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What kind of tournament will X and Y have?

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by JD, Nov 3, 2013.

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  1. JD

    JD Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping that we have multiple tournaments like the Don Battle Tournaments but those battles were kind of lackluster and boring. Honestly, I'd like to see a tournament like the Hearthome Tag Tournament since the battles were pretty interesting.
  2. Lancetwister

    Lancetwister All-or-Nothing!

    When it comes to tournaments, all I can think of are just regular battle tournaments and/or racing tournaments that could appear in XY lol
  3. yuoke

    yuoke Treasure huntin'

    I don't really want to see a lot of big tournaments because it made the leage fel less significant.
  4. OnceUponATime

    OnceUponATime Wicked

    Obviously the Kalos League. Duh. Joking aside, and aside from the obvious Kalos League, I really hope there is a tournament or two. Tournaments were the highlights of BW, in my opinion, and should be continued in this series. They would also give Serena and Clemont some battling since they may get scarce battling otherwise.
  5. i2i

    i2i Big Bad Wolf

    I can see some places like the Battle Institute, the Battle Maison, and/or the Battle Chateau hosting a tournament. For what kind of tournament besides singles or doubles maybe sky battles and inverse battles.
  6. TheSirPeras

    TheSirPeras The end of an era

    Better showcase the Battle Chateau, and have a Sky Battle Tournament, or an Inverse Battle
  7. nuzamaki90

    nuzamaki90 Well-Known Member

    Hopefully another PokeRinger (i.e. Sky Battle) so Fletchinder can evolve in the most prominent way imo. I always thought the PokeRingers were very interesting and shed a whole new light on Flying-types for me, so a Sky Battle tournament that is like the PokeRinger would be grand.

    But if anything, I'm looking forward to a Battle Chateau tournament. The Elite Four appear at the Battle Chateau and since it's a "castle", Wilkstrom could appear and Ash could have a battle against his first Kalos E4 member.

    I don't want an over-abundance of tournaments like Unova had because a lot of Unova's were boring and made the League feel less-exciting, as well as making me wonder when they were going to be over rather than want to keep watching since they lasted for quite a while.
  8. Platinum fan.

    Platinum fan. RetiredPokemonMaster

    Battle Institute maybe holds a tournament. I'm still holding out that Serena does the Chateau for a goal but it's probably not going to happen, so they'll probably end up being tournaments. Pokemon tournaments I have mixed feelings about them in general but the sad and scary truth is the sidekicks are not guaranteed regular battles so this could be the only time we see Clemont and Serena battle. I hope that's not the case. Clemont could stop battling in general after his Gym so tournaments could be a easy place to give his Pokemon some wins.
  9. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    Judging from how amazing the series has been so far - i would say a very good one.
  10. ShinyPokemon inc.

    ShinyPokemon inc. The Lighting King

    I actually liked having many tournaments in Unova. I hope they do the same for kalos.
  11. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    The idea of tournaments was good in BW, it's just a shame they weren't executed well and the main character of the show didn't win any of them whilst other characters of less relevance gained them.
  12. YonaNoveau

    YonaNoveau Well-Known Member

    Yeah,and all of most of them developed the rivals nicely. Hope a similar chance comes in XY as well.
  13. Well i would like for the middle of this gen to have a super tournament where rivals,friends,older friends and even older rivals to be part of it, ash would use his gen 6 (i mean the pokémon that he catches this gen even if theyre not from the 6th one like lucario,etc...).
    But after thinking, the way they handled Unova tournaments was so bad that it seemingly looks a bad idea.

    But for once, even if i do like prediction,supposition and stuff like that, i still think that it's better to be surprised and not thinking at all.
    So i'll see what the writers prepared for us without getting my hopes high (like the previous gen...)
  14. Grey Wind

    Grey Wind Only rescues maidens

    I'd like if there were themed tournaments in XY, because if we continue to have one-on-one battling tournaments it's going to get old pretty fast. A double battle tournament is something I'd really like to see (be it with tag battles or not), because we get so few of them in the anime and it'd allow for more of the casts Pokemon to be used. A sky battle tournament is probably inevitable, but I'd rather that it was a one episode thing because it restricts the cast quite a bit, and if there's going to be only two or three tournament arcs this series I'd rather that one wasn't wasted on sky battles (though it's really unlikely that it would be).

