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What is your Poketch's color?

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Brockness Monster

Yipes Stripes!
i use the blue one

Sir Devious

Sir Devious
Yellow-ish gold to go with my new golden Zelda DS! =D


gone gently
My cousin and I used the Dot Artist app to create themes for our Poketches. My theme is the word "Grass" with descriptive adjectives about the Grass types I like. For that reason, I use the green Kecleon shade at the moment.

Before this, I had drawn Piplup and used the blue shade, Turtwig with the green, and a Chimchar I really liked with the red shade.


I'm Maelstrom
I usually have the lighter-blue color, or the yellow one. Depends on my mood.


BeatFreaks Fo Lyfe<3
I never knew you could change it! I am planning on doing it now then. I think ill change it to either green or yellow.


The Secret Rascal
As soon as I could, I changed to the snazzy light blue. And it's been that ever since.

I would have gone with dark blue, but it appears more purpley to me, which put me off. Curse my vision!
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