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What manga series are you reading as of now?

I need to find one of my friends who actually knows good manga. Until then, I'm reading Iono the fanatics, which thankfully, is short and reasonably light although I'll admit that something about the title character just strikes me as a little bit wrong. But I'm glad that it defies its own genre.


I finally managed to finish Hellsing manga, and now I am trying to get back into play Vampire. I also read Yu-Gi-Oh GX manga so much better than the anime version. Naruto is also really good now, and I thank the gods, because the show is still in a state of charge purgatory.


Pokemon Collector
I just finished reading Hana Kimi again, and I think I'm going to start reading Fruits Basket and/or Card Captor Sakura.

Flame Haze SnS

Looks like I have fallen behind big time during my three weeks stay in Texas. :(

Akiba Roumansu! ch.6
Ane Komi ch.4
Atori Shou ch.0.3-0.4
B Gata H Kei ch.123-141.5
Caterpillar Operetta ch.2
Countrouble ch.11
Iinari:Aibration! ch.11.1-11.2
Frogman ch.16-18
Ginen Shounen ch.7-9
Gosick ch.3
Haru to Natsu ch.4.5
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara ch.33
Imouto wa Shishunki ch.35
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usogi ch.5
Kaichu! ch.2
Kanamemo ch.17
Kettama! - Shuukyuu Taiotto Girls ch.5
Kill Me Baby ch.19
Kodomo no Jikan ch.65
Kururi of the Sea ch.6-7
Little Busters! ch.8-9
Lollipo Unlimited ch.8
Machigatta Light Novel no Tsukurikata ch.5
Magikano ch.17
Maid in Japan ch.3
Mayo Chiki! ch.1
Medaka Box ch.65-66
Miman Renai ch.28
Nagasarete Airantou ch.95-96
Narue no Sekai ch.32
Onihime VS ch.17
Otomari Honey ch.16-18
Sankarea ch.10
Sekainohate de Aimashou ch.11
Sekirei ch.106
Shiinake no Hitobito ch.6
Sora no Otoshimono ch.42
Soutennenshoku Otomegumi ch.4
Sumire 16 Sai!! ch.37-39
Taboo Tattoo ch.8
The World God Only Knows ch.115-116
To Love-Ru Darkness ch.1 (Nice to have an extended story and an actual plot for a change)
Tsubame Syndrome ch.31
Umisho ch.104-105
Working! ch.41-43
Yamanko! ch.9


Well-Known Member
I read Case Closed often as it's the only manga on my to buy list that continues to yield more volumes.

I have been rereading Dragon Ball, Dragonball Z and Fruits Basket recently. The DB manga, I'm settling for library checkouts for the time being, but Fruits Basket is currently on the purchasing list. I even got the fan book published after Volume 23.


Caught up with the usual manga like One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. I've been reading "The World God Only Knows" and it's really interesting. It's about your typical otaku capturing spirits that hide in "girl's hearts" and I've fallen in love with it. I really want to see this manga published in English soon. I've also read the recent one-shot by Kishimoto called "Bench". It was a fun read despite it being about sports.


Obsessive Shipper
I read the latest chapter of xxxHolic, even though I keep promising myself I'm not going to spoil anymore of it for myself. Oh, well, nothing major happened. It was interesting, though, because it was about the Chrysanthemum Festival on Sep. 9th. I recently finished reading The Pillow Book of Sei Shounagon for Japanese History, and Shounagon talked about it. In this chapter of xxxHolic, I found out that the reason they had it was because the sun's energy was supposed to be at its peak on that day. Something about the double day, 09/09. It was unlucky, so they had the festival to counter the bad luck and drive away evil. There were lots of festivals like that, like Hina Matsuri, which they still have. Anyway, it all had to do with Yin/Yang. I thought it was interesting. I've learned a lot from that manga, like why April 1st is called Watanuki (finding that out made the pronunciation of those kanji make a lot more sense) and why eggplant is lucky to see in a New Year's dream. It's pretty informative sometimes.


King of pirates
As of now I'm reading Saint Seiya, *******!!, Berserk, and Death Note.


Take My Hand.
Fullmetal Alchemist,D Gray Man, Yu-Gi-Oh, Fruits Basket, Naruto, Bleach, D.N Angel, Tokyo Mew Mew, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Naruto, Bleach, Death Note, Full Moon and Mamotte! Lollipop. Oh, and Black Butler.

