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What Is Your Stance On Homosexuality?

Discussion in 'Debate Forum' started by Fused, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Fused

    Fused Shun the nonbeliever

    I've been debating (no pun intended) for a while to actually make this a thread and after a lot of research and planning and revising, I've decided to actually create this thread.

    So, in this debate, state what your stance is on homosexuality (and it's issues marriage, benefits, etc.) AND WHY THAT IS YOUR STANCE!

    I, of course, think that homosexuality is perfectly normal and acceptable.

    First of all, several studies have found many biological factors that serve a role in the development of a homosexual orientation, such as chromosomes and twin brother studies. Several of the studies and their outcomes are found here:


    But, let's look at an interesting aspect of sexual orientation. Sexual orientation describes one's natural preference for sexual desires. Sexual desires are created by sexual, let's use the term, reactions. These reactions are caused by the relationship of pheromones and the hypothalamus, a part of the human brain. Pheromones are scents of the body, but they are extremely hard to notice. However, your hypothalamus is able to pick up these pheromones and respond to them.

    People of different sexes give off certain pheromones. If you’re a straight man, your hypothalamus will react "positively" to the pheromones of a female. But if you are a gay man, your hypothalamus will respond "positively" to the pheromones given off by another male. This is just one of the examples pointing towards the fact that homosexuality is indeed biological/genetic and not a choice.

    I didn't choose to be gay. I didn't choose to be hated. I didn't choose to be a reject. I most certainly didn't choose to be threatened. Why would anyone choose that?

    Anyways, with that said, DEBATE!
  2. Mrmagius

    Mrmagius ~Deity of Valleity~

    Well it'll be interesting to see who votes against it, on any of the points, and why thats for sure.

    Me? I'm gay, so you can guess that I'm for it. I don't believe its a choice, in fact I'm pretty sure its genetic both from what Fused posted and this

    I've seen actual footage of these chains before. Once upon a time some scientists were attemtping to change the eye colour of fruit flies. They suceeded and ended up with white eyed fruit flies, however, something happened that they did not expect.

    The male fruit flies starting actively courting each other (as mentioned above), forming long chains with the head leading the way like a conga line. Ocasionally the lead male would break off and join the end of another chain. The only difference here was that ALL the males were doing it, the ones in the linked study only had an increased amount. Sadly I couldn't find the study but I have seen he footage so I thought I would post one a similar one.

    Now, why would a gene that was only supposd to change eye colour do that?

    Personally I think its the sequence that certain genes go in that causes someone to be gay rather than straight i.e. if the genes are ordered in a rough way and your natural sexual preference changes (maybe those combinations changes the sexual reactions of the hypothalamus?)

    Also, its interesting to note that once again nothing happened to the female flies, in either cases just as with Fused's source, the couldn't locate the same indicator with the girl flies either:-

    Also, I think this part is disgusting:
    Thats like genetically screening a child for being black or asian. And aside from that no one's "normal", people just appear so, everyone's got something weird or "abnormal" about them whether it be their sexuality a fetish, a strange routine (like OCD) etc. The only ones who don't are just beige and even beige people are considered abnormal by society's standards.

    As for marriage I think it should be allowed between gay people but failing that couples with civil partnerships should at least be allowed the exact same rigths as married ones.
    Last edited: May 4, 2009
  3. Mizu♪

    Mizu♪ Member

    This is a touchy subject, but everyone is free to love anyone they want! Love should not be limited by gender or race or anything! Love should be universal and if some people choose to marry people of the same gender, that is their personal business!

    What I do NOT like are people who form relationships with people of the same gender just for attention. I have some girls in my school who say they are bisexual only because guys think girlxgirl is "hot".

    I also don't like it when people think gay people are better or "cooler" than straight people. That's the same discrimination, u noe.

  4. pocketmunster

    pocketmunster munster in my pocket

    My stance? To each his own. And my government should respect it. (which it generaly does except for the whole merrige thing.) I seen an interesting idea that was pretty interesting on the subject. This person stated (cant remember who it was) that if a religion in this country had a union type deal like merrage that didnt discriminate between genataila. Then our government would have to accept this union and respect it the same way a christian merrage is respected. Some one should start their own religion!
  5. Juputoru

    Juputoru M-m-m-m-onobear?!

