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What Makes You A Unique Pokémon Trainer?

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by The Nido King, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. hopeless2007

    hopeless2007 Well-Known Member

    I don't have a choice in the matter with *ahem* Chuckle. My girlfriend is adamant that it be Chuckle.
    She says that if she HAS to hear me drone on and on about how awesome online play is gonna be, and what my party is gonna be like, she has to have some input on naming the cutest one.
    In this cate, Shuckle.

    I gotta say, at first, I kinda thought Shuckle was stupid...
    But he's really grown on me. I gotta say I like the little bugger.
  2. Kyaku

    Kyaku . . .

    I rarely use TMs
    I don't EV train
    I don't care about IVs/DVs/Natures
    I nickname almost all my main Pokemon. Be it Japaneses names or made up ones.
    I usually have more than one team, one with legends, one without.
    I use favorites.
    I actually use movesets with two or more moves of the same type.
    I don't care about movesets.
    I almost always have my starter with me.
    I breed, but not to perfection or whatever.
    Yeah. Lots of reasons that makes me unique.

  3. Yoko

    Yoko Pokémon Cherisher

    As a trainer I tend to raise Pokemon that would actually appreciate me as a trainer. I don't raise mischievous creatures, like Gengar, or aggressive Pokemon, such as Pinsir, as I know we wouldn't get along.
    I'm a calm person, which is why I tend to raise the more timid or noble creatures. I feel these appreciate me as a trainer more than any others.

    In my team I like to have a 'protector', one that looks after and defends the smaller, more vulnerable Pokemon in my team, and she is my Nintetails. She's a proud beast who is a reflection of my good training I think.

    As for battle tactics, well I don't have any! I like to just get into battle and show them what we got!

    Hmm what else

    I try to pick a team that will get along with each other. I try to train evenly, but I don't worry about IVs and that, I prefer my creatures to grow naturally ( so I don't use proteins etc either).
    I don't have any legendaries in my team , not because I think they're too powerful, they just don't appeal to me. LIke I said before, I like to mother the smaller, more timid ones. :)

    I like to have a definite 6 Pokemon in my team , no substitutes or alternative teams; just the one. Although at the moment I'm still trying to find my perfect team, I've actually stopped and am now waiting for Pearl so I can discover new Pokemon!

    I know I sorta get a bit too involved in the trainer/pokemon relationship thing, but that's my favourite part of the game :p
  4. YellowHat

    YellowHat The Anticool

    I have never seen a wild shiny. What are the chances of that?
  5. ElQuinn

    ElQuinn <--high sloths rule

    i try to use pokemon i like the first go around in any game. and also i love using surskit but i haven't used a very effective one yet. i'm using all different movesets with it trying to find the strongest/most effective one in battle.
  6. Erekiddo

    Erekiddo New Member

    i just use pokemons with high attack and special attack and high speed,in battle i just show them why they shouldnt battle me.No defense for me lol.
  7. littlestchristian13

    littlestchristian13 ThatEmoMetal-head <3

    well, I nickname ALL the pokemon I catch, repeats or not. and all my trainers name are similar (all girls) and all start with C. ^-^ my teams all have cute pokemon too :p
  8. Virtual Chatot

    Virtual Chatot Circa 2006

    I have caught and raised every single pokemon, and I'm almost done with raising every single Shiny
  9. Atoyont

    Atoyont Brains for brawn

    I use both my favorites and ones that are effective in battling.
  10. Zubeon

    Zubeon Well-Known Member

    Rarely. I find that the Lv.100 Mother tends KO's the enemies to quickly. I like to make my monsters work for their levelling up, so baby has to fight around outside Fuschia City. But I take her into the Elite Four every now and then with an EXP Share and let mom rack up the EXP.
  11. MukkinMUK

    MukkinMUK I love garlic. :P

    Poison... A defensiv stance, and some powerfull attacks.
    Mehh, i use Muks. (And my Muk army is comming soon...;))
  12. Kitsune Winterheart

    Kitsune Winterheart Wintry Lights

    I allways have a dark-type pokemon with me, and I never ever use ubers. And, I have raised all my party pokemons from eggs. And I allways give nicknames to them, or write their names nicer, like Vaporeon instead VAPOREON... -_-
  13. Comray001


    I give my pokemon nicknames
    I tend to use Ghosts and Dark types
    I use favorites
    I raise all my pokemon equally
    I'll do whatever it takes to win
  14. Jordan Cleary

    Jordan Cleary Rising From The Ash

    Grounder agrees with duplicate pc box trick (silver, Gold)
    I mean Keeping all evos, The ones I like, (I.e: Totodile, and Croconaw and Freligator)
    Well, I like them since I can get abit closer to the max stats!

    OMFG! IM A BOULDER TRAINER!!!!! Sorry just got really jumpy!
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2007
  15. ChaosKicks

    ChaosKicks Backlash Wave

    I have a lv 67 Pichu with Sesmic toss......and I use the Battle stratigy of swithcing out my Pokemon allot.....

    I take advantege of Lapris's water absorb
    and Jolteons volt absorb!
  16. Divine_Light

    Divine_Light Espeon will own all!

    I don't use legendaries, I use my starter pokemon the whole way through, I don't use nicknames, Thats about it realy
  17. mrhiyuck

    mrhiyuck curious

    I use my favorites, and give them complicated stradigies. I hate using ubers, as I am a breeder and go for the right nature. I do EV, but it's way too much work to get perfect IVs.
  18. Hyper Shadow

    Hyper Shadow Well-Known Member

    for me, I make my pokemon learn moves the oponent wouldn't expect from that pokemon. or I use a very good combo like double edge and the Rock Head ability.
  19. Annhialator Zero

    Annhialator Zero killkillkillkillkill

    I use my starter all the way through, I don't care what people think about my favoutite Pokemon (why else would I have Pikachu in my TC when everyone hates him), once I decide I want to do something, I do it (XD's ****ing Orre Colosseum for example)
  20. Tyranitar trainer

    Tyranitar trainer Back for a bit

    I use a powerful team with a supprising Milotic and Weavile and of course Tyranitar

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