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What is your Shaymins nature and stats? (If you got one from the event already)

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Lightning Storm

Fire Type Trainer
My Shaymin has a Serious nature

-A little quick tempered

Sp. Atk-108
Sp. Def-113
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Hyper Chibi Absol

The Dark Goddess
:3 I SR'ed to get Calm.

HP: 160/160
Att: 102
Def: 112
Sp Att: 118
Sp Def: 122
Speed: 107
Timid nature

Sp Att:111
Sp Def:110

The IVs are:18/8/24/12/10/2

pidgey rules

<----My Precious
Timid shaymin
Likes sweet food
Scatters things often

Hp 177
Attack 108
Defense 115
Sp attack 108
Sp defense 119
Speed 124


Well-Known Member
Modest nature
Highly Curious

Sp. Atk:132
Sp. Def:105

Not Bad.


Dark Passion Play
Here's mine (got 'em yesterday):

Nature: Quiet
Other Note: Somewhat Stubborn

HP: 166
Attack: 111
Defense: 107
Sp. Atk: 117
Sp. Def: 114
Speed: 95

Likes dry food.

Sounds like a more timid version of myself.
I am going to train this guy and prep him for Platinum version.

Mine has a Naughty Nature, Good Endurance and likes Spicy food. ^_^ mine is on Lv 51 now but you know he started at 50. ^^
Hp: 170
Atk: 126
Def: 118
Sp.Atk: 115
Sp.Def: 99
Spd: 114

And in the pokedex it says different for everyone, my sister had something different in hers, so i'll say mine.

"It can dissolve toxins in the air to instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers."


Active Member
mine is a Timid Nature
hp: 168
def: 115
Sp. Attack:115
Sp. Def:112
speed; 116

I got the nature i was hoping for and i am going to ev train it later


Ham Does Exist
My Shaymin is Timid Nature

IVs are:
HP: 10 - 11
Att: 10 - 13
Def: 16 - 17
SpA: 30 - 31
SpD: 22 - 23
Speed: 31

Def/HP are kinda low but atleast Speed/SpA are perfect.


A Couple of Sparks..
My shaymin is Gentile Nature

HP: 163
Att: 115
Def: 104
Sp. Atk: 116
Sp. Def:126
Speed: 113

Sailor Saturn

Master of Silence
My TRU Shaymin:

Docile Nature - Capable of taking hits

HP 164
Att 117
Def 120
SpAtt 116
SpDef 105
Speed 119

Didn't reset, and haven't done any training with it yet. It's travelling to Platinum as soon as it can.


Well-Known Member
i got a bold natured one its already lv 100 and i us him for contests and some Wi-fi battles


Active Member
Here's mine:

Modest nature.
Alert to sounds.
Likes dry food.

HP: 171
Attack: 100
Defense: 109
Sp. Atk: 126
Sp. Def: 106
Speed: 118

I love him to pieces! He's my second Event pokemon. The first one I went to was the Deoxys event last Summer on my birthday. This is the first one I went to at Toys R' Us. Went on the 12th. Now I wish I had gone to that other Toys R' Us event way back in September or was it like last September? Can't wait for the Regigigas event!


Rash nature
Often lost in thought.
Likes dry food.

HP- 162
Attack- 111
Defense- 115
Sp. Attack- 127
Sp. Def.- 99
Speed- 115

Emerald 2006

Well-Known Member
Mine from Diamond is

Sassy Nature *Shakes Head* I always get Pokemon with bad natures...

Somewhat of a clown,
likes bitter food. (Got it Feb 8, first day, no one was there, shockingly.)

This is it's stats now, it's LV 56.

HP 189

Atk 136
Def 122
Sp. Atk 134
Sp. Def 139
Speed 132

I don't know what all these EV's and IV's you people talk about all the time,
but it doesn't interest me in the least.
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