    Homosexuality is perfectly fine with me. I seriously doubt that it's a choice anymore than being straight is a choice, and even if it was a choice...why would that even matter? Being gay hurts nobody(except for the poor gay person, if they live in an intolerant area), so why rage against it? Nobody's forcing you to get gay married or kiss someone of the same sex "just to be sure," so there is literally no reason to be against gay marriage/relationships/etc. other than "I think gay people are icky!" (religion doesn't count, either - the only reason acceptance of homosexuality would seem to produce more gay people is that they wouldn't be terrified of being assaulted or killed, and would therefore come out of the closet more often. And besides that, since when was it your job to enforce salvation upon other people?)

    The same goes to transgendered people, bisexuals, asexuals, whoever. At best it's not a choice, at worst it's not hurting anybody, so discrimination against anyone who's not 100% straight & happy with their birth-sex is just plain ignorant.

    Sidenote: Death to the idea of "tolerance." We should be aiming for acceptance of diversity, not mere tolerance. Even though it's so much harder to be mature enough to truly accept that other people are different from you, we'd probably get people's opinions changed a lot faster if we pounded it into their heads that they had to ACCEPT other sorts of people, not merely avoid beating up and murdering those who are different.
  6. Kenmei

    Kenmei Eien

    Okay, I know this is a debate. But my feelings toward it are very direct and to go into detail all I would be doing is repeating the same thing over and over and over.

    It's fine with me. It's a choice. Whatever floats your boat. If a guy likes a guy or a girl likes a girl, let them. It's not a big deal. Making it one makes you look like a certain thing that is inappropriate for forum use. Anyways, I don't see what the big deal is. It's just sex. If two people love each other, let them love each other. Gender has nothing to do with it.

    By the way, the only simpithy I have towards any disrespect of homosexuality is when a religious person says it is wrong. But there is a huge difference between saying "I believe it is wrong." and going out and calling homosexuals the forbidden 3 letter "f" word. Yes I am gay, I just take every aspect into account.
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  7. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    I would seriously contend whether or not homosexuality is indeed a choice. I do not think there is enough conclusive scientific evidence. I have seen very interesting research, but often times the conclusion is flawed.

    Fused had brought up the study where it showed that homosexual adults have a smaller hypothalamus gland than that of heterosexuals. Be careful. That doesn't necessarily entail anything biological. Children that physically abused, and likewise alcoholics under PET scan do show different brain structures as opposed to someone that's normal (I"m referring to the default, please do not get upset with me for using the word "normal") Does that mean that said child was born physically abused, or said person was born an alcoholic? I'm afraid to say, the answer to that is no. The findings in regards to the hypothalumus Fused, is not conclusive evidence. In order for it to be conclusive, you would have to trace the change back to when they were infants. It's paramount to understand that the presence of biological differences does not amount to biological beginnings.

    I think there is also a lot of confusion when we speak of the word "choice." When I say choice at least, I do not mean the kind of choice such as turning a light switch on and off. I don't think it's that simple. I think homosexuality can arise from a culmination of different choices, as well as life style decisions. You're body can become accustomed to a lot of different things, hot, cold, as well as thought processes. For example if you take a pure innocent child, and have her exposed to things such as murder or rape over a long period of time, needless to say that child will not be the same. (Merely an example, do not read too far into it.) Her entire train of thought, in essence, will be completely re-worked.

    Hmm, I want to add more, but perhaps someone would like to take me up on this first?

    Not that it being a choice really matters all too much anyway, eqaulity is eqaulity after all, but at the same time science is science. I feel that often times science is being misconstrued to meet political and social agendas, especially when it comes to sexual orientation.
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  8. Requiem's Eclipse

    Requiem's Eclipse Hopelessly Hopeful

    My view on homosexuality is pretty much the opposite of what Babylon said it was. I believe all homosexuals are born the way they are I don't think every homosexual women or guy had physical or emotional abuse. In other words, I believe it's like your sex, you are born that way and there is no natural way to change your gender and there is no natural way to change your sexuality. I was always attracted to boys and I couldn't help it.
  9. superjesus1

    superjesus1 Well-Known Member

    Well i'm all for acceptance of different lifestyles. There's absolutely no harm in fancying your own gender at all. One of the guys in my circle of friends has recently come out as a homosexual but we all treat him the same as everyone else - He's just a regular guy in all honesty apart from the fact he likes other guys, which doesn't really bother any of us. It only seems to be a problem for religious zealots and those who are uncomfortable with their own sexuality from what i've seen.
    On the sciency side of things, i read this article about what shapes our sexuality and it shed some light on what is most likely to trigger a certain sexuality in someone:


    Even though the links says 'Due to genetics' If you read on into the article they claim it to be about 50/50 genetic and environmental =D
  10. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    Interesting article! Except I did not see the 50/50 figure anywhere, I read that in men genetics supposedly influences their orientation 35, while in women it becomes lower at 18% The study indirectly shows that sexual orientation is more of an enviromental factor than it is a genetic factor.

