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What is your Preferred League Layout?

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Ash's fangirl
Hm, I expect this league 2b:

-At least 10-ep long
-More full battles
-Ash'll be using some of his old Pokemon
-Isshu Pokemon to get a decent screentime since the Sinnoh ones got theirs stolen by the old Pokemon in SL
-Ash atleast gets to top 2


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Wow really? Top 2 sounds like a stab in the back to me. Getting all that way and so close to winning. I would want to scream my head off after that.


Oh, u mad bro?
Since they seem so complacent with Ash losing for the sake of "having a lot more to learn", how bout they have him scrub out in the Top 16 again. They obviously won't let him win a League that actually matters, so what place he comes in doesn't even matter so long as he loses.

At this point, either they get rid of him, or have him win the whole thing. Constantly losing is getting old.


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i really want ash to win, i hope he uses all of his pokemon and they show alot more battles, maybe a random people or two, people he knows (rivals), 1 or 2 people thats rumored to be really good or something like that i dont really care, just more battles.
i also REALLYYY wanna see a battle were he uses Charizard,Ape,Sceptile, (imagine a triple battle with these three o_O ) and a major powerhouse of this region if he has one (PLEASE DAIKENKI, though im loving mijumaru).

for that league, if ash looses i really hope ash doesnt loose the gay *** way were he's at his last poke, same for the other players, and they clash, stand there for an hour, then one falls over, i HATE that, infernape and vires case i didnt mind, i thought it was pretty cool that when he finished, electivire like exploded because his blaze just overpowered him. it seems each region they have done less of that crap though thank god


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Ash will probably win the 10 region league or something... when Pokemon ends. I have no idea when it will happen or if it will happen at all. That means that there is a chance that Ash will never win as long as they make a new generation games


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I prefer having the Isshu conference (as that seems to be the official term for league competitions) with the Ever Grande Conference setup, but more like the Suzuran Conference where we see the return of Ash's past pokemon. Since this is a reboot of the anime, chances are we may see the writers throw out the old 7 episode format and expand it out to at least 10 episodes. Here's the format I see happening.

1st Episode of League: Opening ceremony, Preliminary 1-on-1 battles.
2nd Episode: Preliminary round, Double battles (throwing an added twist since a good trainer needs to prove that they can handle all types of battling styles)
3rd Episode: 1st round of triple battle qualifying rounds (based on the fact that Double battles were the norm for the Hoenn League.)
4th Episode: 2nd round of qualifying rounds.
5th Episode: Final round of qualifying portion.
6th Episode: 1st Full battle Round
7th Episode: 2nd Full battle Round
8th Episode: 3rd Full battle Round
9th Episode: 4th Full battle Round
10th Episode: Final Full battle, closing ceremony.

I went with the Hoenn League format since it was the one I liked the most. Sinnoh in my opinion was too rushed and had more of a Kanto feel, except the rules were not so cheap (e.g. you could not use a pokemon again if it fell asleep). Johto was good, but we have so many varieties of battling now, so my method shows more of a challenge for trainers.

Dark M

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Gary comes out of retirement and battling Ash one last time.These are the following pokemon that Ash would use Infernape,Totodile,Torterra,Gliscor,Pikachu and Swellow.Paul lends Gary his Electivire so it can get revenge on Ash's Infernape.

Ash sends out Infernape and Gary in response sends out Paul's Electivire.Infernapes talks in ape language so let me translate what he says "Im a stupid monkey who's Bi-polar and i enjoy taking steroids because im a weak little chimp inside,can u please beat me to death.Pauls Electivre has improved so much that it only took One Thunderpunch to knock out Infernape.Then like always Infernape goes blaze and omg we all know what happens next but since this is my story it will be different.Pauls Electivire learned from his last experience of getting beaten in the Sinnoh league and takes out a bucket of water.Dont ask where lol because theres only one place he could get it from and he throws it at the stupid monkey.Infernape's Blaze vanish and you know how water conducts Electricity well yeah u can figure out what happened next. I would go on but im sleepy goodnight *yawns*.
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