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What makes a good Sweeper?

Discussion in 'Older Gens' started by Bunch, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Bunch

    Bunch N's Apprentice

    I've notice many people use Lucario and Ursaring as sweepers but my question to you all is why? Why use these Pokemon whose base stats aren't that amazing as your sweepers when a Pokemon like Scizor has a naturally higher attack then it? What makes a sweeper tempting and effective?
  2. complete legitimacy

    complete legitimacy pack that fudge

    Nobody uses Ursaring. I think you might have been looking at the new way Smogon tries to determine the best sweepers via kills per match. They're not exactly accurate.

    Anyway, I would say the best sweepers have the ability to break through their would-be counters. I may be scrutinized for this but I'm going to bring Excadrill into this. After a single SD it was capable of 2HKOing even its lone counter Gliscor with Return. It was unbelievably fast and could run an Adamant nature. Even Bronzong, who is practically non-existent, can't do anything back. Skarm can't do anything but phaze, and runs the risk of being Rock Slide flinched to death. It's honestly the ideal sweeper.
  3. Ilan

    Ilan Well-Known Member

    A sweeper is something that if you let it have 1-2 free turns it's the end of your team they have offensive typing, mostly weak defensively but strong offensively,have good coverage , and most important have a boosting move.
    A good example is volcarona it have good base stat, good typing and the most fearsome boosting move Quiver Dance and have almost perfect coverage with bug buzz/fiery dance/HP rock.

    You can look at HO teams they are all made of sweepers, they are made for beating entire teams! so a good sweeper is one who succesfully can do that to most teams like the infamous excadrill.
  4. irock245

    irock245 She wants it

    speed, speed, and more speed. Sweepers are supposed to be fast because of their weak defensive capabilities. Some sweepers can run a set up move, and some go all out attacking. However, do not confuse choiced pokemon with sweepers.They usually have to switch because of the fact they can only use one move. Most sweepers carry a life orb for more power and because, hey why not? A caterpie's tackle 2HKO's me, so why bother trying to live longer? I end up doing less. A sweeper also has good type coverage with its moves. That saying, there's a reason electervire sucks although it has all the necessary conditions mentioned aboive. The last thing a sweeper needs to be sucessful it powerful moves. Electrivire does not have good powerful moves, so it is neglected to RU. Some good OU sweepers include landorus, scizor, salamence, and rotom-w. Some good uber sweepers include exadrill, mewtwo, and darkari. Some good UU sweepers include jolteon, swellow, and dugtrio. What do these all have in common? They have good attacking stats, good offensive types(most of the time), good enough speed to do its job, and good powerful moves to back it up. Oh, and some have set up moves on them, too.

    GOLDENCRS I'm a f***** Ponyta

    over 105 speed and over 105 attack/sp. attack. good typing like Thundurus. Lucario is an amazing sweeper also, i can't believe you. it doesn't have amazing speed but it can run mixed sets, SD sets, NP sets, and choice sets. It's unpredicatble
  6. Twilightphoenix

    Twilightphoenix Elite Trainer

    Lucario is one of my best special sweepers. other good sweepers are dragonite(physical),& Accelgore(special). The Key to haveing an effective sweeper is speed and a ridiculous amount of power in either atk or spatk, sometimes both in the case of dragonite which has ridculous atk and whose spatk is only a few points lower. as for hold items life orb is best for sweepers since they tend to run a combonation of moves set up to take out as many opponits as possible esspicially those who have a type advatage over them. hope this helped.
  7. floatzel98

    floatzel98 → s o a r i n g

    good sweepers have good stats, stat raising moves, good coverage moves and even a decent typing helps. a team is what can make a sweeper good. team mates that can take out pokemon that threaten your sweeper
  8. xXShinyUmbreonXx

    xXShinyUmbreonXx Well-Known Member

    I am actually surprised that no one mentioned salamence and garchomp, or even blaziken. But maybe it's because they go without saying... And I would say what makes a good sweeper is exactly what a sweep is, a pokemon with a extremely high offensive stat in either stat, and that have the speed to basically kill first. This is why blaziken got moved to ubers. He had wonderful base in both attacking stats, on par with salamence. The ONLY thing holding him back was his speed, and as soon as a way to fix that was given to him, he was a destructive force. Also goes for excadrill with sand stream, and garchomp. Those two points in speed really made a difference. And I wouldn't say they necessarily have to be frail or have low defenses, as volcarona actually is very specially bulky, while still having great speed and sp. attack. Or metagross, except his speed isn't that good.
    Oh, and the movepool is really important, as it helps deal with counters, or just make it hard to counter overall in general.
  9. Blayd

    Blayd Grrrr!

