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What makes you restart the game?


So I've been tempted to restart my game to play the story again but get discouraged because of all the pokemon I have caugh. Majority being rare, which I would trade over.

But what makes you want to restart the games?


not the color
The story.

No, seriously.

I enjoy the story in the games. DP and Pt had the best ones, in my opinion.
Otherwise, it's just the fact that it's a new adventure.


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I've NEVER restarted a Pokemon Game ( besides Pkmn Pearl ). I didn't have another DS to trade over my Rare pokemon. But, I at least try to use all 3 starters. So basicly, I try 3 points of views : Piplup ; Trtwig ; And Chimchar. But, it's really hard to adjust to different views of having it as your FIRST pokemon.


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I start over to try an new starter and to trade extra legends over. Sometimes I just feel like maybe if i restarted the game it would renew my interest r perhaps earn me another shiny


Not really much to do on Pearl, save for some extra few-hundred hours training and battling for the Battle Tower, but I never restart right after the E4.
Platinum may make me do this less often.


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I usually restart the game once I get the other version. Like Diamond & Pearl. Then I catch the Pokemon that only appear in that other game so I can trade it over to my main game.


I always stupidly catch 10 Pokemon and only level them up. Its a hard thing having level 30-40 Pokemon and no logical way to level them up.


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I restarted Pearl to get good natures and IVs on the ones that you can only catch one of and are unbreedable in the games. Diamond and Platinum have to much moved in or Events activated I couldnt bring my self to restart those

I would defentlayy get another copy of Platinum and play though it again consindering how Awesome the Torn World is
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HMM well when I get Bored of doing almost the same thing in the game after I beat it , I just restart it plain and simple . I sometimes don't move the Pokemon from the games which makes me look for them again and that means more playing time and less boring times for me XD .


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I restart because I get bored of just leveling up after I beat the E4. Im tempted to restart platinum but theres so many pokemon id have to trade over to diamond and im to lazy to .-. I might restart diamond though >.<


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A mix of boredom and wanting to try new pokemon I have never used before.

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I've never really restarted my games, because I've gone too far to let my work go to waste. But I have been tempted to, because the storyline in these games is one of the most entertaining, and it would be fun to redo it and start clean again. Also, once you beat everything, including all the contests and stuff, there's pretty much nothing in the game for you :/ (This inclu
I usually restart one of my games because I get bored or because I want to try a different starter. I haven't restarted any of my games lately, but I'm thinking about it so I have something to do that'll keep me occupied until HG/SS comes out. :)

I might just restart one of my GBA games instead of Platinum though.


Well I recently restarted and did the elite4 on Ruby, picked up the Regis so I could get regigigas too.

Then I started Leaf Green again the other week, but I got bored and fancied platinum again. Just trading over my rare pokes now.


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I restarted platinum because i wanted to get a good nature on zapdos, and because i like starting a new adventure. I didn't really have any good pokemon on it (except for Hetran) so i traded items and stuff over then restarted. now i have more than one Stealth Rock :]
I've never reseted until the Pal Park was invented. After I found out that I'd send over my GBA pokemon with a starter, restart, then get the other starters.
Lately, I've been wanting to start over my Emerald or LeafGreen games. I don't play them nearly as often now that I've completed them, and I like starting a new adventure that takes a while and good strategy to complete.

My only problem is that my starter always ends up being level 40 and the others are level 15. Although, I managed to beat the Emerald elite four just by using my Swampert...and tons of PP restores. xD