    I have a few questions however.

    Which hormones? If they can pinpoint exactly which hormones, can they measure how much exposure a fetus in the womb needs to said hormone, to become homosexual or heterosexual? Unless it's a qauntifiable statement, I don't see it how it holds much water, but fascinating to say the least.

    It's also strange. If twins do indeed share identical genes, and identical enviroment, shouldn't that consistently provide the same results? Its all too real of a possibility that maybe I didn't read the article closely enough, but I didn't pick up on what was specifically genetic about anything.
  11. Harmonie

    Harmonie ♫ Ad vivere

    I am perfectly okay with homosexuality. I am a Christian, but I also am a Christian that does not make a big deal out of a few verses.

    I also can not see how anybody could even begin to argue that sexual orientation is in, anyway, a choice. No matter what the real cause of it is, it is far from being a choice. You can easily pretend you are attracted to a sex you are not, you can even think some of them cute, but to say you can choose to make yourself sexually attracted to them is silly.

    And even aside from that, it is such a stupid issue to argue against. Homosexuality, in general, is harming nobody. You may argue that there are violent homosexuals out there, but that is a dumb argument because there are also violent heterosexuals. Somebody being violent has nothing to do with their sexuality.

    Lastly, I really wish that the fundamentalist homophobes would stop using the Bible to make their prejudice look justified. Sorry, it just drives me insane. Keep your prejudice to yourself and quit making Christianity look horrible, because the Bible says a ton of things, and it's been used for the case of other prejudices in the past. Homosexuality is no different, and it just needs to stop right now.
  12. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    That all is just part of being in high school or lower. People at that age do things for selfish reasons, even drastic actions.

    While it is purely anecdotal, I certainly don't remember making a conscious decision for my sexuality.

    What I think is it isn't necessarily genetic, but I think other factors can go in as well such as environmental**. I am not a geneticist or any type of scientist or MD. However, while it may or may not be genetic or may or may not be due to the environment one is raised in, I think it's fairly obvious that you don't "choose" your sexuality. I know I certainly did, and I think anyone who says otherwise is probably lying and should submit to a bunch of tests to prove it.

    ** This doesn't mean I think "homosexual couple will raise a homosexual kid" or vice versa, because obviously both have happened before.

    Back in 2005, my governor Mitch Daniels got a lot of crap by the Christian right, mainly Eric Miller, head of tax-evasion group Advance America and his 2004 primary opponent. Daniels signed an EEO (I think: Equal Employment Opportunity) that was the same as the previous two administrations used with no trouble happening. It simply listed "homosexuality", along with race, gender, age, etc..., as a reason that can't be used when hiring, firing, or reprimanding an employee of the governor('s office).

    Of course, the Christian Right had a fit about this, claiming that cross-dressers and homosexuals were getting special rights and that this would create a quota to fill and all kinds of ridiculous crap. There's a difference between "special rights" and "equal rights", and currently, the same rights others easily enjoy aren't (at least easily) available for homosexuals.

    Politically, it's used as a wedge issue and gay marriage in most states is an unrealistic goal for the relative near future. A civil marriage should be allowed by two consenting adults (not incest), but politics is the art of the possible. For now, governments should streamline the process so that those that can't get married can more easily obtain the benefits that are granted to married couples. Power of attorney, tax benefits, etc...

    Sodomy laws are quickly making like the dodo, and that's good. Shouldn't be anyone's business what happens in someone's bedroom between consenting adults, and the enforcement of that could be incredibly awkward.
  13. pokeaidmissy

    pokeaidmissy Well-Known Member

    Ah, a very touchy subject indeed, and one in which I may have a different view from the majority of the viewers and debaters. Oh, well, here goes nothing....

    I, personally, am very against homosexuality. I have gone indept in the study of homosexuality and am still sceptical about the fairly new ideas that suggest that homosexuality is a biological factor that is similar to eye color or skin tone.