Flame Haze SnS

Since returning home from Texas, I've read:

Alyosha ch.4-5
Angel Beats! ch.7
Baka to Boing ch.23
Candy Boy ch.9.5
Emu Emu! ch.4
Flying Witch *One-Shot*
Fortune Arterial ch.15
Frogman ch.19-20
Ginen Shounen ch.10-10.5
Hiiragi Shougakkou Renai Kurabu ch.15-19
Hozuki-san Chi no Aneki ch.19
Imouto wa Shishunki ch.36-39
Itsuka Tenma no Kuro Usagi ch.6
Kamisama Dolls ch.8
Kanojo wa Kannou Shousetsuka ch.30
Kanpeki na Kanojo ch.1
KissXSis ch.41
Koe de Oshigoto ch.26
Little Busters! ch.10
Little Busters! (Anagura Mogura) ch.1-6
LovePlus - Rinko Days ch.4
Magikano ch.18
Mahou no Iroha! ch.6
Majo no Kishi ch.4
Maken-ki ch.29-30
Mana Sorcerer *One-Shot*
Mayo Chiki! ch.2
Medaka Box ch.67
Nagasarete Airantou ch.97-98
Narue no Sekai ch.33
Needless ch.28
Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ch.7
Past Future ch.1
Princess Lucia ch.8
Rakka Ryuusui ch.10-11
Shinigamisama ni Saigo no Onegai O ch.3-4
Shinonome Amagami ch.16.5
Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama ch.1
Sora no Shita Yane no Naka ch.11
Sumire 16 Sai!! ch.40-42
Sunny ch.1
The World God Only Knows ch.117
To Aru Majutsu No Index ch.37
Toushin Toshi III ch.2
Wa! ch.8-9
Working! ch.44-45
Zombie Romanticism ch.4
Zoushoku Shoujo Plana-chan! ch.7

Took me two nights to finish all of 'em. >_>

Flame Haze SnS

Used the notebook to keep track of every titles (and chapters).

Since the last time, I've read:

Atori Shou ch.1
Blood Soul ch.1-2
Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai ch.7 (it's kinda...funny)
Fractale ch.1
Imouto wa Shishunki ch.40-41
Kanamemo ch.18
Koharu no Hibi ch.4-5
Kill Me Baby ch.20-22
Mahou Onnaga Kuru *One-Shot*
Mama wa Doukyuusei ch.23
Maomarimo ch.1
Medaka Box ch.68
Monster Cage ch.1
Nagasarete Airantou ch.99-101
Narue no Sekai ch.34
Negiho (ito) Bun ch.1-2 (yep, it's a spin-off of Negima!, where Negi is an older teacher and his students are in the kindergarden class; yep, age reversal)
Oniichan Control ch.8
Seitokai no Otanoshimi ch.4
Shinonome Amagami ch.16.6
Shokushuhime ch.1-9
Sora no Otoshimono ch.43
Super-Dreadnaught Girl 4946 ch.19
Tasogare Otome X Amnesia ch.16
The World God Only Knows ch.118
Tsukiyo no Fromage ch.8
Usotsuki Mi-kun to Kowareta Ma-chan totteoki no Uso ch.1-2
Wa! ch.9.1
Working!! ch.46-47
Yandere Girlfriend ch.20.1
Zero: Circle of Flow (2006) ch.1-2


Ash's fangirl
Recently, I've been reading Negima, a very awesome manga IMO

Flame Haze SnS

Since the last time (yes, I always say that), I've read:

Caterpillar Operetta ch.3
D-Frag ch.7-8
Deus X Makina ch.12-14 (arg! Forgot about this!)
Fate/Kaleid Liner Prisma Illya 2wei! ch.10
Fortune Arterial ch.16
Ginen Shounen ch.11
Girl Saurus DX ch.58
Ichinensei ni Nacchattara ch.34-35
Imouto wa Shishunki ch.42-43
Joshikousei Girls-Love ch.1-2
Kami Sen ch.14
KissXSis ch.42
Koko Ga Uwasa no EL Palacio ch.6
Loose Relationship Between Wizard + Apprentice ch.9
Lotte no Omocha! ch.11
Medaka Box ch.69-71
Miman Renai ch.29
My Little Sister can't be this Cute ch.11
Nagato Yuki-chan no Shoushitsu ch.14-15
Onidere ch.104-106
O/A ch.3
Otogi no Machi no Rena ch.27
Penguin Musume ch.10
Poor Poor Lips ch.1
Princess Lucia ch.9
Prunus Girl ch.18
Seitokai Yakuindomo ch.9-10
Seto no Hanayome ch.28
Shitsuji Shoujo to Ojousama ch.2
Sumire 16 Sai!! ch.43
Sweet Peach! ch.1
The World God Only Knows ch.119
Umisho ch.106-107
Yandere Girlfriend ch.21-21.1

As for the manga, read all Chibi Vampire: Vol.1-14 and Airmail.


Right now I'm only reading Naruto Shippuuden
Isn't Naruto Shippuden an anime, and not a manga?

I've been reading the VIZ edition of several manga. I bought some volumes and also just checked out some from my local library as reading material for the week. Here are the manga series I'm reading as of this week:

-Toriko volumes 1 & 2
-Naruto volume 49
-Bleach volumes 30, 31, & 32
-Bakuman volume 1
-Gin Tama volumes 17 & 18
-One Piece volumes 53 & 54
If you mean the Manga series I'm reading right now in general, then I'm reading various Pokemon series' and various Legend of Zelda series'.

Which one am I reading right now? I haven't started it yet but, Pokemon adventures Vol. 9 Gold and Silver.