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What manga series are you reading as of now?

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I'm reading Pokemon Special at onemanga.com Normaly I don't condone stuff like this, but as PS was never released in Britain this is likely the only way I'll get to read it.


cutes.u.2.death >: )
REreading Rurouni Kenshin

Reading Naruto online (no f****ing way am i buying all of them)

and Reading the Getbackers
and of course just got the 1st Chobits one

Flame Haze SnS

Already read Pumpkin Scissors: Vol.4 I got yesterday from RightStuf.

Also, read some on the Internet:

Ai Kora ch.98
Alice no 100 degrees cc ch.6
Butterfly 69 ch.1-2
Chu-Bra!! ch.2
Dr. Rurru ch.0-1
Iinari!! Kyuuketsuhime ch.1-2
K-ON! ch.41 (man, it's been a while since the last chapter has been released)
Medaka Box ch.22 (oh man, more enemies appear!)
Onidere ch.72
Paradise Residence ch.4
Yokuwakaru Gendai Mahou ch.5

Flame Haze SnS

Re-read Bleach: Vol.28...

Also, read some on the Internet:

Ane Doki ch.15
Aoi Shiro - Kaeishou ch.11-13.5 (Complete)
Baka to Boing ch.10
Esprit ch.6-6.5
Hyakeun! ch.5
Kami Sen ch.5
Kanojo to Natsu no Boku ch.0 *One-Shot*
Koe de Oshigoto ch.15
Lotte no Omocha! ch.5
Onidere ch.73-76
Otaku no Musume-san ch.28
Mahou no Iroha! ch.1
Psycho Staff ch.6-7 (Complete)
Tsubame Syndrome ch.16-17
Yokuwakaru Gendai Mahou ch.6
Yururisumu ch.2-3

Flame Haze SnS

Those that I read on the Internet:

Asuka Hybrid ch.7 (man, it's still messing up my brain because it's a Trap/Gender Bender) -_-;
Baka to Boing ch.11
Eru-Eru Sister ch.1
Koi Neko ch.22-23
Onsen Wakusei ch.4
Princess Lucia ch.5

.....I'm posting this too often, so I'll need to hold back on this one. -_-; Oh, and just read Naruto: Vol.46 just for the heck of it.


Friends are Diamonds
Series Reading Right Now

Prince of Tennis (On Book 1)
Zatch Bell (On Book 7)
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! (Waiting for Book 5)
Naruto (Currently On Book 7)
Legend of Zelda: (On Four Swords)
Inu Yasha (Starting Book 1)
MAR: Marchen Awakens Romance (Starting Book 5)
BakeGyamon (Waiting for Book 4)
Ouran High School Host Club (Staring Book 1)

Completed Series/Manga
Dragon Drive (Completed)
Legendz (Completed)
Tokyo Mew Mew (Series Completed)
Tokyo Mew Mew: A La Mode (Series Complete)
Pokemon Mystery Dugeon Ginji's Adventure (Completed)
Pokemon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea Manga Book (Completed)
Pokemon The Rise of Darkrai Manga Book (Completed)
DragonBall Z (Series Completed)


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I'm reading...
- Ouran High Shcool Host Club ch. 9
- Fullmetal Alchemist ch. 13 ?

I'm kind of reading the FMA manga kind of slow on purpose, because I'm sort of unsure
if want to "ruin" the new Brotherhood anime series... Though it really would ruin it.
I've seen both anime series, btw. C:​
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Well, due to peer-pressure, I've decided to read One Piece.

It's ok so far I guess. I'm at volume 3.

I'm also re-reading Death Note after school just to get ideas for a fic I'm writing.


There was a child here. They're gone now.
Mirai Nikki and Bakuman. One featuring the most Yandere Yandere ever and her wimpy-turned-badass boyfriend fighting to become God, and the other is a manga about making manga serialized in the magazine the characters serialize their manga in.

Flame Haze SnS

Those I've read on the Internet:

Ai Kora ch.99
Ane Doki ch.16
Asuka Hybrid ch.8
Deus X Makina ch.11
Hyakeun! ch.6
Iinari!! Kyuuketsuhime ch.3
Kodomo no Jikan ch.54
Medaka Box ch.23 (jeez, Kurokami is being "macho" all the time, isn't she?)
Mondilcht - Wings of the Moon ch.11-12
Onidere ch.77
Otome no Iroha! ch.5 (Completed, I think?; anti-climatic if you ask me)
Tsubame Syndrome ch.18
Two Moons *One-Shot* (From Saki)
Niji Puri ch.1-2
White Album (ABENO Chako) ch.10

Peter Quill

I've been reading Great Teacher Onizuka, and I have to say that I love it!I'm about halfway through the series, and imo it just keeps on getting better as you go along.

I'm also reading Chrno Crusade, but I procrastinate a lot with it.


Obsessive Shipper
Working on Kimi ni Todoke vol. 2. Still great. I also just bought Bride of the Water God vol. 4, but I haven't really started it yet. Oh, yeah, I also read F uture Diary vol. 3. Plot's good on that one, and I like the art. And yes, Yuno is definitely yandere.


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I'm reading Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) at the moment. Lovin' it so far, and next I've got Chapter 46 to read, which I more than look forward to doing.
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