    Could there possibly be a neurological 'problem' (no insult intended in this term) that causes a person to be attracted to the same gender? It makes sense. Not to be rude or insulting to the homosexual members, but for the most part, homosexuals normally have other emotional and social problems. Others 'turn' homosexual after a tramuatizing experience with the opposite sex, which causes them to harbor ill will towards all people of the opposite sex. Some are socially awkard around people of the opposite sex, therefore establishing strong relationships with those of the same gender.

    Of course, some people are naturally more 'in tune', in a way, to the opposite gender. In other words, some little girls like to be 'part of the boys' and prefer arm wrestling and karate to dolls and dance and feel more comfortable in loose t-shirts and jeans to dresses and high heels (that would be me!). I'm sure you all are familiar to the term 'Tom Boy'? And, of course, there is always that girly boy at school who doesn't have a manly bone in his body and would rather go shopping with the girls than having a belching contest with the boys. 'Sissy Boy' sound familiar? These characteristics would automatically label someone in this day and age as 'gay' or 'lesiban'.

    I believe that homosexuality is a conscience choice. Just because a little girl doesn't like wearing make-up and jewlery, doesn't mean she is homosexual. Same for a 'Sissy Boy'. No one is taught how to lie, feel guilt, how to be afraid of spiders, or even color preference. Acting or being more comfortable with the opposite or same sex is simply a social preference. Having sexual desires for them is a choice.

    Sadly, there are some people in this world that switch sexual desires like an OCD kid changes underwear-quite often and for the wrong motives. These I label as too inmature to truly understand love and to think through their decision.

    Hopefully, I did a decent job in arguing my opinion.

    In closing, I want to extend my hand of friendship and deepest sympathy to those of you who have chosen to be homosexual. Even though we disagree, please understand that I kindly respect your decision, though I may not understand your preference for any reason. I extend this sympathy for this main reason; as mentioned and suggested in the above posts, homosexuals are often ridiculed, ostracized, and hated for their choice. I do not hate homosexuals, I just do not support that particular desicion that they have made. It does pain me to see homosexuals humiliated by their desicion. People are people. Human-beings. Earthlings. I believe you get the idea. People think, feel, love, cry, etc. They have feelings too and those feelings should be respected like all other human-beings.
  14. Carlisle

    Carlisle BAM

    Thanks, but no thanks. No one wants any f*cking sympathy. In your post you didn't give any scientific evidence or claims or links or statistics on how homosexuality is supposedly a choice. Not all gay people have had bad experiences with the opposite sex or traumatic experiences. It's just a rude thing to tell someone they chose to be something, when we clearly haven't. No one wakes up and says, "Oh, hey! Today is Thursday! Time to be heterosexual. Tomorrow is Friday, time to be bisexual!" If you honestly think it's to the level of conscience choice...well, then I have nothing to say to you other than you should place yourself in another person's shoes.

    To the topic, no, I don't think there is anything wrong with homosexuality. I think it's ludicrous to even try and classify sexual orientation in categories like choices, genetics, psychological factors, etc. Sexual orientation is an extremely broad category that I think it's rather dumb to even divide it up into categories like hetero, bi, gay, pan, etc. Personally, in my opinion all sexual orientations result from different environmental and psychological experiences growing up, hormonal and chemical functions in your body, and sometimes, it's simply chance.
  15. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Are you a neurologist (MD) or a neuro-psychologist (PhD)? If not, cite one/a group of that think this. At the very least, it'll give some some credibility rather than "what i think blah blah".

    *Before someone points out that I didn't source anything, I was commenting on what others talked about and I don't think I made any real drastic claims; just my thoughts, rather than me claiming facts*

    How so?

    Vague statement FTW! Half of North America is on anti-depressants. People often aren't perfect, news at 11.

    I don't see how "emotional and social problems" are tied to homosexuality any more so than heterosexuality...or sexuality at all.


    Uhuh. So every teenage boy who hasn't had a girlfriend is gay?

    Okay, so far you've made completely unsubstantiated claims with no source. And many very vague statements that honestly can be applied to almost anyone, regardless of sexual preference.

    Uh, I don't label those as "gay" or "lesbian" characteristics. If you do, that's your problem. But don't apply that to anyone but yourself.

    "but randomspot555, my bff from high school thought exactly that, so that post must be true!"

    That's because high school students are idiots and aren't exactly the great example to measure trends of how people think.

    So what was the point of writing a paragraph about how these kids are perceived as gay?