    I really hope they continue doing tournaments regardless of whether they're the regular one-on-one battles or not. It's a nice break from the usual episodes and it gives the travelling companions and rivals some good screen time.
  15. Lorde

    Lorde Banned

    None hopefully. I wasn't a fan of any of the BW tournaments because as someone else said, they weren't executed properly. I have no faith in the writers' ability to fix their mistakes so I really don't want to see tournaments in XY. If Ash and the others really have to train their Pokemon, then they should do the same thing that Ash did in AG and actually spend time developing each Pokemon on-screen. That would yield similar results imo.
  16. Pokemaniac24

    Pokemaniac24 Banned

    Iris. I mean come on, she's the closest you could get to being a main character in Best Wishes without having the name Ash or Pikachu.

    EDIT: I read this wrong. I thought you were trying to say that "a main character never won" when you were saying that THE main character never won. I understand people having a problem with that but since we usually get to see Ash win Gym Battles and the fact that he won so many tournaments in the past, I understand the writers' reasoning.

    Trip was the main rival of Best Wishes. And Stephan was somewhat of a major recurring character. I didn't see anything wrong with them winning. I know people will complain about Ash never winning a major tournament in Best Wishes and that's fair enough but Trip and Stephan winning the tournaments they did made sense.

    As for the League (if that's counted), Virgil winning should have been expected because ever since Johto, it's always been the older, experienced male who shows up right before or during the League (Tobias) who takes the win,

    Anyway, I'd like tournaments here and there. They really allow for other Pokémon who don't usually get spotlight to shine and it was really fun in BW getting to have match ups that we wouldn't have had if the tournaments didn't exist.
    Last edited: Nov 3, 2013
  17. Ace Kenshader

    Ace Kenshader Dreaming sexy

    I'm actually more curious if there will be a Ryhorn racing league, since it is apparently a popular sport in Kalos.
  18. Eneci

    Eneci FrogadierMasterLucas

    I could see Korrina held a tournament in Geonsage. The winner would fight her Lucario´s!
  19. Locormus

    Locormus Can we please get the old forum back?

    As the Don Battles went on, the battles became poorer, that much is true. Especially the Junior Cup, considering how they had forced that into three episodes. I think the Don Battle and the Donamite had a few interesting battles that actually were good short fights, among characters that otherwise would not interact as much. I'd like a return of the format, but with different styles, so kinda integrating best of both worlds from Unova and Sinnoh.

    The tournaments in Sinnoh didn't make the league feel any less significant (Tag Battle, PokéRinger). What made the league in Unova feel less significant was simply because it was the worst written league, end of discussion.

    I don't know how they'll implement inverse battles, I think that's too hard for the animé logic even. But Sky Battles would be a definite throwback to PokéRinger, which should reappear. They just shouldn't let Fletchinder evolve in it to win it.

    I agree to an extent. Ash should've won a Don Battle-type tournament, it just made sense for him to go away from Unova with at least one solid trophee, but the writers were doing heroine/crack/became inbreds while on the job. I had no problems with other characters winning or doing well. If it weren't for the Donamite, we wouldn't have cared about Stephan at all to be honest. Similar to Conway. If he wasn't exceptional during the tag tournament, then we wouldn't have cared either..

    None of the Unova rivals outside of Trip's separate storyline (apart from being Ash's 'rival', which I discount anyway) were never developed at all, and most certainly not in the tournaments:
    - Bianca: Only growth she got was at Nimbasa City Gym, otherwise stayed largely the same and a failure. The Donamite did show that she was partly capable though. But that led nowhere of course.
    - Stephan: No development at all.
    - Burgundy: NOPE
    - Georgia: NOPE
    - Trip: NOPE, unless you want to count his debacle against Alder, which was a story apart from being Ash's rival.

    There was literally no development in these tournaments, outside of exposition. You're argument is absolutely based on nothing. If you want to look at how rivals can develop in a series, then look at Sinnoh, just for good measure.

    He did that in Sinnoh as well: Energy Ball, Brave Bird, Ice Punch, Giga Impact, Draco Meteor, Countershield, just to name a few. No need to glorify AG for something that only BW didn't do after the Nacrene Gym onwards.

    In Sinnoh we had the Tag Battle Tournament, which was nigh perfect. Hence, tournaments can work when you don't have writers with the sense of apes on the show, and apparently, we've got new writers or so I've heard.
  20. Pokegirl Fan~

    Pokegirl Fan~ Caulifla v.s. _______

    I'd like to see something like the Hearthome tag battle tournament again, that was pretty interesting to watch.
    And also something that Serena participates in as part of her quest, whether it be Rhyhorn Racing, contests, or some other new thing.
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