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What manga series are you reading as of now?

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One Piece still has a long way to go. Why would it finish before the story has concluded? Your idea of them stopping at Enies Lobby would've been... stupid. "Yay, next step of the story! Except we need to end here 'cos some readers have got fatigue".

Actually, originally OP was supposed to end at Eines Lobby but Oda and his editors decided to extend it to what it is today. So yes, if they ended it at Eines Lobby as it was in the current story, it wouldn't have made much sense. However, at the time, they probably had a set ending in place that would have tied everything together.


cat street 37/37 || COMPLETED
detroit metal city - 89/113
dogs: bullets & carnage 77/-
fetish 5/5 || COMPLETED
galge no sekai yo, youkoso! 6/13
genshiken 85/-
half & half 4/-
helter skelter 9/9 || COMPLETED
kiss/hug 14/14 || COMPLETED
koe no katachi 1/1 || COMPLETED
koi wo suru no ga shigoto desu. 24/24 || COMPLETED
one piece 118/-
pandora hearts 80/-
pokémon special 42/-
vitamin 3/3 || COMPLETED

idk i've been reading a bunch of short and smutty stuff


Can we please get the older, old forum back?
Currently reading One Piece. Having just watched an episode of it, I thought I should take time to read as well.

I would primarily read, if I were you - and watch selected scenes that you thought were memorable in the manga. The animé really slows down to a horrid pace: less then a chapter per episode and the episodes don't flow. The vivid world Oda is famous for doesn't flesh out in the later animé arcs. For instance, a huge showdown with Marine's is basically you watching stillframes moving from one side of the screen to the otherside, for 12 minutes and one character performing a high caliber move. And then 9 minutes of reactions to said move. At least with the manga, those scenes are limited to 2 panels tops and not 2 minutes of still shots.

Nozoki Ana
Pokemon Special
20th Century Boys
To Love Ru Darkness
Sword Art Online(yes, I know it's a light novel)

To Love Ru's back?!?!?!

No they're bad as in the story. One Piece right now is only decent. Everything else is bad. The charm that brought me to those series has been lost. There are better mangas out there.

Sales mean nothing if you have a core fanbase. Fans will buy every volume of said manga, they're stubborn enough to keep sing praises about the manga when they don't even realize it's become predictable at certain points.

Perhaps its that my tastes have change now that I'm older or I'm just being a curmudgeon but I am glad two of the big four are wrapping up. They reached their peak long ago and it's time they finish up. Same goes for One Piece. They need to finish up. I for one, would have been glad if they stopped at the end of Eines Lobby, though Brooke I will admit was an interesting addition.

I've grown around 8 years since starting to read manga (started late, midteens), but more importantly, I've went to university in that time span and grown intellectually as well.

But if they stopped at Enies Lobby, then that would've been a crud ending.. Bleach always had that Quincy/Soulking/Ichigo's backstory thing that still had to be done. And I'm actually liking it so far. Naruto is all over the place in terms of writing, but I feel that the haters at this point just can't handle that single revelation. They repulsed to it like how half of the Harry Potter fanbased repulsed from the story when they realized that Harry was a horcrux, and thus had to die in order to kill Voldemort - and ended up living either way.

Bleach shouldve ended along time ago... after aizen wouldve been the most perfect spot to end it.. now bleach isnt even intresting to me. Naruto has gotten boring but atleast its going to end after the war if not then idk wat to expect anymore. One Piece still has a long way to go before its over

As stated above, there were loose ends. The loose ends are wrapping up, and we're in the 'final 9 days'-arc. It isn't going to last that long anymore, but at least it would've ended without the open ends such as Ichigo's heritage, etc.

Actually, originally OP was supposed to end at Enies Lobby but Oda and his editors decided to extend it to what it is today. So yes, if they ended it at Enies Lobby as it was in the current story, it wouldn't have made much sense. However, at the time, they probably had a set ending in place that would have tied everything together.