    If homosexuality is a conscience choice, isn't the reverse true? That you "chose" heterosexuality, but you could've chosen homosexuality if you wanted to? I'm guessing you'll say no. If so, why is that?

    I would love a source for this.

    Before someone says "Well I had this ex-friend in high school who like totally was straight then gay when it was cool then straight when he graduated". That's anecdotal, and yeah, I have no reason to believe you're being accurate, or your friend was being truthful to you.

    What qualifies you to say who does and doesn't "truly understand love"? Also, since you can tell who does and doesn't truly understand love, please tell me what love is.

    I hate to pull out the "I'm older" card *, but your post reeks of...well, being an egotistical, high school kid. Don't worry, most of us were like that at your age (even if you don't think so now). I'm not saying you're going to step into the real world and then become a homosexual pot smokin hippie, but your world view seems very narrow. And thus, you draw these black-and-white conclusions based on your small slice of the world, because you don't know of anything else.
  16. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    I actually think you have a very valid point. Having a purely sexual attraction to a member of the same sex, doesn't necessarily mean you're even homosexual. I think we need to to distinquish between different types of attraction too. There is a distinct difference between having a sexual attraction to someone just on the surface level, and on the other hand wanting a personal relationship. There are many people that admit while having on the surface a sexual attraction, would not want anything of a relationship. So there's two different needs to be met.

    It should also be noted that there is no concrete time for sexual attraction(homosexual attraction) to appear. This is an enigma to me. Homosexuals report "discovering" their sexuality from anywhere between ages 10, to after college. However when its concerning heterosexuality, you even see signs of that in the smallest of children. I have heard no reports of homosexual behavior whatsoever in children, only on the rare case that said child was a hermaphrodite, in which case that's unrelated.

    The poster above me also brought up the point that sometimes it's our natural tendency to conform to society's stereotypes. Some men are for feminine than others, as well as women more masculine than others. Unfortunatley with enough pressure, especially in a highschool enviroment, that easily creates sexual confusion. There are just too many different factors to say definitively that homosexuality is not a choice. The range for sexual discovery is far too wide, it seems heavily dependent on an individuals self esteem level, along with intense societal pressure about what a man and woman should act like. People that report they are of one sexual orientation, often change their mind a year, or ten years later. Or "rediscover" themselves if you will.

    You should also understand the difference between attraction in your head, and how you actually(will) feel. You can become sexually attracted to a gender, engage in a sexual act with that gender, and then be completely unnattracted after intercourse.

    Again, please do not abuse the word choice. No one thinks you wake up one morning and say "I think I want to have a boner from men instead of women today" As I said before, I think it's a choice, but not that simple. But rather a culmination of different choices over time, as well as lifestyle decisions.

    I also appreciate that Carlisle and randomspot were immature assholes to their opposition even though he went out of his way to be respectful. Last time I check random, this topic is pretty speculative even with the research that has been done. I don't think you have to jump in someones face and demand a framed diploma for just putting a theory out there. And awesome Carlisle, dumbing down the argument into a strawman when I already explained that the argument isn't that simple.
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  17. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    To me, I don't see choice as anything other than a conscious decision. I just don't see how that happens. I do think other factors can make it happen, but I don't see that as a choice. If you don't control the factors, then I don't see that as a choice. People are defined by events. They could've turned out differently, but didn't. But peolpe don't choose to be depressed or not depressed, or happy or not happy. They just are, depending on various factors.

    Just because you put a "I'm sorry and didn't mean to offend" doesn't make it any less or more offensive, or put any immunity from criticism. He made drastic claims, I asked to back it up. Last I checked, it's perfectly fine to ask for a source. Even if it's only a theory.

    Because there are differences of how good a theory is. Even with limited sources.

    I asked for a source. Any source.

    It's not like it's a problem from him because

  18. Ethan

    Ethan Banned

    Okay, let's go over it then. Remember a lot of this is speculation, and theory babble, but valid conjectures until shown otherwise.

    Apparently you haven't been to highscool in a long time, or something. The fact is bisexuality is very closely tied to kids that are emotionally not well. Or "emo kids" Yes its a stereotype, but its valid. I like how you snub your nose and ask for a source, but tell me, is gallup going to go conduct a poll on how many supposed bisexual teens in highschool reported emotional distress? Yeah, give me a break. This is common sense he's citing, if you're out of the loop and don't notice, well then that's not anyones fault but yours.


    No, not really. He's speaking from experience, granted anecdotes aren't credible1111!!!! or whatever, from what I've experience his statements are correct.

