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What Keeps You Coming Back?


Struggling Cutie

No matter when you started getting into the Pokémon franchise, there's a reason we all love it. There's also a reason we all keep coming back.

So tell me, why do you keep buying Pokémon games and products? Even when something happens that you don't like, or there's a Generation you don't play, what makes you come back to play the games?

Personally, for me, it's a mix of nostalgia and the fact that Pokémon is so unique. It's a massive franchise with a wonderous fanbase, and everything about it is so different to me. Even though I didn't like Gen 5, it redeemed itself, there's just nothing out there like Pokémon.


Seasons, they turn..
Well, I never really encountered this problem at all in my Pokemon mania. Maybe once, this happened.

If I have to choose the games keep me coming back. The games, the excitement, the news, the speculation, and products. :)

Also, when Pokemon decides to do something out of the box, for example Pokemon Conquest, I get really into it.


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It's more light hearted in comparison to other RPGs, it sticks to what works, and throws in plenty of content to keep one busy even as a new generation comes out.


Gives 'em the slip..
The designs mainly. Still love Kabutops, Muk, Scizor, Magmortar, Dusclops, etc. No other franchise has Pokémon's gene se qua. Skylanders, Yu-Gi-Oh, Digimon, whatever, they all want a piece of Sugimori's hot pie. And he says "No thank you!" Also, Matsuda says "Please understand."

Also, the graphics, the game mechanics, the new additions, there is no substitute for Pokémon. It's just amazing. You can trade with people, you can get cool items, then you can beat the pants off one another, then play Lickitung's Sushi-Go-Round. Pokémon is just grand!


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The games keep me coming back, partly because of nostalgia and partly because they are fun to play/replay. I still love the original 150
Personally, I enjoy the thrill of travelling though a country with a group you view as more than data, but as friends; allies. Not only that, but creating strategies to improve your team and grow in power is also an amazing experience.
The games, especially whenever new ones come out, the merchandise, the community is what keeps me coming back.
Also, like it was mentioned a few posts above, the designs. I'm starting to appreciate the designs of the monsters more than used to in the past.


Can also jump!
I'm drawn by new, fun things to be discovered. Especially when new games come out. Whenever a version came out, i'd get over-swept with intrigue!


My love for Pokémon is part of my identity. I don't know if there's any specific hook that keeps me coming back other than I like it.
I always seem to be entertained by training, catching and grinding with pokemon, not sure why, it's just something I'll never get tired of..


Internet Overlord
Well, it's the game itself, it is. The way it's played and the mechanics, catch a whole lot of pokemon and battle them in turn based style, using as much or as little strategy as you see fit. I like turns because you don't have to battle at lighting speed, you can think about what you're doing, and getting distracted isn't a death sentence, making it a good game to play while on the bus/train. And every gen brings new graphics, pokemon, and improved mechanics. If these things stopped, I guess there'd be a lot less motivation to buy a new game instead of playing the older ones. I kind of suspect that XY's introducing only a few pokemon will probably be a new trend, there's just so many that a hundred new ones at a time doesn't make as much sense as it once did. But as long as we get a few good ones each new gen, I'm happy.


Shiny Hunter
At first the completion of the dex, and getting all legends. Then the shiny hunts. In Y I discovered IV, HA & egg move breeding.
Now I am hooked to breeding for flawless IVs and so forth, and after I reach me target I use it for MM untill I have a perfect 5IV shiny :D.

Only obtained 4 perfect shinies, so I have got alot of work to do :D


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I guess I just really want to try the new games. That's what is what brings me back.


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Every new generation has always bring some new features which makes me keep playing the games. Moreover I like the remakes of the game because it has much better graphics.