1 Palkia Lover

    Mine is blue. I think that it's the best colour on offer
  17. Clash

    Clash He's Back!

    Mine's blue.
  18. Xyden

    Xyden Legend Of Steel

    Mines Cyan Blue
  19. AmazingChi

    AmazingChi Volcanic Rage

    got bored of green. We orange my fave colour, looked odd. Now yellow
  20. Manafy

    Manafy Well-Known Member

    Mines blue
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