    Again, he was referring to societal pressure as I elaborated earlier in my post.

    Okay, solid argument here tbh.

    Not if homosexuality is considered an abnormality. Heterosexuality could simply be considered the default.

    Do you honestly need one? You are actually questioning that NO ONE questions, or reverts back from their claim of sexual orientation EVER and you need a statistic from gallup to show you?

    I'd hate to pull the "You're being a bit condescending and acting like you've seen it all, when I bet you're still pretty young yourself, probably in your twenties" card, but....

    You had asked to me to elaborate what I meant by choices. I think there are various different choices that could lead to potential sexual orientation. The big one I mentioned is adaptation. Sometimes you can trick your brain into believing things that aren't so, that's not exactly the point, but the best way I could word it. You can go from feeling sexual attraction to a woman for example, to "eyeing" a man, or acknowledging that said man is attractive in appearance. There is the old saying that the "Eyes are the window to the soul" but all I'm trying to say is that actions can easily progres harmlessly. A look can evolve into acknowledgement of attraction, which can evolve into a surface sexual attraction, which can evolve into sexual fantasies and so on. This relates back above to where I mentioned being sexually attracted to someone in your mind, but not in reality until they actually engage in the act. I also believe that pornography could possibly play a role. Although I know I will be immediately straw manned with "Not all homosexuals watch pornography!" but I will continue anyway. A heterosexual person can move from heterosexual pornography, to homosexual pornography for stimulation. There's actually a word for it in the medical field, but I can't remember. If you become to used to women, many turn to men to get that erotica they couldn't with women anymore.
    Last edited: May 5, 2009
  19. randomspot555

    randomspot555 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm sure this stereotype has been around longer than my graduating class. But I don't see high school aged kids as being "emotionally not well." I see it as a natural part of growth. That age is emotional for a variety of reasons.

    Who said anything about Gallup? There are studies done besides polling from popular opinion. Medical studies, for example.

    As you yourself said, most information out there on homosexuality, at best, has at least some amount of skepticism. I'm fully able to accept that homosexuality as a neurological disorder as a theory if a credible source presented it as such.

    There are many claims there that I'd dispute, probably even false.


    So there goes that scare tactic (not yours, the sites).

    I couldn't find the quote that the source for #5 is from, though none of the summaries of the article mentioned homosexuality or bi-sexuality being more prominant in victims of abuse. However, I did find this, that LGB are more likely to be abused, but their sexuality was often a factor in it (happening after they come out, for example), and that they're more likely to report abuse than heterosexuals. And while I didn't see it in the study, it could be argued that it's so close (in some cases) that it's within the margin of error (abused heterosexual children vs abused LGB children).

    Honestly, there's nothing reliable about that site, as far as I can tell. It looks like it's someone's personal web page from Geocities. A search for "H.O.M.E. homosexuality" turns up nothing about the activities of it, or the existence. It doesn't mention if H.O.M.E. is a registered not-for-profit or anything, and it's e-mail address is @yahoo.com.

    I've never noticed awkwardness around the opposite sex as an indication of homosexuality. I guess we could be using different definitions of "awkward", but I can think of a variety of reasons why adolescent aged boys act awkward around women. Lack of confidence/appealing to women, shy, any number of mild disorders, or it's just how they are at the time. People generally hang out with others like them. In high school, that's much more likely to be those of the same sex.

    I'm more questioning with how truthful they are about switching, or if they ever did switch at all.

    And yes, a medical study would benefit it greatly. Showing how many people actually are switching their sexual orientation, who's lying, who's in denial, and so on.

    Nowhere am I making drastic claims based on what is largely personal experience. The other user is.

    People can lie and manipulate themselves, probably mentally healthy people at that. But if someone is lying to themselves long term, that's far beyond just normal growth or curiosity and into denial. And since denial is more of a term associated with addiction than anything else, I can't see how it'd lead to sexual orientation.

    As to your mention of porn, that's simple: Straight and gay porn are much different. It could be any number of non-man-i-like-man-meat scenarios that lead to a heterosexual to enjoy it: dominance, taboo, certain fetishes, girlfriend/fiance/wife likes it, etc...
  20. Typhlogirl

    Typhlogirl keep battling on!

    Who cares whether people like men or woman? It doesn't change them as a person, and I see no reason why we should discriminate based on what goes on behind closed doors. How people choose to live their life is their choice.
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