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What languages do you speak other then your first language?


Lover of underrated characters
I know some Spanish, and I took German for a year in school


Cuddle Master
My first language is Portuguese, I've been studying English on my own ever since young but I still get things mixed up here and there. I know bits of Japanese, German, Dutch and French and a itty-bity of Latin and Italian.


other than english, none actually... I know a bunch of french and german words and a very small fraction of chinese and japanese words but other than that, nothing


Demon Child
I can speak Spanish aside from English but I'm definitely nowhere near fluent with it. I've been slowly picking up on it from working in a school where pretty much every single student in the building speaks the language and that's not an exaggeration.

I do know a little bit of Japanese and some French but I mostly know Spanish.


French and German! (Although my French is objectively stronger) I'm also trying to teach myself Japanese and Irish, but because of exams and such time is limited.