    Has to be set-up moves.

    A sweeper with high simply attack/special attack and speed is all well and good until a wall comes along. With a set up move, sweepers can boost their attacking power to KO and outspeed things that otherwise they couldn't.
  10. LinksOcarina

    LinksOcarina The true master

    What makes a good sweeper is how you use them as such.

    Sweepers can come in a number of forms, revenge killers, arena trappers, guts/quick feet abusers, speed freaks maxed EV/Nature, maxed attack with priority, etc.

    All of them have pros and cons, the point is to use them effectively with the pros and cons a sweeper typically has. If it sets up, does it have some bulk to do it? If it has natural speed, is it fast enough to take out a pokemon before being hit, or does it need a boost with something? Does it's ability augment sweeping capabilities when the time comes for it? Do items like Life Orb help a lot? All of this needs to be considered in the long run, it is how you use them, basically.

    There is no right or wrong answer on how to use a sweeper, the trick is to use your sweeper within the capabilities it has, and analyze how it can work on a team.
  11. Eranu™

    Eranu™ Well-Known Member

    Good typing, good base stats, no real weakness to a priority.
    Good coverage and good support ofcourse.
  12. Schade

    Schade The real Slim Schady

    A strong pokemon with high attack stat that access to Swords Dance and a Priority Move
  13. PokeMaster366

    PokeMaster366 Well-Known Member

    You know you have a good sweeper when:
    • He has a typing that gives him good STABs and/or resistances
    • Has good speed and attack power
    • Has a wide (or at least wide enough) movepool
    • Does not need to use the standard all the time to be considered good
    • Can do a good job at fulfilling its role, and/or
    • Can upgrade stats he needs to improve with little-to-no worries.
  14. bugcatchersdream

    bugcatchersdream is not a moron

    A perfect sweeper would have::
    *Good offensive stats and a move/ability to boost them even further. (Unexample: Rampardos)
    *Decent enough defensive stats to be able to take hits so that it can boost its offensive stats enough to break through its normal checks/counters. (Unexample: Archeops)
    *Good coverage with its moves. (Unexample: Klinklang)
    *Have a fair amount of unpredictability. (Unexample: Gorebyss)
    *Have a good STAB typing. (Unexample: Drapion)
  15. Aurath8

    Aurath8 Well-Known Member

    At it's heart, a sweeper is an offensively-inclined team member intended to take out as many opponents as possible. So from this definition we can assume a number of factors that make a sweeper.
    1. Power
    This is the thing that binds all sweepers together. To KO as many opponents as possible, you'll need a lot of power to do it efficiently. Simple as that. This could come from stat-boosting moves like Swords Dance, Nasty Plot and Dragon Dance or it could come from the pokemon's sheer power backed up by Life Orb or even abilities such as Guts. Wherever it comes from, sweepers will need it.
    2. Speed
    Speed is a bit of a crude word here to use as a title as Scizor and Conkledurr are two top OU sweepers yet have only Base 65 and 40 Speed respectively. This should really be called 'hitting before the opponent'. This is also important because by outspeeding and KOing the opponent you've prevented them from damaging you which could shorten your sweep and lessen your KOs. It's not essential to a sweep however.
    3. Movepool and Predictability
    Movepool and predictability aren't nearly as important as the first two factors but I beleive they deserve a place. A wide movepool is good for coverage leads to unpredictability. Unpredictability means that the counter list drops. Gliscor handles Physical Infernape fairly well. Flare Blitz hurts a bit but it OHKOes back with EQ. But what if it's NPApe with Hidden Power(Ice)? This is not nearly as important as the first two factors. Until it was baned, all Excadrill I met had the same EQ|Rock Slide|SD|Rapid Spin/Return/X-scissor apart from one which held a choice band. It was one of the easiest pokemon to guess it's moveset yet it got banned because of its Sheer Power and Speed.
    There are other factors such as typing that also affect a sweeper but I think these three(particularly the first two) factors are what makes a good sweeper.
  16. Shadowcom37

    Shadowcom37 Semi-Master

    I'm new on seribii as a member, but i think a good sp sweeper would be Latios. My friend ev trainjed one and i havent beaten a single team with it in it. it knows Ice Beam Aura sphere Dragon Pulse and Psychic.
  17. Nice bump. :)
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