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What makes you restart the game?


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I never restart those. I would prefer not to play than to restart.

If I did chose to restart, though, then it wouldn't be for the "going through cities" aspect of the game, only for the legendaries(to use different sets in case I don't feel satisfied with the sets I chose for my current legendaries).


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Well i just restarted emerald yesterday because of the story and because i didnt have enough pkmn to train anymore


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I usually restart my games to get new starters/new legends with different natures and such, but lately I havn't because I'm just getting back into Pokemon and only have Platinum. I'm going to buy some more games though which I might restart a few time to get more legends/starters xD! I would never reset my platinum because I've done events on it, and I would rather have that on my record. ;)


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I mainly restart if I need more of certain items (Choice Specs, Life Orb, etc), Legendaries with different Natures so I can try different sets, or out of sheer boredom.


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I can't afford to restart my game. I've put in too much time and effort into it.
Although, if I did restart I would be able to train my pokemon faster and more efficiently since I've learned a lot about EVs, IVs, breeding, natures, shiny pokemon etc.


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I never restarted my but I guess people get bored after elite four
But I enjoy it :)


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The only thing that makes me restart are gym tms, ledgies, rare items and masterballs. That im going to trade to my main cartridge. Im still kinda worried coz now im gonna have two mains...


The only thing that makes me restart are gym tms, ledgies, rare items and masterballs. That im going to trade to my main cartridge. Im still kinda worried coz now im gonna have two mains...

Nothing wrong with two mains. ( I assume you mean starters?) They are easily obtained through trades anyway, or via GTS.

I restarted last night, looking fun already =D


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Lack of cool pokemon makes me restart. But EV'd pokemon give me second thoughts.

Lady Umbreon

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I restart if I want to experience the game again, try a different starter, or farm one-shot TMs. I've played through Pearl a couple of times but I won't be restarting Platinum anytime soon because I don't want to lose my Secret Key.


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I rarely restart..I think I did only on Leaf Green and Blue and I kind of regret it. Just wanted something to do.


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I've only ever restarted Emerald, and that was because I wanted to import all three starters to Diamond. I'm going to do the same with Firered, but I'm just going to start a file, then import, before starting my actual game.

All my precious Poke-friends, I can't dare to part from them.


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In 1st-3rd gen, there wasn't all that much to do after beating the game and completing the dex (the battle tower stuff in those games was....meh), so I would restart a lot back then. I'm less inclined to restart 4th gen games because there's so much to do afterward. I'm hooked on Battle Tower right now :D And I would lose the Rotom Room permanently in Platinum. (I know its in HGSS, but still)

But in general, I restart when:
1.)I need starters/legendaries
2.)I feel I haven't accomplished much (meaning there's no reason NOT to restart)
3.)When I begin to miss the story.

I restarted a LOT in the gameboy color days b/c you could dump all your pokemon on to Pokemon Stadium/ Pokemon Stadium 2 and get them later(which is my main dissapointment with Ranch).You had to have caught at least 151 pokemon in the dex in order to withdraw pokemon that "weren't yours".


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If you're bored, why bother doing all the work, alllll over again.


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I restart after I've put down the game for like a month and have done everything on it... I trade over some of my better pokes that I put lots of time into, and restart.