No, no, no. Oda has since the start had the ending set out. And it is currently still the same ending that is planned, so I don't get what you're saying. But they aren't going back to Enies Lobby in any case.


detroit metal city - 89/113
dogs: bullets & carnage 77/-
fairy tail 4/-
galge no sekai yo, youkoso! 13/13 || COMPLETED
genshiken 85/-
half & half 4/-
one piece 118/-
pandora hearts 80/-
pokémon special 42/-


Bleach 546/?
Death Note 26/108
Fairy Tail 345/?
Hayate no Gotoku! 108/?
Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. 22/?
Highschool DxD 21/?
Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai 237/?
Kimi no Iru Machi 116/?
Machine-Doll wa Kizutsukanai 3/?
Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic 191/?
Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou 16/?
Naruto 639/?
One Piece 715/?
Shingeki no Kyojin 47/?
Soul Eater 112/113
Toaru Majutsu no Index 31/133
Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui! 6/?


Fairy Tail
Code Breaker
Hajime no Ippo
One Piece

The Admiral

solid state survivor
Goodnight Punpun: 12/?
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: 18/?
The Severing Crime Edge: 27/?

To be fair, I haven't read any of Punpun in some time now. Crime Edge is better than the anime adaptation, but it's also further along (and I've passed the point that will likely ever get animated anyway so).

I also have a few other manga to get around to. Someone suggested I not bother with the Gintama manga and focus on the anime, but to hell with that, I'll read the Gintama manga at some point.


New Member
Fairy Tail
Nurarihyon No mago
One piece
Kuroko no Basuke
Yumekui Merry
Ao no Exorcist
D Gray Man
Big order
Katekyo Hitman Reborn


New Member
I'm on volume 3 of Shingeki no Kyojin. It's pretty good ! I got into it after watching the anime up to episode 15 which was the most current when I started reading the manga. The anime sticks pretty close to the manga but not to the point where I'm bored reading the manga. The artwork is really good as well; you have to consider that the titans are probably really hard to draw since they're so deformed. It's a really good story. I'm glad it was recommended to me.


Cold *** Honky
I just finished Inuyasha, just started Shaman King, and I've caught up with Skip Beat and Gakuen Alice recently. (I hated Gakuen Alice's ending! >:c )


A new beginning! <3
Fruits Basket and Pokémon Adventures. Both are great, and the Fruits Basket anime is awesome, as well as the manga! :D
billy bat.
20th century boy (reading this again)

naoki urusawa is a cool guy. the best kind of guy, if you ask me.


Dr. Awesome
I just finished Pluto. I liked it more than 20thCB but a bit less than Monster, which was one hell of a manga. What should I read now that I've finished his 3 basic works and want more of the same?

Im not gonna read Billy Bat cause Id rather read a finished manga.

I Like Pie!

Smile smile smile!
Finished Air Gear a few weeks ago. Even though a few parts seemed extremely complicated and the fights got too intense too fast, it was a fun read altogether.

The concept is amazing too. :'D

Thank you Ito Ogure for the wonderful manga! :'D


Orange Marmalade- It is my current favorite!! I like the story, because it is so different from the vampire stuff we are used to.
Break Blade - A manga with mechas and stuff. I'm not usually into that, but this one is quite interesting because there is one guy who isn't compatible with the mechas, and there are very few of those kinds of people. This new super mecha comes out that is compatible with him, because he isn't like the others.
Attack on titan! It's amazing, it gets a big gorey and intense, but you just have to bear with it because it is really good. I tried the manga... but it just couldn't compete with the anime. Also, I am also the type who usually prefers the manga! So that's saying something.

Then of course naruto and bleach, all those well known ones. I got bored with bleach and naruto with how long the arcs can get, but I restarted bleach because it got interesting again. Naruto might end soon, so I think I'll just wait until it's over and read them all in one fell swoop.


Well-Known Member
I only keep up with Bleach, Naruto and One Piece these days.
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