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What makes you restart the game?


Fluffy Pokemon Trainer
if I restart my game, it's because I got bored of doing the same things and wanted to play the SL again and see all the stuff.
I always restart my games, mostly because I'm not satisfied with the way I performed in that runthrough. It's pretty annoying, and one of the things that proves my dissatisfaction is the fact that I've had Platinum since it came out, and I've only just beaten the League on my current file, as I'd always start again whenever I made any progress. Ugh.


cutes.u.2.death >: )
i havent restarted my pearl in about 1 year, but once i finally finish the damn pokedex i might start over, but i get bored on the games after i have done the same storyline for a while, i have played platinum 4 different times >.> its getting boring XD

although i never get bored with mystery dungeon or the ranger games


YOUR out of order!!
When I want to get a new starter or legendary, I restart my games usually.

Shadow Gamer

The Shadow Trainer
I restart my games a lot just because I like starting a fresh new journey. I'm not gonna restart my Soul Silver though because that's going to be my main game and I'm getting Heart Gold to restart over and over with.


Well-Known Member
I've restarted all of my games just about 3 times...mostly out of boredom, and the fact that they are my favorite games to play. This time, I restarted to do start catching them all, which is taking longer than expected...-.-

The King of Ho-oh's

<---- Newest Shiny
Nothing, what's the point of playing through the horrible story twice; other than to get TM's and Items. I have no desire to lose 500 hrs of gameplay.

If i feel like going through I have a spare cartridge, but the story is just so damn boring.

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Active Member
i start again to try beat the game with different pokemon,and get the new starter:)
i don't restart platinum, however pearl i restart cause i just feel like it (it's my pokemon ranch slave so i really dun care bout it) and yellow, when i go ages without plain it i restart


EPIC BORDOM or when a friend screws up my save which happens alot... god damnit
I restart when I get bored of it. I trade away all my valuable Pokemon first, though. I'm on my third Pearl playthrough.


Well-Known Member
I restart my games once and once only, and that's to get an extra one of each legend in the game. As well as that I also get to trade over one-off TMs and items as a bonus.

Typhlosion Trainer

Fire Trainer
I do it when I get bored but I only do it on the game that doesnt have all my info on it. The game that has all my pokemon and more on it I dont restart.


Shiny Collector
I restarted my Platinum because I didn't feel like I played through it thoroughly enough. I sort of rushed through it.

granbull guy

I just restart it because I get bored with the last one


Event Hunter
i've only restartd my blue version and silver version.

Silver was to help complete my Gold pokedex, which then traded to my Crystal when I got it.

And I restarted my Blue version because I was only missing a Mew to complete my pokedex. I got my celebi from a nintendo event..the only one i went.
I restart when I'm bored with my current file, and I want to play through the games again. But now I just buy an extra copy of the game and use it as my restart file... because my first copy is where I did a lot of stuff on, and I don't want to erase it. Hence, I have three copies of Diamond.

Spirit of Darkness

Well-Known Member
I am currently bored of waiting for Heart Gold, therefore, I am send ing all my legendaries and rare pokemon to Platinum in order to re-start my Diamond.